Best MIG Welding Gloves With Detailed Reviews [2021]

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Best MIG Welding Gloves: RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves

RAPICCA Welding Gloves 16 Inches,932℉,Heat Resistant Leather Forge/Mig/Stick Welding Gloves Heat/Fire Resistant, Mitts for Oven/Grill/Fireplace/Furnace/Stove/Pot Holder/BBQ/Animal Handling-Blue

The best MIG welding gloves that left a lasting impression on us are the Forge Gloves made by RAPICCA.

For MIG welding, you need extra heat-resistance material that doesn’t reduce dexterity, and that’s exactly what the RAPICCA delivers.

Here are what the Leather Forge Welding Gloves key specifications look like—

  • Cowhide Leather Exterior
  • Cotton Lining
  • 16-inch Length
  • Double-Layer Kevlar Padding

The RAPPICA is unlike most welding gloves you’ll find on the market. First, it measures in at 16 feet in length, offering extra protection for your forearms.

You’ll need it when you MIG or stick weld with super-hot arcs or, as the name suggests, while forging metal.

These gloves are made of high-quality cowhide leather with a decent thickness of cotton lining. The cotton doesn’t get in the way of dexterity, though it does tend to release in little puff balls every time you remove your hands.

These gloves’ palm sides are protected by a double layer of Kevlar padding, which not only allow you to place your hands closer to your metal workpiece but also slide along its surface without getting stuck.


  • Incredibly durable
  • Can withstand temperatures over 900°F
  • Long cuffs
  • Flexible fingers


  • Cotton lining could stay in place

Whether you’re MIG or stick welding, forging iron, barbecuing, or doing anything with heated materials, the RAPICCA welding gloves will keep your wrists and forearms safe.

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Finding a good pair of welding gloves isn’t just about which gloves look the best, though style points are somewhat important.

Instead, you need to pay attention to its materials, how well it deals with heat, and what sort of extra protection or padding each pair of gloves offers.

In this guide, we’ll show what we feel is the best MIG welding gloves out of over 35 models we’ve put to the research.

Top MIG Welding Gloves Compared

Here’s a comparison between Top MIG Welding Gloves:

Product Image
Product Name
RAPICCA Welding Gloves 16 Inches,932℉,Heat Resistant Leather Forge/Mig/Stick Welding Gloves Heat/Fire Resistant, Mitts for Oven/Grill/Fireplace/Furnace/Stove/Pot Holder/BBQ/Animal Handling-BlueBest MIG Welding Gloves – RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves
  • Exterior: Cowhide Leather
  • Interior: Cotton
  • Size: 16 in.
  • USP: Double-Layer Kevlar Padding

Revco Industries BM88L BSX BM88 Extreme Pig Skin MIG Welding Gloves, LargeBest Premium - Revco Industries BM88
  • Exterior: Pigskin
  • Interior: Pigskin
  • Size: 12 in.
  • USP: Glide Pad

Caiman White Goatskin, Long Cuff, Welding-Tig/Mig Large (1600-5)Best Budget - Caiman White Goatskin
  • Exterior: Goat Grain Leather
  • Interior: Unlined
  • Size: 12 in.
  • USP: 4-inch Split Leather Cuff

Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves | 14' Lined Leather | Kevlar Stitching | K2979-ALLLincoln K2979-ALL
  • Exterior: Split Cowhide Leather
  • Interior: Cotton
  • Size: 14 in.
  • USP: Reinforced Leather Seams

John Tillman and Co Tillman Large 14' Gold and Pearl Top Grain Split Back Cowhide Fleece Lined MIG Welders Gloves with 4' Cuff and Kevlar Thread Locking Stitch (Carded), White/Tan (TIL50L)Tillman Gold and Pearl
  • Exterior: Cowhide Leather
  • Interior: Cotton
  • Size: 14 in.
  • USP: Kevlar Stitching

Reviews of the Top MIG Welding Gloves

While testing out different MIG welding gloves, we came across several noteworthy pairs that we’d like to share with you. And here they are, starting with the…

Best Premium - Revco Industries BM88

best overall rating Revco Industries BM88L BSX BM88 Extreme Pig Skin MIG Welding Gloves, Large

Key Specifications

  • Pigskin Exterior
  • Pigskin Interior
  • 12-inch Length
  • Glide Pad

Although Revco BM88 welding gloves are our premium pick, there’s nothing too premium about its price tag.

It comes with a surprising number of high-quality features that surprisingly that makes them a high-value pair of MIG welding gloves.

First, both the interior and exterior are made of super-supple pigskin leather that bends at will.

Pigskin leather is also highly heat-resistant, and since they measure in at 12 inches in length, they’ll protect more than just your wrists.

These gloves have come with a rest/glide pad, which allows you to move your hands across sleek metal workpieces without them getting stuck.

We’ve tested these gloves over and over and found these pads to work like a charm every single time.


  • Durable pigskin material
  • Extremely soft and flexible
  • Incredible glide pads
  • Decent length


  • Could be a bit more comfortable

The Revco BM88 comes with everything you’d expect from a premium-quality pair of gloves, except for a premium price tag.

Best Budget - Caiman White Goatskin

best overall rating Caiman White Goatskin, Long Cuff, Welding-Tig/Mig Large (1600-5)

Key Specifications

  • Goat Grain Leather Exterior
  • Unlined Interior
  • 12-inch Length
  • 4-inch Split Leather Cuff

You didn’t think MIG welding gloves got any cheaper, did you? Well, they do, but the Caiman White Goatskin TIG/MIG welding gloves certainly don’t feel cheap at all.

These gloves’ exteriors are made with a high-quality goat grain leather that’s somewhat rigid but provides extra protection against heat.

You’ll need that protection since these gloves do not come with a cotton interior.

What’s surprising is that the arc from MIG and stick welding don’t penetrate as much through the leather, allowing you to work comfortably with high and low-amp welding jobs.

Like the pair of Revcos, the Caiman is a foot long in length with a four-inch cuff made of split cowhide leather. The cuffs are pretty comfortable, and heat-resistance, but some buyers said they’re the weakest part of the gloves.


  • Comfortable
  • Incredible heat resistance
  • Better grip
  • Long gloves with tight cuffs


  • Cuffs could be more durable

The Caiman White Goatskin welding gloves are an amazing pair of MIG welding gloves, and they’re not hard on the eyes.

Lincoln K2979-ALL

best overall rating Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves | 14' Lined Leather | Kevlar Stitching | K2979-ALL

Key Specifications

  • Split Cowhide Leather Exterior
  • Cotton-Lined Interior
  • 14-inch Length
  • Reinforced Leather Seams

The Lincoln K2979-ALL comes with flame decals. ‘nuff said. This pair is just one of Lincoln’s many gloves in their lineup that offer excellent heat protection for stick and MIG welding.

For MIG welding, they’re a comfortable fit, and with 14 inches of split cowhide leather that climb up your wrist to your forearms, there’s hardly any concern for singeing your arm hairs off.

Like many models on this list, these Lincoln gloves have a cotton-lined interior which provides extra heat resistance for MIG and stick welding jobs.

They do leave the gloves feeling kind of puffy, but that’s hardly an issue when working with super-heated arcs.

The entire lengths of these gloves are given reinforced leather stitching, which extends the longevity of these gloves, even with frequent use.


  • Incredibly durable
  • 5-inch cuff for extra protection
  • Comfortable cotton lining
  • Flexible


  • Could be less puffy

Whether you MIG weld or stick weld, the Lincoln K2979-ALL welding gloves are all of the protection you need for your hands and wrist.

Tillman Gold and Pearl

best overall rating John Tillman and Co Tillman Large 14' Gold and Pearl Top Grain Split Back Cowhide Fleece Lined MIG Welders Gloves with 4' Cuff and Kevlar Thread Locking Stitch (Carded), White/Tan (TIL50L)

Key Specifications

  • Cowhide Leather Exterior
  • Cotton Interior
  • 14-inch Length
  • Kevlar Stitching

Last up is the Tilman Gold and Pearl. The name doesn’t sound very fascinating, but it offers a heck of a lot of heat protection for MIG and stick welding, as well as weekend barbecuing.

Measuring 14 inches in length, you’ll can work closer to hot arcs without hurting yourself in the process.

These gloves are made of a cowhide leather exterior, which is super-durable against heat while also being reasonably supple. The cotton-lined interior adds an extra layer of heat resistance without sacrificing dexterity.

The Kevlar stitching around these gloves keeps all of the parts in tip-top shape for longer without becoming undone by hot arcs.


  • Decent heat protection
  • Extra-long cuffs
  • Palm and finger protection
  • Dexterous


  • Could come with a glide pad

These fancy White and Pearl welding gloves by Tilman are dependable, supple, and last for quite a long time.


Allow us to take a few moments to address some of the MIG welding gloves FAQs.

What’s the difference between MIG, TIG, and stick welding gloves?

Generally speaking, MIG welding gloves can be used for stick welding and vice versa. MIG and stick welding produces a super-hot arc at high amps which require extra protection to keep the arc from singeing your fingers, wrist, and forearms. TIG welding uses lower amps and therefore produces less heat. However, the Caiman White Goatskin—our budget-friendly pick—is designed for MIG, TIG, and stick. It’s arguably the most versatile pair of gloves you can get today.

How do I choose the right size?

Most manufacturers prepare a size chart that you can consult when choosing glove sizes. There’s nothing you can do to extend the length or cuff of the gloves, but you have to select the appropriate width. To do this, open your hand, measure the circumference of your hand starting from the base of your knuckles. Finally, choose the size that fits best according to the provided size chart.

Which exterior material is best?

Kidskin and pigskin are great choices as they protect against heat while providing the suppleness to improve dexterity. Cowhide is the most widely used option due to its incredible heat resistance, longevity, low-maintenance, and availability. There are also specialty leathers used in producing welding gloves, such as elkskin and goatskin which are somewhat in the middle-ground in terms of comfort, heat resistance, and flexibility.

How long do MIG welding gloves last?

On average, you should get roughly six months of frequent use out of a pair of high-quality MIG welding gloves, though you can extend by several months by storing it in a dry place. Before welding, check the stitching on the gloves for any frays, and make sure that there aren’t any holes in the exterior. If either of these things occur, it might be time to toss them out and invest in a fresh pair of MIG welding gloves.


In this guide, we’ve shown you what we think is the overall best MIG welding gloves out of a sea of over 35 models—the RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves.

We’ve also included several alternatives if you’re looking for other types of exterior leathers, dexterous levels, and even a glide pad.

If you think we made a mistake in this guide, please let us know by leaving a comment.

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