Best Jointer Under $1000 Today (Benchtop, Hybrid & more)

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best overall rating★★★★★


  • Virtually 0 vibrations
  • Durable cast-iron worktables
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
best overall rating★★★★★


  • Compact stand
  • Great for milling rough lumber
  • Durable cast-iron construction
best overall rating★★★★★


  • Extra-fast cutter speed
  • Generous 3-year warranty
  • Reliable thicknesser and Super-beefy motor for its size

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Jointers are a crucial component in any serious woodworker’s shop.

The only problem is finding the best model for your dollar, seeing as how the market is flooded with super-cheap to ultra-costly jointers.

If you’re looking for something in the mid-range, then we’ve got the best list for you.

In this guide, we’ll show you what the best jointer under $1,000 is out of the 22 models we researched and compared.

best overall rating

Best Jointer Under $1,000 – Jet JJP-10BTOS

The overall best jointer under $1,000 out of the 22 models we researched in depth is the Jet JJP-10BTOS.

This is not a standalone jointer; it’s a jointer planer combo does both jobs flawlessly.

If you don’t already have a planer at home, then this is the best model you can get your hands on for less than $1,000.

Here’s what the Jet JJP-10BTOS key specifications look like—

  • 13A Motor
  • 18,000 CPM
  • 10 x 36-inch Jointing Capacity
  • 19.5-FPM Planing Rate

The Jet JJP-10BTOS is lot like no other on this list. First, the entire machine is driven by a 13A motor that provides a ton of cutting speed—up to 18,000 cuts per minute—to square the corners of oddly-shaped workpieces to perfectly squared edges.

The jointer can shave of 0.08 inches of material with every pass on boards measuring up to 10 x 36 inches.

As for the planer function, you’ll enjoy uniformly flattened boards of around 20 inches long as it moves beneath the planer’s cutterhead at a rate of 19.5 feet per minute.

This jointer’s main weakness is the fence, which might arrive on your doorstep completely out of shape. If this is the case, just give Jet a jingle and they’ll send a replacement fence to your address FOC.


  • Virtually 0 vibrations
  • Outstanding jointing and planing performances
  • Durable cast-iron worktables
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty


  • Jointer fence can arrive bent out of shape

The Jet JJP-10BTOS is one of the best mid-range jointers on the market, and the fact that it doubles as a planer means you’re killing two birds with one stone.

Top jointer-under-1000 in the Market Compared

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Best Overall -Jet JJP-10BTOS
  • Motor Size 13 A
  • CPM 18,000 CPM
  • Jointing Capacity 10 x 36 in
  • 19.5 FPM
Best Premium -JET JJ-6CSDX
  • Motor Size 1 HP
  • CPM 18,000 CPM
  • Jointing Capacity 6 x 56 in
  • Handwheel Table Adjustment
PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Jointer + PC305TP Planer
  • Motor Size 1.4 HP
  • CPM 12-22,000 CPM
  • Jointing Capacity 6 x 30 in
  • Jointer and Planer Value Package
Grizzly Industrial G0725
  • Motor Size 1.5 HP
  • CPM 20,000 CPM
  • Jointing Capacity 6 x 28 in
  • Infeed Adjustment Knob
Grizzly Industrial G0813
  • Motor Size 1 HP
  • CPM 15,000 CPM
  • Jointing Capacity 6 x 48 in
  • Helical Cutterhead

Reviews of Best jointer-under-1000

Best Premium - JET JJ-6CSDX

best overall rating

Key Specifications

  • 1-HP Motor
  • 18,000 CPM
  • 56-inch Infeed + Outfeed Tables
  • Handwheel Table Adjustment

The JET JJ-6CSDX is one of the best 6-inch jointers you’ll ever find.

This jointer sports a sizable 1-HP motor that spins the cutterhead at a rate of up to 9,000 RPM. With dual knives inserted into the cutterhead, you can expect this tool to deliver as many as 18,000 cuts per minute to shave off 1/8 of an inch of material with each pass.

These two things combined will ensure that even the roughest, most warped board stands no chance at retaining its unsightly shape.

The JET’s shining feature is the handwheel height-adjustment system.

To raise or lower the table’s height, simply turn the handwheel until it has reached the desired setting.

This system is a lot user-friendly than loosening jackscrews on the cutterhead and pulling the blades out the correct height.


  • Great for milling rough lumber
  • Easy-to-use table height adjustment system
  • Compact stand
  • Durable cast-iron construction


  • Instruction manual could be more concise

The JET JJ-6CSDX works best in the hands of more experienced millers, but even novice users won’t take long to get the hang of using this awesome jointer.

PORTER - CABLE PC160JT Jointer + PC305TP Planer

best overall rating

Key Specifications

  • 1.4-HP Motor
  • 12-22,000 CPM
  • 6 x 28-inch Jointing Capacity
  • Jointer and Planer Value Set

Like our best overall pick, the PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Jointer + PC305TP Planer offers more than just perfect corner-squaring performance.

Not only do you get one of the most perfect 6-inch jointers on the market, but you’re also getting a super-handy planer that will shave off material from the face panels until your boards are a uniform thickness.

The jointer has a variable speed system that delivers between 12,000 and 22,000 cuts per minute.

By dropping the cutterhead speed, you’ll be able to work with thinner, flimsier boards without splitting it in half.

The planer is powered by a 15A motor that uses a dual-knife cutterhead to shave off mere fractions of an inch from the top of your workpieces until they sit flat from end to end.


  • Reliable thicknesser
  • Super-beefy motor for its size
  • Extra-fast cutter speed
  • Generous 3-year warranty


  • Fence could be sturdier

If you’re interested in the jointer alone, you can head over to our guide on the best 6-inch jointer for a more in-depth review.

Grizzly Industrial G0725

best overall rating

Key Specifications

  • 1.5-HP Motor
  • 20,000 CPM
  • 6 x 28-inch Jointing Capacity
  • Infeed Adjustment Knob

The Grizzly Industrial G0725 is a top-notch 6-inch jointer that will work beautifully in any homeowner and professional woodworking shop.

Inside of this beast of a jointer is a 1.5-HP motor that powers the dual-knife cutterhead to deliver 20,000 cuts every minute.

With each pass, the Grizzly will shave off as much as 1/8 of an inch of material.

The versatile fence can rest at 45°, 90°, and 135°, giving you the capacity to square the corners of more decorative work pieces for complex furniture.

The cutterhead is equipped with two HSS knives that deliver astounding cutting performance, though they aren’t nearly as long-lasting as carbide-tipped.


  • High cutting speed
  • Easy to adjust infeed table
  • Anti-corrosive powder finish
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron construction


  • Setting up the fence could be easier

Make sure you place your G0725 next to a wall so that the fence doesn’t continuously fall over. This is a minor inconvenience compared to the amazing squaring performance that the jointer can offer.

Grizzly Industrial G0813

best overall rating

Key Specifications

The Grizzly Industrial G0813 is a lot like the previous Grizzly model but a lot more versatile.

First, even though it has a 1-HP motor, its extended infeed and outfeed tables will allow you to work with longer workpieces of up to 48 inches in length.

The 6-inch-wide cutterhead produces up to 15,000 cuts per minute, leaving smooth, splinter-free corners on all of your boards in hardly any time. Each pass can remove as much as 1/8 of an inch.

The magic behind the G0813’s outstanding performance is its helical cutterhead.

This cutterhead design uses several sharp inserts instead of long blades to deliver more cuts per square inch, leaving your workpiece with sharper corners in fewer passes.

You can reverse the inserts once to extend the lifetime by 100%.


  • Beefy motor
  • Specialized cutterhead
  • Large board capacity
  • User-friendly


  • Built-in dust ports could be built better

The only issue with the G0813 is that the dust port can warp, leaving gaps that ruin the vacuum suction needed to remove debris. You can replace the port for cheap, which will make this jointer as close to perfect as can be.

Best Jointer Under $1,000 Buying Guide

In this guide, we’ll quickly go over the basics of a jointer and how to select the best jointer for your shop.

What is a jointer?

When milling your own lumber, there are two tools you need: a jointer and a planer.

A jointer helps shape a rectangular board by squaring the edges, ensuring that your workpieces can sit side-by-side without any gaps.

A jointer will also remove all warps, beds, and twists by removing material as you pass it over the cutterhead.

A jointer is a crucial piece of woodworking equipment that will help users save a fortune on raw materials.

Since you’re milling your own logs, you don’t have to purchase the pre-pampered, overpriced boards at large retailers.

By picking up and prepping logs from a lumber yard, you can potentially save thousands of dollars every year.

Jointer vs. Planer

However, in order to save money on raw materials, you’ll also need to cut your boards to a uniform thickness.

This is where a planer comes in. As you pass a board through a planner, the downward-facing cutterhead will remove mere millimeters from the top of your boards at a preset height, guaranteeing that your boards are perfectly flat and have are the same thickness from head to tail.

Important Jointer Features and Specs


The size of the motor will indicate how well the jointer will deal with all kinds of wood.

When working with hardwood like oak, you should opt for the largest motor size that fits your budget.

Jointing Capacity

This refers to the width of the cutterhead and the length of the infeed and outfeed tables.

The cutterhead’s with usually falls between 6 and 12 inches, though there are wider jointer options available.

For the most part, DIYers can get by with a 6 or 8-inch jointer, but try and find a jointer that has longer worktables to support longer, heavier boards.

Cutting Speed

The higher the number of cuts packed into every minute of operation, the squarer the corners and smoother the edges.

The type of cutterhead can also affect the end result, but to make matters simpler, choose the model that offers the highest CPM rating that fits within your budget range.

Height Adjustment System

There are mainly two height adjustment systems: raising and lowering the height of the knives or the infeed/outfeed table.

The latter is a lot easier to use since you won’t need to continuously loosen and tighten the cutterhead’s jackscrews.

However, for most hobbyists, readjusting the cutting height isn’t of grave importance, but the system does affect the overall convenience of operating the jointer.


1. How much should I spend on a jointer?

Take a look at your wallet and decide how much money you’re willing to part with. In general, a costlier jointer will produce better results and last a lot longer than their inexpensive counterparts. At a $1,000 budget, you’re looking at mid to high-end jointers that should last for more than five years. However, if you’re a total newb at woodworking (nothing to be ashamed about), we suggest you head on over to our guide on the best jointer under $500.

2. Should I get a planer with my jointer?

If you don’t already have a planer at home, then yes, you should. A planer is the second most important tool in the milling process. Even though you can use a hand planer to shave off fractions of an inch with every pass, a benchtop or hybrid planer will be a lot more time and energy-efficient. In our list, we’ve provided two jointer-planer options: the hybrid Jet JJP-10BTOS and the value package PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Jointer + PC305TP Planer.

3. What jointing capacity do I need?

A wider jointer of 8 to 12 inches is ideal for more serious woodworkers, whereas newbies will get by with a 6-inch jointer. In terms of the length of the infeed and outfeed tables, the longer they are, the better. We have guides on the best 6-inch jointer and the best 8-inch jointer if you’re looking for a jointer based on its width capacity.

4. How do I safely operate a jointer?

First, make sure that you wear all of the necessary PPE while operating any tool in your workshop. This includes gloves, ear protectors, goggles, and protective vests or jackets. Also, read the instruction manual before even thinking of plugging the jointer into a wall outlet. The manual will give you clear and concise instructions on how to adjust the cutting height, how and when to replace the knives or inserts, and how to kill the motor when things go wrong.


In this guide, we’ve given you a complete list of the best jointer under $1,000.

We’ve included all kinds of jointers, from benchtop and planer value sets to hybrid jointer-planers to freestanding jointers with greater capacities.

If you’re unsure of which jointer is right for your workshop, we’d be happy to assist in the comments section.

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