Best Gardena Lawn Mower Review

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Gardena is a company under the Husqvarna Group of companies. Gardena was formerly into importation of garden tools from France. Then, in 1968, it began manufacturing its own product.

Gardena is known worldwide and is largely in charge of the distribution of garden tools and other household products in and across Europe.

Gardena tools are durable, long-lasting, affordable, and provide flexibility.

Their business headquarters is in Ulm, Germany. All manufacturing and distribution is carried out at their production sites in Ulm.

However, certain manufacturing activities are executed using the Husqvarna Group’s resources to reduce costs.

While most Gardena tools are cable-free, the company is looking to adopt a fully technological approach in production.

In 2020, Gardena introduced its own robotic lawn mower, a move that further outlines their desire to cut down manual labor and provide an effortless solution.

Business Vertical & Geographical Reach

The company manufactures several tools, especially those that have to do with watering trees and shrubs, as well as lawn care.

The brand is versatile and offers a large catalog of products. They produce items such as sprinklers, hoses, secateurs, rotary lawn mowers, loopers, and spreaders.

Gardena is known all over the world and has branches in over 80 countries at the time of this writing.

They’ve evolved to become a household name in countries such as Germany, Britain, the USA, France, and England.

They also have a large distribution unit and have leveraged the power of the internet to extend their reach to places where their offices are not present.

Most of Gardena’s products are available on online stores such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other small-scale distributors.

Gardena Lawn Mower Product Line

Types of Lawn Mowers Available

While Gardena has many tools to look out for, their lawn mowers are eye-catching, razor-sharp, and operate in complete silence.

The company has a variety of mowers that are either electric or battery-powered. The Cylinder models, for instance, run on electricity, so there is no refill or battery needed. You can simply plug and play.

On the other hand, the Battery Lawn mower Li-18/22 is powered by an 18-volt lithium-battery that grants a runtime of 20 minutes. Also, this battery can be used with other Gardena products.

The company also has over 10 rotary electric-powered mowers. The Powermax series dominates this category.

The main difference between this series is the power rating and blade size.

Under this category, we have the Powermax 1200/32, Powermax 1400/34, Powermax 1600/37, and Powermax 1800/42. Generally, the blade width increases with the power rating.

Lastly, Gardena presently has two robotic lawn mowers – the Sileno City 500 m2 and Sileno City 250 m2.

They operate at 58 and 68 decibels, respectively. Also, they can be controlled from anywhere within 60cm proximity. However, their working capacity, as well as blade size, varies.

You can get the lawn mowers on the Gardena website, as well as on Amazon. However, the robotic lawn mower is only available on the official website.

Key Differentiation Factors

Smart Product Choice

Gardena offers more than just gardening tools. They also provide innovative designs that give precision in tight corners.

The majority of Gardena products are wireless. They run on battery and can be accessed in just one click.

From their watering system down to their mowers, they’re designed to be eco-friendly. They’re suitable for inclement weather, and set-up is a breeze.

The weight of their products is also another benefit, as it gives you easier maneuverability.

Long Usability Period

Gardena has a reputation for producing high-quality tools. They’re durable and can take a beating. They neither crack nor corrode easily.

Who Should Buy a Lawn Mower From Gardena?

Gardena has a variety of products to choose from.

From the Cylinder hand mower to the robotic Sileno City, there’s something for everyone. If you want a simple tool that’s easy to use, requires no complicated set-up, and lasts for a long time, Gardena tools will serve you well.

However, if you also want something powerful for commercial and everyday use, you will definitely get that, as well. With Gardena, you will never run out of options.


Gardena has several tools for users of all categories. From the small scale garden owner to commercial gardeners, there is a wide range of products to choose from.

With this review, you can make an excellent choice for your Gardena lawn mower.

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