Best Makita Lawn Mower Reviews

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Makita is a power tool manufacturer based in Japan.

It has been in the business of motor engineering since 1915. While its gas-powered devices have been in existence for more than 90 years, its battery devices have been in production since 1969.

Its products with lithium-ion technology have been in production since 2005.

In a 2019 press release, the Senior Product Manager of Makita USA, Romique Talton, explained the company’s goal.

According to him, Makita’s objective is about producing the next generation and innovative cordless tools, which will be a replacement for gas-fueled equipment.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

Makita has a wide range of power tools it makes. It has lots of electric and gasoline-powered garden tools in its product portfolio.

Makita even invented a radio site in its venture into the world of audio technology.

It is based in Anjo, Japan. However, it operates regional factories in China, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Romania, UK, Dubai, the USA, Thailand, and Germany.

Therefore, it has strong geographic segments in its headquarter country, the rest of Asia, Europe, North America, as well as other regions. Thus, its products are well distributed all over the world.

Makita Lawn Mower Product Line

Types of Makita Lawn Mowers Available


With a Makita cordless lawn mower, you don’t need an annoying cable. Although you also need power, it is stored in a battery. Battery-powered mowers are very mobile and very quiet.

Depending on the battery size and capacity, you can mow a larger garden area with a battery charge.

With 2 x 18 V batteries, for example, you can have a similar performance as that of a petrol mower. But they are much quieter than petrol batteries.


The Makita electric lawn mower requires an electrical connection. If the cable is not enough, you can also make do with a suitable extension cable.

An electric lawn mower is ideal for small to medium-sized gardens.

With it, you can work non-stop, because there is no need to refuel or charge a battery.

Petrol Engine

A Makita gasoline mower is easy to launch. It effortlessly mows large areas.

With its ball-bearing wheels, it is very smooth and suitable for flat surfaces such as surfaces with a maximum inclination of 15°.

These Makita mowers use overhead valves to optimize engine performance, reduce fuel consumption, and increase service life.

Key Differentiation Factors

Range of cutting widths

Makita has models with varying cutting widths.

If you have large, uniform areas to mow, large cutting width is, of course, better.

However, if you have to go around many trees or shrubs or have to mow small areas, you’ll need a narrower lawn mower.

This is more manageable. Irrespective of the width you want, you’ll find your choice among Makita’s range.

Practical cutting levels

To keep the lawn uniform and healthy, a certain cutting height is necessary. An ornamental lawn is cut very low. If the grass is particularly long after the holidays, a high setting is recommended.

Then a second cut with a lower setting is recommended. In principle, an adjustment of the cutting height by three folding will be sufficient.

A central adjustment of the cutting height is particularly practical.


Many Makita lawn mowers can be converted to shred mowers.

The grass does not end up in the grass collector but remains finely chopped on the lawn. This then eventually turns to a good fertilizer.

Wheel drive

Large and heavy Makita mowers are available with all-wheel drive. This eliminates the need to push the mower as it advances.

Who Should Buy Makita Lawn Mowers?

Makita lawn mowers are offered to homeowners, gardeners, and landscapers with varying needs.

The Makita battery-powered models are practical for those who love eco-friendly models with no fumes, no fuel usage, or minimal maintenance.

For those who want better performance, the gasoline line has a wide range of models.


With the Makita gardening tools, you have a range of great equipment. Makita lawn mowers, whether battery, electric or gas-powered, make lawn care easy.

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