Best Ryobi Lawn Mower Reviews

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Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd was established in 1943 in Japan. The sales started one year later, in 1944.

The business was affiliated on the Tokyo Stock Exchange for producing offset printing presses.

The firm began manufacturing power tools, such as lawn mowers, in 1968, while in 1973, it changed its name into Ryobi, Ltd.

In the US, Ryobi started in Shelbyville, Indiana, which also represents the only location for the company across the United States.

In 2014, the company decided to release a commercial ad in the Bundesliga, via the Hertha Berlin soccer team.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

You will probably know about Ryobi for their lawn mowers, power tools, and different gardening devices.

If you reside in the United States or Australia, you will most likely know what we’re talking about, but they also have international reach.

In most of their markets, if not all, Ryobi offers four lawn mowers — two are gas-powered machines, while the other two are electric devices.

The petrol-based machines are the most popular among the Ryobi products.

The lawn mowers from Ryobi, even though they won’t accelerate from zero to one hundred within six seconds (like a Subaru car), are speedy and dependable, and they are essential assets for many people around the world.

Ryobi Product Line

At the time of this writing, Ryobi is offering drills, plumbing tools, woodworking devices, leaves blowers, vacuum, and so on.

The company practically has everything that an individual needs, including lawn mowers.

Types of Products Available

Those machines range from push lawn mowers to ride-on models.

They come with either gas-powered motors or battery-powered engines, and range in price between $200 and about $3,000, depending on the power, features, and more. Accessories are also available on the site.

If you are a friend of the environment (and who wouldn’t be), then the Ryobi lawn mowers with an electric motor are ideal.

The machine comes with a powerful 36V engine and a robust brushing feature that allows users to take care of their lawn quickly and beautifully.

Equipped with a 5-aH accumulator based on the Li-Ion tech, the device comes with an autonomy of 55 minutes, at least.

Depending on your lawn size, you can work it out within an hour. Otherwise, the electric lawn mowers from Ryobi aren’t helpful.

Also, the price might be higher than expected — such a machine would force you to pay around $500 per unit, including the accessories.

If you’re into the smell of gas, petrol-based lawn mowers from Ryobi might be perfect for you.

Ryobi has a strong partnership with Subaru that allows them to produce higher-end products, compared to many other competitors.

This is because Subaru comes up with some powerful motors. The models sporting Subaru-based engines are powerful and robust, and they are gas-powered, of course.

Even more, the models from Ryobi come with different features and functions. You should select the preferred machinery and go with it; it is quite difficult not to love all of their products.

Key Differentiation Factors

Targeting Homeowners

All the lawn mowers from Ryobi are equivalent to the high-end and costly models in the industry.

However, you cannot opt for one of Ryobi’s products if you are a commercial operator. These machines are ideal for homeowners, but not so much of the perfect deal for business owners.

This is because they might lack the torque needed for covering very large areas.

Performance And Durability

The company worked with Subaru, the renowned motor company that is behind Subaru Leone and Ibiza, two cars that are really popular around Europe.

With Subaru in the background, Ryobi managed to come up with some powerful and durable motors for its lawn mowers.

That respective partnership allowed the company to bring some excellent pieces of equipment, including mowers, gardening tools, and so on.

Who Should Buy Ryobi Lawn Mowers?

Ryobi is famous for selling durable tools.

That list also includes lawn mowers. Mostly, homeowners can buy a mower from the company.

Tools and construction machines from Ryobi are great, and they are suitable for any need due to strong performance and versatility.


Ryobi comes with lawn mowers, drilling tools, and more construction devices.

The machinery produced by Ryobi is excellent; they are durable and do their job without a challenge. Ryobi’s tools are an all-time favorite for many users.

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