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Rather interestingly, Ferris started as a company that had nothing to do with lawn mowers at all.

The company began in 1909 as the ‘Uebler Milking Machine Company’, making milking machines for the dairy farmers of New York.

It was only in the ’80s that we saw a significant shift in the company. As the dairy farms they supplied began to dry up, so did their business.

So along came Dave Ferris, one of the founders’ descendants, who took the company into a new direction.

They began creating lawn mowers with the leftover parts. At first, they were rugged and not efficient, but soon he found a way to make them much more potent. In 1986, the first hydrostatically powered lawn mower was patented.

Fast forward ten years, and we get the first-ever lawn mowers with their independent suspension. Ferris made history and has since been known for producing excellent lawn mowers.

Business Verticals and Geographical Reach

Today Ferris makes riding lawn mowers for the whole world, with dealers spread across the continents.

Their home base and most extensive client base will always be in America, and this is where most of their production lines are.

All production lines create individual parts that are then taken to an assembly plant, and then the finished lawn mower is shipped to a dealer somewhere in the world.

Ferris Zero Turn Mower Production Line

Types of Ferris Zero Turn Mowers Available

On their official website, they list 14 options available for the Zero Turn variants.

These all range in characteristics, from price to performance. To list them in no particular order:

  1. ISX 3300 ERC
  2. ISX 3300
  3. IS 3200Z
  4. IS 2600Z
  5. ISX 2200
  6. IS 2100Z
  7. ISX 800
  8. IS 700Z
  9. IS 600Z
  10. 400S
  11. F320Z
  12. F210Z
  13. F160Z
  14. F60Z

While these contractions can be confusing, here is a general mapping out of the price-to-performance range: Starting at $ 4 649.00, you get the cheapest option, which is the smallest and can be seen as the least good-performing lawn mower.

These prices gradually increase as the size, and power and performance, increase. The most expensive of these is a whopping $ 14 699.00, just over $ 10 000.00 more.

However, all of these lawn mowers are incredibly powerful and can serve you well.

The larger variants are there for those who are either serious hobbyists or regularly do large scale landscaping.

The focus has always been on ease of use and efficiency, with significant horsepower and suspension. These factors certainly shine through on these models, and you won’t be disappointed.

Here’sa video demo on their newest model:

Key Differentiation Factors

Interesting Patents

Ferris is an interesting brand. Their products are patented as having their unique suspension systems as well as great horsepower, enough to handle just about any terrain.

Hearing back from other clients certainly paints a similar picture.

Respected Brand

Their brand name is credible, and they command and demand a level of respect for it. They set out to reach a goal, and they meet it, no more, no less, and there’s something to be said for that.

Wide Range

Their range of products is wide enough to meet the practical needs of just about anyone.

For this reason, they stand apart by having carved themselves a little niche, which no one else can fill. Should Ferris ever go under, there will be a Ferris shaped hole that no one can fill.

Otherwise, they don’t stand out too much, but that’s because they’ve always been a staple for dependable landscaping tools.

There are very few companies that can compare, and yet they don’t boast too many fanciful features.

Why You Should Buy a Ferris Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Simply put, these are the cream of the crop.

These lawn mowers are excellent and do their job beyond excellently. You need only assess your needs, and Ferris will have a lawn mower available to do the job for you.

They are reliable, robust, and you can depend on them to get the job done.


Ferris Zero Turns are excellent lawn mowers and will see you through any of your landscaping needs.

Their prices have a considerable range to include mowers that are small and compact to large and in charge. You’ll never go wrong with one of these.

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