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Starting back in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Arthur Mall opened a small business manufacturing power tools.

In 1921, he began creating what was very much appreciated as the most dependable gasoline and electrically powered drills and saws, small hand power tools.

Once word started to spread and attracted customers from out of state, he expanded his company, and in 1954 he released the first Remington chainsaw.

This was known for its durability and capabilities to handle the harshest conditions demanded of loggers.

This was the start of Remington’s expansion into innovative tool designs that were built to last.

By the time the ’90s came around, they were well-known and had branched out into electric chainsaws and pole saws.

Their line of equipment continues to expand, with a considerable focus on reliability in their tools.

Business Verticals and Geographical Reach

Nowadays, the company has expanded to include a variety of outdoor tools and power tools for all sorts of construction and outdoor grooming.

These include lawn mowers, chainsaws, pole saws, blowers, cultivators, and – but not lastly – hedge trimmers.

Being a part of the MTD Products Inc. joint venture, they share a headquarters in Valley City, Ohio. This also means they enjoy the international spread of their products being sold worldwide.

This also means their production lines exist across the world, particularly in China, Europe, Mexico, and the US.

Each line creates a variety of parts that all get assembled and shipped out to retailers. So any of your Remington parts can contain components from any or all of these locations.

Remington Lawn Mower Product Line

Types of Remington Lawn Mowers

There are a total of nine different products in their lawn mower line, each with unique characteristics.

These range from simple non-motorized push mowers that spin with the wheels and can be challenging to use without some elbow grease, to the standard motorized lawn mowers with which we are all familiar.

To quickly list them off, here are the nine lawn mowers currently available on their webpage:

  • RM4060 40V Lawn Mower
  • RM3000
  • RM3100
  • RM110 Trail Blazer
  • RM130 Trail Blazer
  • RM210 Pathfinder
  • RM310 Explorer
  • RM410 Pioneer
  • RM1159

With this variety comes a rather broad price range.

The focus here is obviously to give reliability at affordable prices while also providing fancier and better options at a higher price, which is a pretty good business principle.

It ensures that you will always have had at least one Remington in your lifetime, as these are quite affordable.

The RM3000 and RM3100 are reel/push lawn mowers and are the cheapest to purchase from their site.

Key Differentiation Features

Right from the beginning, back in 1921, Remington has been about making dependable, durable, and reliable products.

They’ve always set themselves apart for their “quality over quantity” mentality, which is most evident on their products page on their website.

You can see that they do not have a lot of products comparatively, but they’re all very high quality and are trusted by many users of Remington products.

The way they market their products isn’t groundbreaking, as they take the approach of an old friend recommending you a solid piece of equipment.

However, the way they complete this is excellent as it lends well to the overall feel of how they want their products to perform and be used.

As stated before, the prices are reasonable for the quality you receive, with a price range from $109.00 to $379.00.

This means you can get a lawn mower at as modest a price as you want, or as expensive as you want. You will always be assured of quality.

The tools themselves all last a long time without needing too many repairs and the warranties last around two years on average.

Remington is the company with which you can get some good deals.

Who Should Buy Lawn Mowers by Remington

Anyone looking to do yard work or has a lawn that needs cutting and trimming.

The range of lawn mowers goes from simple to complex, so the target audience is wide enough to include people who need something simple to do their chores, to hobbyists needing equipment.


Remington was founded on principles of affordable reliability, and they have managed to keep this mindset right up to today.

Their lawn mowers are dependable and perform excellently, rarely suffering significant damage, and won’t disappoint.

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