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The brand was established in the 1990s in the United Kingdom. Starting as a family-owned business, the business has the objective of providing professional lawn treatment and care.

The Lawnmaster brand may seem new on the old continent, yet it has existed for almost 15 years in the United States.

The brand is owned by Cleva North America, Inc. Specializing in garden tools, it has excellent know-how in terms of both thermal and electric motorization.

The range of products offered includes grass cutting mowers, vegetable shredder, and many more.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

In recent years the market for lawn mowers has evolved and has seen the appearance of new brands. With the development of brushless motors, an electric tidal wave is sweeping our gardens.

Today, it is possible to find ultra-efficient products with strong autonomy.

The Lawnmaster brand is one of those newcomers to Europe with a full range of mowers, chainsaws, and many other autonomous tools.

Today, Lawnmaster understood that the future was wireless and will be better with greener products.

Lawnmaster owns more than 50 outlets around Wales, Scotland, and England. Their head office is situated at Denbighshire in North East Wales.

Their products are sold around the world but are most saturated in the European and American markets.

Lawnmaster Lawn Mower product Line

Types of Lawn Mower Available

LawnMaster offers green outdoor electrical equipment. These include super-light mowers with no fuel, which are operated manually.

Alternatively, there are also cordless lithium-ion tools in 18, 24, and 40-volt configurations.

Whether it’s a corded power tool or a battery-powered cordless tool, LawnMaster sells lightweight, convenient, and easy-to-use equipment.

Thanks to its sharp set of alloy steel blades, their push reel models chop and mow stubborn grass blades.

The manual models have sets of 5 blades, sufficient adjustability, width, and cutting height. Their lawn mowers indeed turn gardens into masterpieces.

Key Differentiation Factors


What is interesting here is the engineering implemented in the design of battery-powered lawn mowers.

The brand has chosen to offer three types of lithium-ion batteries. These include models with 12V, 24V, and 40V. Note that the new tools at Lawnmaster are the 60V tools.

They are all exciting innovations because it has reached unequalled powers even in gardening.

Imagine having an electric mower with incredible autonomy more powerful than the thermally powered models; it is possible with the new technology of a 60V battery.

We regret, however, that you cannot order the 60V battery models directly online.

Although they would be of real interest in mowing large surfaces.

Perhaps if Lawnmaster hears us, they might think about offering this type of mower on Amazon as soon as possible.

There is a real demand for a powerful brushless tool in gardening.

Reliable and Durable Range

Buying a Lawnmaster brand mower means having a reliable and durable product.

The brand’s experience in the field of gardening is no longer to be proven.

Innovative, it continually improves the engines and the ergonomics of the mower. Their customer support is highly reliable and guaranteed.

Each lawn mower model under rental, commercial, or industrial use comes with a 30-day guarantee.

Meanwhile, under regular household use, its cordless and corded lawn mowers come with limited factory warranties. The period of warranty can range between 2-4 years.

Ecologically friendly tools

Lawnmaster lawn mowers are convenient to use, highly efficient, and, best of all, eco-friendly. They have in their range manual push reel mowers.

They don’t require gas, oil, or torrid maintenance. They help contribute to a safer, carbon-free, greener, and cleaner planet.

Who Should Buy Lawn Mowers by Lawnmaster

Lawnmaster models are manual push reel models, battery-powered, and electric corded models. They don’t possess as much efficiency and capacity which the gasoline models have, for example.

Nonetheless, their lawn mowers are most suitable for small to medium yards. Lawnmaster models are ideal for customers who have to mow yards of around 8000 to 12000 square feet.

Also, they are the perfect brand for users who want eco-friendly lawn mowers.


Lawnmaster has been in the business of lawn mower production for almost two decades now.

They have the experience, geographical reach, and also produce reliable, innovative, and ecologically friendly mowers.

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