Ariens Apex 60 Zero Turn Riding Lawn Tractor Review

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In Brief: Ariens Apex 60 Review

After over five decades of crafting high-quality lawn care and farming tools, Ariens knows how to deliver. The Ariens Apex 60 Zero Turn Riding Lawn Tractor is designed with power and amazing cut quality that will ensure a beautiful lawn every time.

With almost a century of history, Ariens has been bringing high-quality outdoor equipment to the world with a passion and dedication to performance and durability like few other companies.

Among their offerings are many zero-turn mowers. These types of mowers offer power and the ability to handle large projects.

One of the models that live under this umbrella is the Apex 60, and this is the model we will be reviewing in this article.

Key Specifications Of Ariens Apex 60

A large, well-trimmed lawn is always nice to have, but for that, you need a mower that can handle it.

The Apex 60 may be a big investment, but when you see the features that it affords you and the quality of the execution, you won’t be sorry.

The zero-turn radius is crafted with the maneuverability to be able to make sharp turns. This lawn mower is crafted with a high torque starter and a top-notch Kohler 700 series engine for enhanced performance.

If you want to know more about the Ariens Apex 60 Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower, check out the company’s video here:

Here is the long list of specifications for Apex 60 lawn mower – >

Cutting Width
Cutting Height
1.5" - 5"
853 lbs.
Deck Type
Deck Material
10-gauge steel
74.5" x 62.8" x 42"
Kohler 7000 series 25 HP
Starting System
Fuel Capacity
5 gal.
8mph (forward)
4mph (backward)

Unique Features

The Apex 60 is fitted with a lot of great features and attributes that are unique to the company and model. Here are some of the model-specific features that help improve the comfort and use of this lawnmower.

Pin System

This lawn mower’s height adjustment system is very easy to use. In order to set the cutting height that you want, you simply use the foot lever to place the pin in one of the 15 quarter-inch holes and then start mowing.

Belt Tension System

The lawn mower is also fitted with a tension system for the belts. This design makes sure that the belts are always right, and it decreases some of the time required for maintenance.


Power, Design, and Durability

There are a lot of factors that play a part in finding a good riding lawn mower. Things like power, design, and durability could make the difference between a good mower and a great one.


The Apex 60 comes fitted with a Kohler 7000 series 25 hp twin-cylinder engine. This gives the mower the ability to handle long, tough projects.

The high torque inertia drive starter gives the engine a quick start at full power without much problem. All this combines to give the Apex 60 the power to complete a whole acre of work in just an hour.


The Apex 60 is crafted with high-quality materials, and the design is created to allow the model to turn quickly so that no grass is left uncut.

The commercial-grade axles and wide rear tires help with this, as well as traction and power. It is also comfortable and user-friendly thanks to the high-backed adjustable seat.


Since the price tag is not a small one, many people rally to look at the durability of this type of lawn mower.

The Ariens Apex 60 is fabricated with 10-gauge steel and a tubular frame. This helps protect the powerful engine and allows the unit to stand up to the environment and rough use.

Inside the engine, there is a full pressure lubrication system that maintains the right amount of oil so that the engine runs at its highest performance levels.

On top of that, the mower has built-in hydrostatic controls that help minimize the wear and tear on the engines and the mower.

Cut Quality and Available Options

The Apex 60 is designed to offer even a residential owner a commercial grade level of performance. As a zero-turn style mower, the Apex 60 is constructed with a powerful engine at its core.

The engine and all its components help give the mower the power and durability to deliver a quality cut.

Along with the amazing engine, the exterior design of the frame and deck help enhance the airflow, which gives it more speed and the ability to make consistent cuts faster than normal.

The belt tension system also plays a part in this model’s ability to deliver a good cut. If the belts are not at full tension, the engine and unit don’t run at optimum performance levels. That could be a problem when it comes to the efficient mowing of a lawn.

Performance and Ease of Use

The Apex 60 is capable of completing a lawn that is up to four acres in size in about an hour.

Along with the hydrostatic controls and a nice max speed of 8 mph, the model can work fast and not destroy the ground while doing that.

The unit is designed with a consistent cut system that helps the mower be able to cut wet and long grass easily. This elevates the performance capability to make sure that the user’s lawn is always cut right.

The build and design of the Apex are intuitive, which helps make it an easy mower to control and operate.

A deck lifting system that is operated by the driver’s foot helps adjust the height of blades. Once you get a hang of all the controls, the Apex 60 is very easy to use.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

There will need to be some scheduled maintenance, just like with anything that is powered by an engine. You will need to make sure you change the oil and the air filter regularly according to the manual.

The blades of the mower will have to be sharpened whenever you notice them getting dull, as well.

Oiling the individual gears and components of the mower will also help lengthen the life of the unit. Another piece of maintenance that often gets forgotten is to ensure you check the tire pressure before using it.

Though the unit is fitted with tension belt technology, which helps extend the life cycle of this part, the owner will also need to keep an eye on these and replace them as needed.


The Apex 60 comes with a 3-year residential warranty and a 1-year commercial warranty. The warranty covers all damage and problems caused by defects.

Some of the issues that the warranty does not cover include:

  • Components of the unit, like air filter and brake shoes
  • Damage caused by using non-Ariens parts
  • Problems caused by improper maintenance or installation of parts
  • Issues caused by poor maintenance or accidents

If you want more info on or have any questions about the Ariens warranty, you can contact the company here:
(920) 756 – 4688

Price Of the Ariens Apex 60 Zero Turn Riding Lawn Tractor

When some look at the price tag, they may second guess their decision. Rest assured that if you have the cash to shell out on the Apex 60, you will not be disappointed.

The value you will get for the price seems like a deal after a few months of use. The time and frustration that this mower will bring to your lawn care game will be well worth it. Plus, the Apex 60 is designed to last a lifetime.


Who Should Buy It?

This unit is designed to be used both residentially, as well as commercially. In fact, if you are a solo landscape engineer or own a small company, this is a great choice for you.

If you are simply buying it for home use, that is okay too.

It is great for large yards or fields and does an excellent job no matter the evenness of the land or thickness of the grass.

It handles debris, obstacles, and wet grass very well. For anyone looking to complete large lawn care projects, the Apex 60 would work well.

Why We Like It

The Ariens Apex 60 Zero Turn Riding Lawn Tractor is a durable, heavy-duty model that is perfect for individuals with large lawns or small landscape companies.

It brings with it power and precision that will ensure that the end result is a beautifully manicured lawn. It is easy to use and comfortable to ride on for hours on end.

With all of that, it is easy to see why we like it so much and why we think it is a solid choice for both residential and commercial use.


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