Best ECHO Lawn Mower Reviews

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ECHO has been a leader worldwide when it comes to manufacturing and developing handheld, professional-grade power equipment.

They have manufactured tools for homeowners and commercial workers for more than 40 years.

The company prides itself on being the standard for the industry through its determination to create quality products, new technology, and a strong infrastructure for distribution.

From expanding its capabilities in order to meet the demands of consumers and the industry, to establishing technological advancements in premium power tools for arborist professionals and landscapers, Echo has a heritage that is rich in success and accomplishments.

ECHO is no stranger to innovative products, and its engineers have created numerous ground-breaking products as a result of continuous market research, recognition for the needs of the company’s customers, and engineering proficiency.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

ECHO is a leading producer of some of the most high-quality and sophisticated outdoor equipment on the market.

They produce blowers, chainsaws, bed redefiners, chippers, shredders, edgers, engine drills, cut-off saws, generators, lawn mowers, and much more.

ECHO was founded in Northbrook, Illinois, as the Kioritz Corporation of America, and was later established under its present name in 1978.

They have ten distributors in America, managing 6,600 independent dealers.

They also have branches in Canada and throughout Latin America as well.

ECHO Lawn Mower Product Line

Types of ECHO Lawn Mowers

Currently, ECHO only produces one lawn mower.

It is their 58v Lithium-ion powered Cordless Lawn Mower. It features a quick-release handle that allows for compact storage, both vertically and horizontally, as well as dual battery storage for onboard convenience.

Its 3 position handle height adjustment allows you to change the lawn mower’s height to match your own, which improves overall comfort and makes the mower easier to operate.

The brushless motor offers both superior performance and power, while the 7 position cutting height adjustment adds versatility to that power to let you cut your grass at 7 different heights.

It comes with a heavy-duty, 21” composite deck with a lifetime guarantee.

While it may seem strange to only offer one type of lawn mower for the entire brand, the 58v lawn mower from ECHO offers pretty much everything you’d need to get a precise and customized trim to your lawn, from the convenience of one machine.

Key Differentiation Factors

Innovation, Not Imitation

ECHO prides itself on being one of the leading pioneers of the outdoor equipment industry.

They are known for making some of the most innovative, effective, and powerful gardening and construction tools on the market today, and for good reason.

The company is continually developing new ways to tackle the problems that all homeowners face with their yards at some point.

It all started with their very first Knapsack Backpack Duster in 1950 and has since grown into something spectacular.

 One Lawn Mower Only

While there are a number of brands that offer only two or three lawn mowers, ECHO takes it a step further by only offering one lawn mower.

While this may seem strange at first, the 58v lithium-ion cordless lawn mower provides everything you need to keep your lawn looking neat and manicured.

On the other hand, it is a bit of a disappointment that there are not any other lawn mower models available from ECHO.

Sometimes, you just want to stick with the basics without the added fluff. In that case, you’d be better off shopping for a lawn mower from a different brand.

Comprehensive Product Line

If you’re looking to become a professional gardener and maintain your garden in ways that you previously could not imagine possible, then ECHO is the brand for you.

They offer some unique products, like their Speed-Feeder, Shred N’ Vac, and even Earth/Ice Augers, all available for budget-friendly prices.

Who Should Buy Lawn Mowers by ECHO?

There’s not really one specific kind of person that would benefit the most from the ECHO lawn mower.

It has plenty of basic features and a few ones that you’d find on more premium lawn mowers, so it is suitable for use by any kind of gardener – from the average homeowner to the gardening enthusiast.


ECHO continues to produce some of the most innovative and effective gardening and outdoor equipment out there.

We hope that we’ve shed some light on the brand, and their lawn mower as well!

ECHO Lawn Mower Reviews

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