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The story of the one-man chainsaw began in 1954, in a small Swedish village called Jonsered.

At first, they had only one goal, to make it easier for those who worked hard in the wood industry.

Here, in the town of Jonsered, a textile factory was founded by the Scotsman William Gibson (immigrant).

Until 1880, (since 1872 they diversified their textile production), they were producers of machines that processed wood for export.

Then, until 1920, the company was run by his sons and thus remained in the control of the family.

Jonsered sailing canvas was also well known in Sweden in the 1800s, and the company already had a good reputation. Until 1975, another important textile product was used, namely yarn hoses.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

Today, the market leader in the production of chainsaws is Jonsered. What makes it special is the chain brake, vibration damping, and turbo air cleaning.

Jonsered engineers made an important discovery worldwide when they found that the most economical and efficient method of cutting wood is through the cutting-edge pruning technique.

Jonsered Lawn Mower Product Line

Types of Lawn Mowers Available

The lawn mowers available at Jonsered are suitable for a wide range of activities and needs.

They offer lawn mowers that suit the necessities of small lawns, medium, large lawns, and even extra-large yards.

Firstly, the lightweight, compact mowers available for small lawns are easy to push and to store, whether it is a manual type or a power-driven one.

Furthermore, the medium-sized ones are not only user-friendly but also extremely reliable. The high efficiency makes them quick to use if you have lots of narrow spaces.

Larger types are suitable for varying conditions, and they are both robust and efficient. The engines are powerful, and they are ready for almost any job you need.

Lastly, the most powerful types have generous collections, cutting edge technologies, and the engine power is absolutely impressive.

Also, among the products on sale, you will find some with a grass collection function: push mowers, all-wheel-drive mowers, or two front-wheel drive mowers.

Here you can also purchase trimmers, garden tractors, leaf blowers, brush cutters, or snow blowers.

Key Differentiation Factors

Friendly Website

If you want to be guided before purchasing the product you are looking for, you will find all the necessary information on the company’s website, in the “Knowledge Center” section.

There you can see how you can extend the product warranty period to 4 years but also how it must be executed correctly.


Jonsered sells products that are recognized worldwide for their long-lasting quality.

The easiest to use in the Jonsered range are the no-frills walk-behind mowers, and they have some very helpful functions, without having too many unrealistic devices.

With these, you will have a clean-cut, and they are very durable.

One of the strongest and lightest products in their range is Jonsered L4621 (part number: 967644501).

It has a 3 in 1 mower option, uses a 7.75ft-lb Kohler XTX engine, and moves very comfortably because it uses all-wheel drive.

As for the cutting deck, it comes with a topnotch high tunnel, and its structure is made of steel (unloading is convenient and effective for grass fertilization).

Who Should Buy Jonsered Lawn Mowers?

Jonsered is a good motivator for small companies. They started from a small village in Sweden and are now a large company, respected worldwide, and offer quality services.

It is well known among chainsaw users, both professionals, and semi-professionals.

All Jonsered products are of high quality and offer safety apparel, lubricants, and oils, but the most desired are zero-turn mowers, so make sure you check them out.


We don’t know how many people in the company thought they could go that far, but today it doesn’t even matter.

Maybe even the creator or his descendants didn’t think such progress was possible, but now their history makes the story and the company itself interesting in a special way.

They have shown that nothing is impossible if you have people who are passionate and involved with all their heart.

If you want safety, comfort, and durability when you think of your garden or your company, Jonsered is definitely a reliable solution.

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