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Saws are an integral part of our lives – directly or indirectly.

If you work with wood or metal, you will most probably use some saw even when you do this as a hobby.

Saws come in various types – primarily to address the varied needs – for example, a pole saw to cut tree branches, a scroll saw for detailed work, a table saw for your workshop, etc.

Many of us will have multiple saws, especially if one works with wood or metal extensively.

There are a large number of brands available developing a variety of saw models. While it’s great to have choices, it causes a great deal of confusion when you have to pick one from many.

This is where we help our readers by doing all the heavy lifting (comprehensive research and analysis) to come up with the best saws for their needs.

Let’s discuss them one by one

Band Saws

Band Saws consists of a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two or more wheels to cut material. Some band saws are not only used for wood but are metal cutting band saws.

The band saw prices vary and some can be very expensive, but if you are looking it for occasional use, it is best to consider band saw for the money.

Ways Bandsaw can be Categorized

Professional and Industrial Band Saws can be heavy, for example, Grizzly Industrial G0806, a popular Industrial band was is above 850 pounds. This makes them difficult to move. But do not worry, their are portable band saws too.

Band saws need not be always vertical, horizontal bandsaws hold the workpiece stationary while the blade swings down through the cut.

Another variation available with band saws is blade lenght. Industrial usage or working with large material may need a longer blade length band saw,  for example, Shop Fox W1706, is a 14 inch blade band saw.

A resawing bandsaw is a large bandsaw optimized for cutting timber along the grain to reduce larger sections.

Reviews of Saws

In many cases, one is confused between two or more choices of saws.

To help you in that situation, you can check out our Comprehensive Saw Reviews here>

These are frequently updated and new reviews are added.