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best overall rating★★★★★

BobsCNC Evolution 3

  • Rigid, sturdy frame
  • High cutting precision
  • Accommodates stock up to 17 inches long
best overall rating★★★★★

BobsCNC Evolution 4

  • Excellent movement
  • Long-lasting
  • Excellent after-sales services
best overall rating★★★★★

Maslow CNC Router Kit

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Having a CNC router machine in your workshop can mean the difference between simple-looking products to high-quality, professionally made, expensive works of art.

Even with hundreds of woodworking experience under your belt, you’ll never achieve the precision that a CNC router can offer.

However, these machines can be quite costly, which is why customers opt for a cheaper, 4×8 model.

If this kind of CNC router sounds like something you’re looking for, then you’ll want to check out what the best 4×8 CNC router is out of over 15 models we researched.

best overall rating

Best 4×8 CNC Router – BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router Kit

The overall best 4×8 CNC router that would be perfect for any aspiring professional woodworker is the BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router Kit.

Although there is a newer version (we’ll get to the Evolution 4 later on), this tried-and-true CNC router kit offers astounding performance and precision on a slimmer budget.

Let’s take a look closer look at the Evolution 3’s key specifications

  • 17.7 x 15.3 x 3.3-inch Effective Cutting Area
  • 26-pound Construction
  • 19 x 25 x 25-inch Assembled Dimensions
  • Comes with the DEWALT DW660

When you’ll se on the Evoluteion 3’s plywood framework is an SG20U rail system that features a GT2 belt drive for both X and Y axes.

This unit also comes with 5/16-inch, dual brass nuts that control the Z axis. Assembling this unit is fairly quick. Based on customer reports, it takes just an hour to get the Evolution 3 up and running.

This 4×8 CNC router comes with a DEWALT DW660, a 5A handheld router that delivers up to 30,000 RPM cutting speed.

This router is ideal for cutting through all types of materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. It has a routing depth of up to 3.3 inches, which is decent for engraving.


  • Rigid, sturdy frame
  • High cutting precision
  • Easy to set up and run
  • Accommodates stock up to 17 inches long


  • Could have deeper routing depth

Overall, the BobsCNC Evolution 3 is a great, all-around CNC router that works well in beginner and small-scale workshops.

Top 4×8 CNC Router in the Market Compared

Product Image
Product Name

Best Overall - BobsCNC Evolution 3
  • Effective Cutting Area: 17.7 x 15.3 x 3.3 in
  • Assembled Weight: 26 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 19 x 25 x 25 in
  • Comes with the DEWALT DW660

Best Premium - BobsCNC Evolution 4
  • Effective Cutting Area: 24 x 24 x 3.4 in
  • Assembled Weight: 48 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 30 x 37.2 x 18 in
  • Comes with Makita RT0701C

Best Budget - Maslow CNC Router Kit
  • Effective Cutting Area: 48 x 96 in
  • Assembled Weight: 12 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: Chain-Driven System
  • Z-Axis Functionality

Maslow CNC Jumpstart Kit
  • Effective Cutting Area: 48 x 96 in
  • Assembled Weight: 16 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: Compatible with Any Router
  • Comes with Sled and Router Bit

  • Effective Cutting Area: 48 x 96 in
  • Assembled Weight: 119 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 103 x 26 x 15 in
  • Extendable

Reviews of Best 4×8 CNC Router

Best Premium - BobsCNC Evolution 4

best overall rating

Key Specifications

  • 24 x 24 x 3.4-inch Effective Cutting Area
  • 48-pound Construction
  • 30 x 37.2 x 18-inch Assembled Dimensions
  • Comes with Makita RT0701C

The BobsCNC Evolution 4 can router through all kinds of materials on all three axes.

Compared to the previous Evolution generation, you’re getting a wider cutting area with just slightly more depth.

For other models at this price point, this unit is a lot bigger, wider, and more lightweight.

Setting up the Evolution 4 doesn’t take much work, thanks to easy-to-follow assembly instructions, which is a tremendous plus for all first-time CNC router users.

With this CNC machine, you’re also getting the highly popular Makita RT0701C, a 1.25-HP motor that uses quarter-inch bits that cuts up to 30,000 RPM.

Learn about the BobsCNC Evolution series in this video to see whether this or the best overall model is best for your workshop:



  • Excellent movement
  • Long-lasting, laser-cut frame
  • Excellent after-sales services
  • Easy-to-understand instructions


  • Z-drive screw could be more stable

For its price, the BobsCNC Evolution 4 exceeds all expectations of a small-sized CNC router machine.

Best Budget - Maslow CNC Router Kit

best overall rating

Key Specifications

  • 48 x 96-inch Effective Cutting Area
  • 12-pound Kit
  • Chain-Driven System
  • Z-Axis Functionality

The Maslow CNC Router Kit is a budget-friendly option that DIY woodworkers shouldn’t pass up.

This kit comes with a USB flash drive with ten simple projects to help you get started immediately.

The greatest thing about the Maslow CNC Router Kit is that you get a ton of premium-quality features for a more than reasonable price.

The instructions manual provides a step-by-step guide on how to update the appropriate driver and software. In fact, based on customer reports, setting this tool up is no harder than using a printer.

The most fascinating part of this CNC router kit is that you stand it up vertically, allowing you to cut a wide range of objects with ease.

Here’s a great introductory video to the Maslow CNC kit:



  • Vertical CNC machine
  • No depth adjustments necessary
  • Uses any palm router
  • Made for any material


  • Could be easier for first-time users

An unusual CNC machine to say the least, the Maslow CNC Router Kit is simple to set up and delivers astounding results that surpass what its price tag might suggest.

Maslow CNC Jumpstart Kit

best overall rating

Key Specifications

  • 48 x 96-inch Effective Cutting Area
  • 16-pound Kit
  • Compatible with Any Router
  • Comes with Sled and Router Bit

In looks and functionality, the Maslow CNC Jumpstart Kit doesn’t appear to be much different from the Maslow CNC Router Kit.

They both offer a cutting area of 48 x 96 inches, are compatible with any handheld router tool, are lightweight kits, and both have Z-axis functionality.

Essentially, the Jumpstart Kit has everything the Router Kit does.

However, the Jumpstart Kit comes with a premade sled and a quarter-inch router bit.

You’ll still need to use your own router with a ¼-inch collet and build your own frame, which is easy to do. Also, you can extend your work area simply by installing a longer drive chain.


  • Extendable work area
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with USB drive and software
  • High-precision routing


  • Could be easier to use by beginner woodworkers

The Maslow CNC Jumpstart Kit comes with two extra components for the CNC router that you might have or could make easily. You’ll have to decide whether they justify the added cost.


best overall rating

Key Specifications

  • 48 x 96-inch Effective Cutting Area
  • 119-pound Construction
  • 103 x 26 x 15-inch Assembled Dimensions
  • Extendable Cutting Area

Last up, we have the Buildyourcnc 4×8 CNC Complete Router Cutting Machine, another large-sized CNC router machine that won’t fit into most garage workshops.

It comes as a 4×8-foot CNC router, but you can extend the length of your work area (X-axis) by several feet by installing table extensions.

You’ll have to make table extensions yourself while also accommodating the 52-inch gantry.

You can place any 3.5 to 4.2-inch router make and model into the router mount, including the Porter-Cable 890. The lightweight chain light, which will make it easy to extend the X-axis if needed.

Although this tool is rated for wood, plastic, and steel, it ultimately comes down to what type of router you use.

See the Buildyourcnc in action in this short demonstration video:



  • Pro 1Smooth operation
  • Relatively quiet
  • Sturdy wooden frame and gantry
  • Extendable X-axis


  • Assembly could be a lot easier

This large CNC router might not be ideal for most DIYers and homeowners, but for commercial-scale woodworking and metalworking, you’ll get a ton of value.

Best 4×8 CNC Router Buying Guide

Now that we know what the best 4×8 CNC routers are, let’s find out which model belongs in your workshop. This guide will help you determine how to find the best model for your unique needs.


Although steel frames are more durable, they are a LOT costlier. For DIY and beginner woodworkers, we recommend sticking to a CNC router with a wooden frame.

They are more lightweight, portable, and you can make your own replacement parts from scrap boards.

3D Carving

For 3D carving, you’ll want your CNC router to operate at more than three axes. Having a fourth rotary axis is the bare minimum, which is what the STYLECNC STM1325 can offer.

Table Size

Every CNC router model above comes with a 4×8 table, but their effective working areas differ. This is because the gantry or sled might not be able to reach the very edges of the CNC table safely.

Some models, such as the two Maslows and the Buildyourowncnc, can let you extend your work area by purchasing more parts (drive chains) and adding extension tables and rails.


Generally speaking, a heavier CNC router is more durable and thus less prone to vibrating while the spindle motor or router digs into thicker stock.


Why should I get a 4×8 CNC router?

There are far larger options out there, but 4×8 routers are generally beginner-friendly and don’t take up much space. They are a great first steppingstone for amateur woodworkers looking to enhance their craft. We recommend going with one of the cheaper options first and seeing from there. Plus, some models can allow you to extend your work area significantly by adding rails and an extension table.

Do I need to have my own router?

For most of these CNC routers, yes, you do. Take a good look at the tool’s router mount size to determine whether your current router will fit or whether you need to pick up a new one. Also, for more complex cuts, make sure you get a router that uses thinner bits. 1/8 to ¼-inch bits are ideal for CNC routing.

What can a 4×8 CNC router do?

CNC routers are used to engrave highly complex designs on different materials, from foam to wood to metal. Your potential with a CNC router is virtually limitless, depending on how proficient you are at using designing software, setting up your CNC router, which router you use, and how much working surface area you have. You can enhance you craft by getting a CNC router that moves on more than three axes, but for first-time users, X, Y, and Z axes should suffice.

How much should I spend on a CNC router?

That ultimately depends on your budget. As you can see from our list, even the most wallet-friendly models can offer astounding precision for making intricate designs on all sorts of materials. Business owners might want to invest in a larger CNC router machine to accommodate bigger stock and more powerful spindle motors and routers.


In today’s guide, we’ve shown you what the best 4×8 CNC router is and how to find the best model for your workshop.

Based on our research of over 15 models, we’ve concluded that the BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router Kit, an older-generation of BobsCNC machines, is the all-around best 4×8 CNC router to get.

If you’re uncertain which CNC router is right for your home or business, please let us know in the comments section.

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