2016 AHP Alpha-160ST Welder Review

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In Brief: 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST Review

For beginning welders or anyone in need of stick welding capabilities, the 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST 160 Amp Arc/Stick Welder Dual Voltage 110v / 220v welding machine exceeds expectations. Made by the AHP Welding Systems company, this machine meets customer needs at every turn.

The AHP Welding Systems company offers several welding machines across many varieties and styles. This company commits itself to its customers and provides high-quality machines at low prices.

The 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST welding machine gives customers the quality assurance of the AHP Welding Systems company in a lightweight package.

This convenient little welder holds up nicely to household jobs.

Key Specifications of 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST

2018 AHP Alpha-160ST 160 Amp Arc/Stick Welder Dual Voltage 110v / 220v 2008 model

The 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST welding machine combines convenient, user-friendly features with plenty of power. The result provides customers of any skill level with stick welding abilities to use on the go.

Check out the 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST 160 Amp Arc/Stick Welder Dual Voltage 110v / 220v in action here:


Read the long list of 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST Specs below:

Stick, TIG
Rated Input
110v/220v 50/60Hz
Duty Cycle – Stick
220V – 160A, 26.4V @ 60%
110V – 120A, 24.8V @ 60%
Duty Cycle – TIG
220V – 160A, 16.4V @ 60%
110V – 120A, 14.8V @ 60%
Input Amps Max 110V
27.6A/ 21.4A @110V TIG
46.3A/3735.9A@ 110V MMA110V
27.6A/ 21.4A @110V TIG
46.3A/3735.9A@ 110V MMA
Input Amps Max 220V
32.9A /25.5A @220V MMA
20.4A/15.8A @220V TIG
12 in. x 6 in. x 11 in.
TIG capability
Lift Start
Clean arc
Electrode rod holder
Ground cable and clamp

Unique Features

The 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST welding machine combines beginner features with professional durability to create a powerful little stick/TIG dual welding machine.

TIG Capability

This machine comes ready to use as a stick welder. However, it also offers TIG capabilities with an optional TIG torch attachment.

Lift Start

With a built-in Lift Start function when operating in TIG, this welding machine provides safe and efficient projects for users of all skill levels.

Voltage Reduction Device

With a built-in Voltage Reduction Device, this welding machine keeps its users safe and reduces the risk of electric shock while the machine operates.

Clean Arc

This machine features a clean arc with minimal spatter. This results in a cleaner, smoother weld as well as a safer welding environment.

Simple Control Panel

This welding machine features a simple control panel with a single dial and a digital display. This design improves ease of use for beginners and makes setup a breeze.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

The 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST welding machine combines stellar performance with impressive transportation features to create a powerful little device.


This machine creates smooth, hot welds from the get-go, even when used by those without much welding experience.

Its included accessories hold up well to plenty of use and the machine handles a variety of tasks with no trouble.

When used as a stick welder, this machine truly shines. However, its TIG welding uses also help this product stand out as a strong welding machine with great results.

With a surprisingly smooth arc and especially excellent welds on clean metal, this machine remains a popular choice for home hobbyists.


Ease of Transportation

Coming in at 12.6 pounds, the 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST welding machine offers convenient portable solutions for stick and TIG welding.

This machine also features a compact profile that combines with its weight to create an easily movable product.

The welding machine includes a durable handle on top of the device to make moving even easier. With all of its features combined, this product remains easy to pick up, move to a new location, and adjust as needed on the go.

Weld Quality and Available Options

Customers report excellent weld quality and astounding results when using this powerful welding machine. The product handles all varieties of steel as well as cast iron and creates smooth welds even for beginners.

Welds made with this machine hold solid and remain structurally sound. The machine processes several metal thicknesses and materials with little trouble.

The 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST welding machine comes in just one option. Customers may add on the following items to enhance their welding experiences:

Utility cart: This welding machine provides a portable weight that doesn’t require a utility cart to move it. However, some customers choose to add one for even more convenience on the go.

Consumables kit: This machine requires consumables, so stock up on the right ones to keep welding for a long time to come.

TIG torch: With a TIG torch attachment, this TIG-ready machine works immediately for TIG welding purposes.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The AHP Welding Systems company offers a few replacement parts for purchase through the company web site. Customer service may also offer additional replacement parts for purchase in some instances.

Most of the time, customers should contact a licensed, professional repair technician to handle the replacement of internal components.

To perform routine maintenance, unplug the machine. Leave it off for 30 minutes, then remove the front cover so you can see the internal parts of the device.

Use compressed air once every three months to clean dust and debris from the internal components. Perform this maintenance more often if the machine runs frequently.

Every three months check cables, connectors, and consumables. Replace any damaged items and tighten any loose connections.

The AHP Welding Systems company offers a three-year limited warranty on this machine as well as all of its welding machines.

Additionally, the company offers a six-month warranty for TIG torches and does not include consumables in any of its warranties.

The warranty covers replacement parts, repair, or a refund depending on the problem and the device in question. It includes damaged or malfunctioning items but excludes any problems related to user error or misuse.

For more information about the warranty on this product, contact AHP Welding Systems customer service at 925-391-3599.


Can the 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST 160 Amp Arc/Stick Welder Dual Voltage 110v / 220v welding machine handle aluminum?

For the most part, no. Some very skilled users weld aluminum using the TIG function on this machine, but the results do not compare to the high-quality results this machine creates when used on other materials.

Does the 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST welding machine include a Hot Start function?

No. It does include a Lift Start function, however.

Does the 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST welding machine work for 6010 rods?

No. However, it handles 6011 rods with no trouble.

Does the 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST welding machine include an adapter for both voltage options?

Yes. This machine includes a plug that works on both 110V and 220V power, so you can switch between the two as needed.

Price of 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST

The 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST welding machine comes in at a slightly higher price point than some of its competitors. This price increase generally reflects the difficulty of finding this product in stock in stores.

The welding machine remains one of the most popular stick/TIG dual-type welding machines for beginners.

For this reason, it sells out quickly when in stock, so supply and demand, as well as the overall quality of the machine, raise the price somewhat.


Who Should Buy 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST

Beginners enjoy working with the 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST welding machine. This product provides easy-access controls with a simple dial and convenient digital display.

Since welding outputs remain easy to monitor and results turn out well, it remains popular with learners.

The machine also provides plenty of powerful capabilities for home hobbyists and DIYers of any skill level. More advanced welders enjoy creating even more impressive results with this sturdy little machine.

Our Recommendation

The 2016 AHP Alpha-160ST welding machine brings convenient stick and TIG welding capabilities to beginners and home hobbyists.

Its portable design and simple features ensure almost anyone can make the most of this welding machine. We recommend this machine for beginners who want to learn stick welding and then branch out into TIG welding.

We also recommend it for household use and any DIYers looking for a compact, portable TIG or stick welding solution.


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