AAVIX AGT1321 Self-Propelled Gas Powered Push Mower Review

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In Brief: AAVIX AGT1321 Mower Review

Located in California, AAVIX is a company specializing in outdoor items. The AGT1321 is suitable for beginners, intermediates, and even professionals. It is a self-propelled, gas-powered, and versatile push behind mower that solves all your mowing woes. The machine is easy to use as it requires minimum effort.

The AAVIX AGT1321 is built to last a lifetime. Due to its versatility, you can use it on any type of yard. As one of the leading companies in the field of yard products, AAVIX has produced top-notch units, and the AGT1321 is no exception.

The model is highlighted with oversized rear wheels that conquer uneven terrains and a dependable hand brake to always put you in control.

Key Specifications of AAVIX AGT1321 Push Mower

One of this model’s notable specifications is its 21-inch cutting diameter. This is the reason it takes a considerably shorter time to cut several acres of lawn.

The second specification we will talk about is the flexibility in cutting height. This model has eight height adjustments, therefore, allowing you to cut both long and short grass.

A single lever is used for the height adjustment. The height can be adjusted from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches.

Another important specification is the size of its rear wheels. Their oversize nature helps them roll even on uneven terrain. For control, you have the hand brake aids.

Besides withstanding rough terrain, the oversized wheels offer great maneuverability and traction.

Key Specifications –

Cutting width
22 inches
159CC EPA3 engine
Cutting height
1.25-3.75 inches
84 lbs.
Cutting options
Mulching, rear discharge, and side discharge
Front wheels
8 inches
Rear wheels
10 inches

Unique Features

Here are a few of the best features this unit has on offer:


As the term suggests, you need not push the mower for it to move. You are only required to walk behind it and guide it. This way, you preserve your energy levels.


Two things enable the AGT1321 unit to move so freely. One is its lightweight modern design. The mower’s total weight is standing at 84 pounds.

Another of the contributing factors is its large rear wheels. They provide both great maneuverability and traction.

3 in 1 Option

The nylon grass catcher catches grass and any accompanying debris. This is made possible by the 3-in-1 option offered by this gas-powered mower.

Bagging is not necessary. Through side discharge, you can let grass clippings fertilize your lawn. Mulching is another option.


Perhaps the mower’s powerful engine and impressive cutting path are among its best aspects. The AGT1321 is powered by a 159cc EPA3 4-stroke engine, and its cutting width lies at 22 inches.

Overall, while it is compact, it is powerful at the same time and on every pass, carves out a good path.


The mower’s wheels have treads that offer amazing grip on all grass types. On the other hand, the blade gives your lawn a pristine cut giving other mowers a run for their money.


Power, Design, and Durability


This is probably the first aspect that buyers look for in a new mower. Apart from its powerful 159cc EPA3 engine, this AGT series also features an impressive cutting width of 22 inches as well as 8-inch front wheels and 10 inch rear wheels.

All these features unite to give the machine terrific traction even in rough terrains and superior cutting speed and quality in all its eight cutting positions.


Its body is mostly black with a few patches of blue. Because it is made of steel, this is an indication that it is going to be around for a very long time.

The 84 lbs. beast bears oversized 10 inch rear wheels. The power generated by the engine is channeled to its rear wheels to propel it.

Highlighting the AGT1321 also is the all-powerful Loncin 159cc EPA3 engine. Its 22-inch wide deck is wider than the standard decks available in the market.

This, together with the eight adjustment options, is the reason we are in love with this AGT series.

If you wish to bag, the nylon grass catcher has got your back. Also made available by this mower are three clippings management options: mulching, side discharge, and rear discharge.


It shouldn’t be forgotten that the AGT1321 can take a beating. Its lightweight nature should not fool you. We have already mentioned its steel build. You won’t have to buy a new mower every four years.

Cut Quality and Available Options

Depending on the terrain on which you are mowing, you can alter the cutting height using the single lever.

When it is left to move on its own, the AGT 1321 can be a bit too fast. In this case, you can push it around if you wish to exercise your muscles.

Its cutting height positions enable it to slice down any grass it comes around, even grass as tall as six inches.

Besides, you are given a variety of mowing options. If you follow the mulching path, raking will take a considerably shorter time.

Performance and Ease of Use

The mowing job is for the engine. You are just there to hold onto the mower and guide it. The handle is made of steel and is therefore not quick to wear out. Furthermore, you can easily fold it and collapse it into the mower’s deck.

The oversized rear wheels pose no problems as you mow even in rugged terrains. Their treads improve both grip and mower maneuverability. Also available is a handbrake for control.

Though many may be convinced that electric engines are unmatched, it is unlikely for the Locin 159cc engine to fail with the second pull.

What’s more? The mower features a high capacity gas tank that is capable of powering your engine as it mows large yards. The need for frequent refilling is eliminated.

Another feature that places this mower’s performance at the top of the chart is its 22-inch cutting deck. It is this deck that is responsible for your lawn’s precise cut.

Its wide nature increases its efficiency as you won’t need numerous passes to attain your lawn’s desired look. To be noted also is the deck wash port responsible for self-wash, thus easing maintenance.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

As expected of gas-powered machines, there are some maintenance requirements to improve your mowing experience.

  • After using the mower, clean the deck
  • Ensure the blades are sharpened whenever it is necessary
  • Clear the mower of any debris after use
  • Ensure nuts, bolts and knobs are always tightened
  • Whenever necessary, replace the spark plugs
  • Oil changes are necessary
  • Moving parts have to be lubricated
  • To prevent obstructions, clean the air vents
  • Often check your grass catcher for damages or wear


The machine comes with a full two-year warranty. For enquires on the warranty, get in touch with the manufacturer. AAVIX offices are located at 1620 Fremont CT, Ontario, CA 91761.

You can call their customer care team on (866)717-5588. Alternatively, send them an email on [email protected] or visit https://aavix.com/

Price of AAVIX AGT1321 Self-Propelled Gas Powered Push Mower

Buyers know that for mowers with at least 20 inches cutting width, the AAVIX AGT1321 is among the most affordable.

You may think that by choosing the AGT1321, you are foregoing quality. This isn’t the case as the AGT1321 is the jackpot.

It saves you money and gives you a range of mowing options. Although it is dependent on the gas, its tank is substantial. When your tank is full, you can mow for up to one and a half hours.


Who Should Buy It?

Does your lawn lie on an even terrain? Do you need a mower that won’t dent your pockets? AAVIX is the answer. Not only does it require little effort, but it also covers a wide area in a short time.

Assembling the machine is an easy task. What we love about this AGT series is that it has a lightweight design that makes maneuverability easy.

Why We Like It

As we wind up, we would like to give a few reasons why we are in love with the AVVIX AGT1321. First, who doesn’t love speed? Second, its cutting quality is impeccable and performance excellent.

Also, it comes with unique features that serve to stress just how high quality it is. It is one of the gas mowers that are easiest to operate and own. We love it.


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