Are 3 Stage Snow Blowers Any Good?

In Brief: Are 3 stage snow blowers Worth It?

Yes, they are. 3-stage snow blowers are the most powerful type of snow blowers. They don’t just come with an auger and impeller fan like 2-stage models, but they also have a high-speed accelerator that’s designed to crush snow and ice to fine, dischargeable pieces. These heavy-duty machines are made for the toughest jobs in the harshest wintry climates.

While shopping for a snow blower, you’ve undoubtedly come across various models belonging to different snow blower “families.”

These families are single-stage, 2-stage, and 3-stage. If you think a 3-stage snow blower is overkill, we don’t blame you.

However, it’s only fair that you understand what 3-stage snow blowers offer before outright rejecting them.

First, the pros. 3-stage snow blowers come with a high-speed accelerator—the fan-like object that sits directly in front of the impeller fan and in between the augers.

The accelerator is there specifically to crush ice and snow into a finer texture for quick and easy discharge.

Additionally, 3-stage snow blowers are made for the toughest snow-removal tasks imaginable. They sport beefier engines than single and 2-stage models, which drive the serrated augers, accelerator, and impeller fan while delivering more torque.

Their large gearboxes also pull in more snow as the machine moves forward, clearing wide pathways in fewer sweeps.

Now, onto the cons. First, 3-stage snow blowers’ gearboxes are lifted ever-so-slightly off the ground.

This design prevents them from tearing concrete and gravel driveways apart (an upside), but it also leaves a pretty thin trail of snow in its wake.

These machines cannot completely remove snow from any surface.

Another downside is maintenance. These heavy-duty machines are prone to more engine problems than two-stagers, simply because they exert more power.

This means having to pay extra attention to the spark plug, fuel tank, and filter to prevent it from experiencing premature death.

So, are 3-stage snow blowers any good? Despite their glaring downsides, they certainly are something homeowners and professionals alike should consider.

These machines are appropriate for those living in heavy-snowfall areas that experience more than a foot of snow regularly.

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