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Lathes are machines that cut material into smaller pieces. They can be used for woodworking, metalworking, stone carving, jewelry making, and many other applications.

The first lathe was invented in 1825 by Joseph Whitworth. He used a wooden stock for his machine. This invention was made to produce tools for the textile industry.

After this invention, other inventors developed different types of lathes. One of these inventions was the "lathe" which was invented by Charles F. Miller in 1851. This invention was used to cut metal parts such as gears and screws.

A lathe is a machine that can be used for turning wood into various shapes such as bowls, vases, etc. It consists of a spinning head with a cutting tool attached to it.

operator turns the handle of the lathe to spin the head around. As the head spins, the cutting tool cuts away material.

There are three main types of lathe machines: horizontal, vertical, and turret.

Horizontal lathes are used for general purpose work such as turning wood into furniture parts, while vertical lathes are used for precision cutting jobs like making gears and other small components.

Turret lathes are used for high speed production lines where they are often automated.

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