Best Fiskars Lawn Mower Reviews

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Fiskars is one of the most popular and oldest companies in the western world.

This corporation was first established as far back as 1649, and it has certainly grown from its humble beginnings.

Through its operations, the company has gained a reputation as one of the most reliable iron and copper works companies in the world.

The company expanded operation in the 1830s, extending its wings into manufacturing forks and scissors, making the first Finnish steam engine, and setting up the first machine shop in Finland.

After the two World Wars, the company became the leading maker of scissors and cutting products for home and office use, lawn and garden tools, accessories, and crafts for recreational activities.

Now, today, Fiskars continues to lead the way in producing accessories and services that help you enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

As Fiskars is one of the most popular companies on the planet, they have a wide range of products for indoor and outdoor use. Chances are high that you own a Fiskars-made tool.

The company produces items like brooms & cleaning tools, forestry tools & saws, hardware, hedge shears, kids’ tools, lawn mowers, loppers, and multi-head tool systems.

They also produce nursery tools, pruners, scissors, shovels & spades, snow tools, soil care tools, spare parts, and so much more. It is truly a versatile international company.

The company has branches all over the globe, and a visit to the company’s website shows that they have offices in several countries around the world.

You will find them operating in Australia, Croatia, Belgium, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, and many other countries. They ship worldwide and have a presence all over the world.

Fiskars Lawn Mower Product Line

Types of Lawn Mowers Available

Considering the wide variety of products made by Fiskars, it might be underwhelming to discover that they offer just three lawn mowers.

Thankfully, though, these reel mowers from Fiskars are made with good features and deliver great performance.

The first is the StaySharp Push Reel Mower model. This model is an excellent unit that combines impressive ergonomics with impressive performance.

It features Fiskars’ own StaySharp technology and InertiaDive Reel, which gives you more cutting power than what you’d typically get from this type of mower.

Since this is the basic model from Fiskars, it is the most economical unit. It is easy to use and delivers quiet performance.

The second model is the 17″ StaySharp Plus Mower.

This model is an improvement over the basic model, and you get similar ergonomics. As the mid-range model, it delivers nearly effortless mowing and a cleaner cut. It is also easy to assemble.

The third model is the Fiskars 18″ StaySharp Reel Mower. It is a top-of-the-line model that combines technology and ergonomics to give you the best cutting performance from a Fiskars mower.

Overall, the mowers from Fiskars are designed to cut with minimal fuss.

Key Differentiation Factors

StaySharp Technology

The Fiskars mowers use Fiskars’ StaySharp Technology. This technology delivers excellent cutting performance without using gas, oil, or electricity.

The technology also ensures that you do not have to waste time and energy manually sharpening the blades.

Many Product Types

As we pointed out earlier, this company produces many products. Head over to the website and see for yourself.

No matter what DIY tool you need, you can find a Fiskars product to meet your needs.

You could realistically have all the tools in your home or garden made entirely by the Fiskars Corporation. The good thing about this is that these products complement each other.

Focused Range

Despite the high number of products, the company has a limited number of products in its product lines, especially lawn mowers.

You only get three models of lawn mowers. Fortunately, these mowers are made of high-quality parts and have excellent features.

Who Should Buy Lawn Mowers from Fiskars?

If you want reel mowers, you’ll likely love this brand.

After all, they only make reel mowers. These are powerful in their own right and will offer excellent cutting performance.


Fiskars is an excellent company that makes high-quality equipment and tools.

While the mowers from the brand are slightly more expensive than other brands, it offers unmatched quality.

We hope that this review has given you more information about the reel mowers from Fiskars.

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