Amico Power 200 TIG Welder Review

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In Brief: Amico Power 200 Review

From the Amico Power company, the Amico Power 200 Amp TIG welding machine makes TIG and stick welding accessible for household use. This machine includes simple, user-friendly controls and a durable design built to last. Its portable weight and size make it the perfect addition to many welding setups.

The Amico Power company provides high-quality welding machinery to customers looking for an affordable and efficient way to complete home projects.

These machines make welding accessible to beginners and convenient for welders of all skill levels.

With plenty of welding capabilities, the Amico Power 200 Amp TIG welding machine provides both TIG and stick functions as well as precision controls.

This machine makes it easy for customers to enjoy completing their light to moderate welding tasks.

Key Specifications of the Amico Power 200

200 Amp TIG Torch/Arc/Stick DC Inverter Welder Dual Voltage IGBT Welding

Enjoy both TIG and stuck functions as well as excellent arc quality when you work with the Amico Power 200 Amp TIG welding machine.

This product comes ready for use out of the box and provides enough power to complete household jobs working with mild or stainless steel.

Check out the Amico Power 200 Welding in action here –


Read the long list of Amico Power 200 Welder specs below:

TIG, Stick
Input Power
110/230V 1-Phase 60hz
Output Range
DC 20-200amp
Input Current
Rated Output
25V & 28V
Duty CycleAC 230V/200A@60%
AC 110V/150A@60%
Dimensions16.6 in. x 7.5 in. x 11.8 in.
FeaturesDual functions
Dual voltage
Stable arc
Accessories13ft. TIG torch
10ft. electrode holder
10ft. work cable and clamp
Adapter plug
Sample consumables

Unique Features

Featuring a dual voltage design as well as dual functions, this convenient little machine offers customers several ways to weld on the go.

Dual Voltage

Dual voltage makes it easy to run this welder on either 110V or 230V power sources. This way, you can use it where you need it most and get the right amount of power for the job, too.

Dual Functions

Capable of operating in both TIG and stick modes, this welder comes ready for both right out of the box.

Stable Arc

This welder helps keep the arc stable, which leads to cleaner, smoother welds from start to finish.

Simple Adjustments

The machine features simple dial adjustments to make it easier for welders of all skill levels to obtain precision adjustments and settings as needed.

Multiple Metals

The machine works on multiple types of metal, including carbon steel, stainless steel, mild steel, steel alloy, chrome, cast iron, and copper.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

Combining excellent performance and small, portable size, this welding machine provides everything beginners need to start TIG and stick welding fast.


The Amico Power 200 Amp TIG Torch welding machine performs nicely out of the box. It only takes a few minutes to set up and comes with everything needed for both TIG and stick welding.

This machine works well on a variety of metals. Its included components remain durable and long-lasting even after plenty of jobs around the home or garage.

The machine itself features sturdy materials and a durable outer casing for maximum support and protection.

The machine makes it easy to change and adjust settings while you work. Its efficiency performance keeps up with some of the bigger names on the market.

Ease of Transportation

At just 15.5 pounds, this welding machine makes travel easier than ever before. It comes with a built-in molded plastic handle on top of the device and features a low weight and slim profile to keep transportation simple.

Since the machine works on household voltage as well as higher voltage, too, it provides simple hookups just about anywhere.


Weld Quality and Available Options

Thanks to the swiveling design of the included torch, welders of all skill levels find it easy to maintain the arc while welding and create smooth, solid welds. It strikes fast and easy and welds hot throughout most projects.

The welder ensures beginners have no trouble dialing in the right settings for clean welds. It also makes it easy for advanced users to get even more precise results.

The Amico Power 200 Amp TIG welding machine comes in just one option.

For more welding convenience, customers sometimes add the following:

  • Utility cart: At such a low weight, this machine doesn’t require a utility cart. However, some customers enjoy working with one anyway, for convenience.
  • Additional consumables: The machine only comes with a small sampling of consumables, so customers should purchase additional items to use the welder long-term.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Amico Power company web site offers a few accessories and consumables available for purchase. Customer service sometimes offers additional replacement parts depending on the model, issue, and warranty.

The Amico Power company recommends customers contact a licensed repair technician to handle repairs and replacements of the internal components of this machine.

Perform routine maintenance by first unplugging the machine and leaving it off for 30 minutes. This prevents the risk of electric shock.

Remove the cover to the machine but do not remove any interior components. Use compressed air to gently blow dust and debris out of the inside of the machine.

Do the same for the vents. Repeat this process every three months or as needed to prevent overheating.

When you clean the machine, check its connectors, plugs, cables, terminals, and consumables. Replace any parts that look damaged or worn out. Refrain from operating the machine with any broken or damaged pieces.

The Amico Power company provides a one-year limited warranty on the Amico Power 200 Amp TIG welding machine.

This warranty covers part replacements and labor as necessary for the main machine and its torches and cables.

The warranty excludes consumables and any other expendable accessories.

For more warranty information, contract the Amico Power company’s customer service at 629-939-4888.


Can the Amico Power 200 Amp TIG welder work with other brands of torches?

Yes. As long as the connectors match, this machine takes other brands of torches and consumables.

Does the Amico Power 200 Amp TIG welder work for flux core welding?

No. This machine works as a TIG and stick welder, but not as a flux core or MIG welder.

What size generator does the Amico Power 200 Amp TIG welder require?

This welding machine needs a generator with at least 5000 watts of power.

What type of TIG start does the Amico Power 200 Amp TIG welder provide?

This machine provides a lift start function for TIG welding.

Price of the Amico Power 200

The Amico Power 200 Amp TIG welder offers a competitive price when compared to many other similar products on the market. It costs about the same as most other dual-process welding machines that offer TIG and stick functions.

The machine comes with plenty of accessories to get you started welding right away. It also packs a lot of power and includes several user-friendly functions as well as a durable, sturdy design built to last.

All of these features combine to make this machine’s value well worth its price.


Who Should Buy the Amico Power 200 Welder?

The Amico Power 200 Amp TIG welding machine works great for beginners. This product makes dialing in adjustments easy and offers plenty of arc control and stability as well.

Its portable design and dual processes ensure any welder can enjoy working with this product.

The machine holds up well to regular household repair and DIY use and works nicely as a portable solution for auto repair hobby and professional work.

Any welder in need of a portable TIG and stick machine built from sturdy components can find something to love about this product.

Our Recommendation

With a lightweight design and two convenient methods of use, the Amico Power 200 Amp TIG welder makes on-the-go welding efficient and simple.

Welders of any skill level enjoy completing light to moderate jobs on steel, copper, and more with this machine.

We recommend the Amico Power 200 Amp TIG welder for beginners looking for a way to handle household repairs and simple DIY work without breaking the bank.

We also recommend it for metal artists or auto repair hobbyists who focus on bodywork.


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