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Our Aim is to provide unbiased advice on Power tools to help our readers make better buying decisions, saving both their time and money.

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As our name suggests, we help make you pick the right power tools based on your needs.

We cater to a wide variety of audiences, from professionals to people who are just starting. We have something for everyone on our website.

While working on our own projects at home and professionally, we found that it is not at all easy to zero down on a power tool, which is RIGHT for you.

The reference websites available were either too shallow or too narrow in terms of their recommendations.

So, we decided to use our own our expertise and experience to solve this problem, and the result was - toolpickr.com

We now have a team of some fantastic writers who put their heart and soul to make sure you, as a reader, have it easy.

How we Research?


Manufacturer's Websites - We spend a lot of time on the manufacturer's websites, learning about the tools they design and produce. We spend a lot of time going through user manuals and videos provided by the companies on their website or on YouTube.


Learning from Videos - Our team has vast experience of working with various power tools, but even then, we cannot have hands-on experience on all the available power tools. In such situations, videos of these tools in action really help us.


Forums, E-commerce and more - Forums discussions, comments on e-commerce websites provide a wealth of information on products and their performance. Our team spends long hours on deep research on all these sources.

There are just too many topics to cover as far as power tools are concerned, and we are just starting.

We have a long way to go!

If you have any suggestions for us, please drop us an email at contact @ toolpickr.com. We will get back to you as soon as we can.



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