Best Earthwise Lawn Mower Reviews

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The American Lawn Mower Company produces Earthwise Lawn Mowers and other products in the Earthwise Line.

The parent company started as a family business in 1895 and originally built push mowers.

Since then, the company has committed to producing easy to use, high-quality products for the general public and yard owners around the globe.

The Earthwise brand itself was created in 2008 to fill a growing need in the industry.

At the turn of the millennium, more companies realized that Earth needed to be protected from wastes and emissions from machines.

That is why American Lawn Mower created the Earthwise brand to focus on environmentally friendly units. This brand focuses on tools without emissions or carbon footprints.

And in 2011, the brand expanded to making lithium powered tools further to cement the dedication to cleaner energy and machines.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

If you have a power tool, outdoor tool, or gardening machine that is good for the environment or emission-free, the chances are high that it is an Earthwise product.

The brand produces an extensive range of home and gardening tools & equipment.

From blowers, hedge trimmers, snowblowers, tillers, and lawn sweepers to pressure washers, lawn mowers, and electric mowers, Earthwise has a relatively large catalog of products.

The parent company of the branch has offices all around the USA, with the headquarters in Indiana USA.

Earthwise Lawn Mower Product Line

Types of Lawn Mowers Available

On the website, the brand has a total of 17 lawn mowers available.

These come in two types. First, there are the manual push mowers, and then there are the electric mowers. Each of these comes with its advantages and features.

The push reel mowers from Earthwise come with distinct advantages. Since they aren’t powered by electricity or fuel, they start every time they are needed.

You do not need to buy fuel or change any plugs. If you are looking for a means to exercise, they allow you to keep fit while cleaning the yard.

Importantly, they are great for the environment as they produce zero emissions.

There are up to eight models available on the website, and these come in a wide range of prices. They also come in different sizes ranging from the 14″ reel mower to the 20″ mower.

The line of electric lawn mowers from the Earthwise brand includes corded and cordless models. The corded models from Earthwise feature 8 or 12 Amps, while the cordless models are bigger and, as such, have more power.

They come with a detachable and rechargeable battery boasting of 24 or 36 V power.

These also come with different blade lengths, from the 14″ 8-Amp 120 corded Mower to the Earthwise 21″ 58V 4Ah Lithium Mower.

Overall, the mowers from Earthwise are easy to operate. The electric models offer plenty of voltage, work quietly, and are good for the environment.

They are easy to put together, can bag, mulch, and side-discharge.

Key Differentiation Factors

Environmentally Friendly

Few brands take caring for the environment as seriously as this brand.

Whether an electric mower or snow blower, all the products in the Earthwise line of equipment are designed to produce no emissions.

The company aims for lightweight equipment without any fumes. And with the addition of battery-powered lithium tools, it sets itself apart from many other brands out there.

Wide Range of Products

Earthwise might be a subsidiary of American Lawn Mower Co., but it has a wide range of products in its line-up.

You get blowers, pressure washers, string trimmers, pole saws, lawn sweepers, cultivators, and several other products, including lawn mowers. Furthermore, each of these has several actual products.

Who Should Buy Earthwise Lawn Mowers

Earthwise’s lawn mowers are suited for people that are concerned about the environment.

They are also great for anyone looking for straightforward machines to use and get the job done with minimal fuss.

People that buy these mowers are assured that they are purchasing a machine that doesn’t take much to maintain.

Whether you have a small-sized yard or a larger yard, you will find a model to meet your needs.


Earthwise has been in the tool and outdoor equipment business for a long time and has produced environmentally-friendly, high-quality products.

We hope this review has given a useful insight into the brand.

Earthwise Lawn Mower Reviews

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