Best Scotts Lawn Mower Reviews

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Produced by John Deere, Scott Mowers are made with the highest quality industry standards.

The company brings mowers that are made with care and attention to detail to ensure durability and reliability.

The company itself is over 100 years old but didn’t start as a mower company. In 1868 Orlando M. Scott opened up a seed company.

For the first few decades, it was a small seed company that mailed farmers and growers seeds through the mail.

It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that they began delivering grass seed to homeowners. This opened up new doors, and in 1914 the company incorporated.

Through the years through acquisitions and mergers, the company has expanded its service to deliver way more than just seeds.

Business Verticals & Geographic Reach

Scott is well known for its lawn care products starting, of course, with seeds as well as fertilizers and aerators. But it also produces other lawn care goods and accessories.

It builds lawn mowers, as that is what we are talking about in this review.

But it also manufactures power tools, gloves, hoses, landscape fabric, sprinkler tools, sprayers on top of all that. It is a conglomerate of companies such as Miracle-Gro, Ortho, and many more.

Scotts Lawn Mower Product Line

Types of Scotts Lawn Mowers Available

Scotts produces high quality and durable push reel mowers for the most part. In partnership with John Deere, though, they also offer a few riding mowers under the Scotts name.

These mowers are all created with high-quality material, and the company strives to deliver quality, performance, and reliability.

There are, as we have said, a few different products that fall under Scott’s mower category.

Reel Mowers

Reel mowers from this decades-old company come in either a 16” or 10” variation, and each of these is fitted with 10” wheels.

They also come in the signature green color and are easy to adjust to different heights. Typically they come with 9 different settings. They each weigh around 33 lbs.

Riding Mowers

The Scott’s series from John Deere is crafted with anywhere from a 16HP engine to a 25HP one.

They also are created with cutting decks that measure from 42” to 54”. As for the transmission, you can get an automatic or a standard with 5 speeds.

These mowers are designed to discharge cutting to the side, or you can use them to mulch as well. They were designed in a bright red and unfortunately stopped production in 2002.

However, there are still some models out there, and replacement parts are still available. These riding lawn mowers are reliable and durable, just like the rest of the Scotts line of mowers.

Scotts mowers use heat-treated blades that help with the sharpness and precision of cut.

They come with the standard two-year Scotts warranty.

Who Should Buy Scotts Lawn Mowers?

These lawn mowers are all created with passion and precision. Depending on the mode, each can benefit a different type of lawn enthusiast.

For the reel mowers, those that are worried about their carbon footprint and have a small to medium well-kept lawn are the primary customer.

For the ride-on mowers, the individual working on a larger plot of land that maybe needs something with a little power may feel that this option is the right one for them.

Though they have not been manufactured for over a decade, they are still able to be found, and many of them still work very well.


Either way you go – reel or riding – you will be getting a durable, well-made mower for all your lawn care needs.

From quality material to amazing design, the current line of products is carrying on the legacy started so many years ago.

After all, this company has been looking out for your lawns for over a century, and they don’t seem to be planning to stop.

Starting in 1868 with seed for farmers and expanding gradually through the decades, this company seems to be here to stay.

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