Best Stick Welder for Farm Use – Comparison & Reviews [2021]

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Best Stick Welder for Farm Use: Forney Easy Weld 298

Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100ST, 120-Volt, 90-Amp,Green

The machine that stands out the most is the Forney Weld 298. This is a TIG welder that doubles as a stick for outdoor use, and it works on the most delicate materials around the farm.

Here’s a quick look at the Forney 298’s key specifications—

  • 5/16-inch Welding Capacity
  • 120V Input Power
  • 30% Duty Cycle @ 80A
  • Portable TIG+Stick Welder

The Forney 298 is an incredibly powerful TIG and stick welding combo machine housed in a portable, lightweight shell.

Long handles allow users to take the 298 around their farm without much issue, and it even works at welding out of position, which is something many of you will need from your welder.

This is a great at-home or around-the-farm TIG welder since it can join ferrous metals up to 5/16 of an inch.

The stick holder can use rods up to 1/8 of an inch that allows deep penetration on rusted or painted workpieces.

Gabby from Forney talks about the 298 and demonstrates how easy it is to operate:



  • Portable, rugged design
  • Plugs into standard 120V outlet
  • Decent duty cycle and efficiency
  • Deep-penetrating power


  • Could have high power output

The Forney 298 takes the cake when it comes to portability and work efficiency, making it the best stick welder for farm use.

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Farm upkeep is one of the most challenging jobs ever. It doesn’t take much for things to fall apart, what with animals, heavy machinery, and even more animals running around freely.

With a good stick welder, you can ensure that your farm is in tip-top shape with minimal effort.

In today’s guide, we’ll show you what we think is the best stick welder for farm use.

After testing around 20 models, we’re certain you’ll find the most appropriate welder for your farm here.

Top Stick Welders for Farm Use Compared

Here’s a comparison between Top Stick Welders for Farm Use:

Product Image
Product Name
Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100ST, 120-Volt, 90-Amp,Green
Best Stick Welder for Farm Use – Forney Easy Weld 298
  • Welding Thickness Capacity: 5/16 in.
  • Input Power: 120V
  • Duty Cycle: 30% @ 80A
  • USP: Portable TIG+Stick Welder

Miller Multimatic 215 Welder, Multiprocess Welder for 120/240-Volt Power SourcesBest Premium - Miller Multimatic 215
  • Welding Thickness Capacity: 3/8 in.
  • Input Power: 110V/240V
  • Duty Cycle: 60% @ 150A
  • USP: Auto-Set Elite

Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160iBest Budget - Hobart Stickmate 160i
  • Welding Thickness Capacity: 5/32 in.
  • Input Power: 120V/240V
  • Duty Cycle: 30% @ 160A
  • USP: Hot Start Technology

SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp MIG MAG ARC MMA Stick DC Welder 110/220V Dual Voltage IGBT Inverter 200A Aluminum Welding Soldering Machine Gas Shielded/Gasless Flux Cored Wire Solid Core Wire Welding EquipmentSUNGOLDPOWER MIG 200
  • Welding Thickness Capacity: 1/4 in.
  • Input Power: 110V/220V
  • Duty Cycle: 60% @ 200A
  • USP: MIG + Flux Cored

LINCOLN ELECTRIC K1170 AC225, 60Hz Arc WelderLincoln ARC-225
  • Welding Thickness Capacity: 3/16 in.
  • Input Power: 230V
  • Duty Cycle: 20% @ 225A
  • USP: Single-Knob Controls

Everlast PowerPro 164Si 160Amp TIG Stick Pulse 40Amp Plasma Cutter 110v/220v Multi Process WelderEverlast PowerPro 164
  • Welding Thickness Capacity: 3/16 in.
  • Input Power: 110V/220V
  • Duty Cycle: 60% @ 160A
  • USP: 40A Plasma Cutter

Reviews of the Top Stick Welders for Farm Use

Best Premium - Miller Multimatic 215

best overall rating Miller Multimatic 215 Welder, Multiprocess Welder for 120/240-Volt Power Sources

Key Specifications

  • 3/8-inch Welding Capacity
  • 110V/240V Input Power
  • 60% Duty Cycle @ 150A
  • MIG, TIG, and Stick Welder

There’s no other way to put it; The Miller Multimatic 215 is a fantastic 3-in-1 welding machine.

Flipping the panel open will give you access to a super-accurate cheat sheet that shows how to set the machine up for stick, TIG, and MIG welding through every type of metal (aluminum included, spool gun sold separately).

The digital control board shows the exact parameters for wire speed and amperage output, but there are also preprogrammed settings for the most widely used configurations.

At its peak power output, this machine can weld 3/8-inch mild steel plates in a jiffy.

Learn how to set the Multimatic 215 up for stick welding by watching this short video:



  • Excellent 3-in-1 welding action
  • Quick configuration
  • Handy, accurate cheat sheet
  • Fantastic duty cycle


  • Could come with TIG welding kit

For the heaviest-duty welding jobs around the farm, the Millermatic 215 offers all of the welding versatility and performance you need.

Best Budget - Hobart Stickmate 160i

best overall rating Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160i

Key Specifications

  • 5/32-inch Welding Capacity
  • 120V/240V Input Power
  • 30% Duty Cycle @ 160A
  • Hot Start Technology

Our pick for the best budget-friendly stick welder for use around the farm is the infamous Hobart Stickmate 160i.

This model is one of the few stick-only welding machines, so you don’t need to spend extra money on TIG or MIG welding capabilities you may not need.

This durable, dependable machine has a max stick welding capacity of 5/32 of an inch by using 1/8-inch electrode rod consumables.

It works on either 120V or 240V power, giving it the heavy-duty welding performance that only high-voltage receptacles can provide.

Thanks to hot start technology, there’s less sticking of the rod on your workpiece, thereby producing less slag and a cleaner weld every time.

Watch this promotional video of the Stickmate 160i and see what it has to offer:



  • Deep penetration
  • Dual-voltage for versatile welding capacities
  • Less slag, less cleanup
  • Lightweight, durable, reliable


  • Duty cycle could be better

The Stickmate 160i is a fantastic stick-only welding machine that delivers deep penetrating power anywhere at any time.


best overall rating SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp MIG MAG ARC MMA Stick DC Welder 110/220V Dual Voltage IGBT Inverter 200A Aluminum Welding Soldering Machine Gas Shielded/Gasless Flux Cored Wire Solid Core Wire Welding Equipment

Key Specifications

  • ¼-inch Welding Capacity
  • 110V/220V Input Power
  • 60% Duty Cycle @ 200A
  • MIG + Flux-Cored Compatible

The SUNGOLDPOWER MIG 200 is, as its name clearly states, a MIG welder first. Its stick welding capabilities, however, are on par with some of the best machines out there.

At its max power output rating, the MIG 200 can stick-weld up to quarter-inch corroded, mild-steel plates without issues.

It also maintains a high 60% duty cycle at 200A, allowing users to weld more around their farms while taking fewer, shorter breaks between jobs.

With a spool gun, you can use this welder to join sheets of aluminum—up to 1/8 of an inch—with less slag, melt-off, and cleanup.

The three-dial control board is pretty straightforward; it lets you adjust amps, volts, and wire speed for perfect, uninterrupted MIG and flux-cored welding.


  • Can use gasless flux-cored wire
  • High 200A output on 220V power
  • Perfect stick welding performance
  • Easy to start, stable arc


  • Could be easier to transport

Not only does the SUNGOLDPOWER MIG 200 offer amazing performance, but it’s also one of the most budget-friendly 200A MIG welders on the market!

Lincoln ARC-225

best overall rating LINCOLN ELECTRIC K1170 AC225, 60Hz Arc Welder

Key Specifications

  • 3/16-inch Welding Capacity
  • 230V Input Power
  • 20% Duty Cycle @ 225A
  • Single-Knob Controls

The Lincoln ARC-225, similar to the Stickmate 160i, is a stick-only welding machine. It offers up to 225A power out and uses up to 1/8-inch rod consumables to join 3/16-inch mild steel sheets in a single pass.

This machine runs on a 230V receptacle with a 50A breaker, though you can go as low as 30A but with noticeable limitations and even shorter duty cycles.

This, unfortunately, means that plugging it into a portable generator is virtually out of the questions.

Its robust design will withstand bumps and bruises when taken out of your shop; just make sure you’re getting a long-enough extension cord with proper wire gauge size to maintain maximum dependability.


  • Great stick welder for smaller tasks
  • Simple single-dial controls
  • Rugged design
  • Deep penetration


  • Not portable generator friendly

This Lincoln-made stick welding machine is great at what it does, but with portability nearly out of the equation, you most likely need to take your workpieces to the ARC-225.

Everlast PowerPro 164

best overall rating Everlast PowerPro 164Si 160Amp TIG Stick Pulse 40Amp Plasma Cutter 110v/220v Multi Process Welder

Key Specifications

  • 3/16-inch Welding Capacity
  • 110V/220V Input Power
  • 60% Duty Cycle @ 160A
  • 40A Plasma Cutter

The Everlast PowerPro 164 isn’t the most powerful welding machine on the market, but its versatility is practically limitless.

This machine works as a TIG and stick welder for joining all sorts of materials together up to 3/16 of an inch.

The PowerPro 164 also supports both AC and DC welding, making it work great at joining thicker materials with DC stick and producing intricate welding beads on thinner materials with AC TIG.

When the need arises, you can cut metal pieces apart by switching this machine to plasma cutting mode. Using DC power, the 40A plasma cutting function can sever through 5/8-inch mild steel with minimal cleanup afterward.


  • Deep welding and plasma cutting penetration
  • Dual-voltage adds to versatility
  • Excellent duty cycle for enhanced productivity
  • Rugged and portable


  • TIG gun nozzle requires constant cleaning

When working around the farm, you’ll need to both cut and join metal workpieces together quite frequently. Having both functions in one machine makes life a whole lot easier.


Now it’s time to address some of the most FAQs about stick welders for farm use.

Should I get a stick/TIG or stick/MIG welding combo tool?

That’s entirely up to you, though we will tell you that MIG welding is a lot more common around farms due to its deeper penetration on usability on all sorts of metals (spool gun sold separately). However, TIG welding can come in handy on occasion, especially when joining thinner pieces where the weld bead can blend seamlessly with the base material. The number-one pick on our list a TIG/stick model.

Is stick stronger than TIG welding?

The consensus is that TIG welding, though used mainly on thinner materials, is stronger than stick welding. However, the benefits of stick welding including being able to weld outdoors without using a shielding gas, being able to join corroded or painted base materials without cleaning the joints beforehand, and using inexpensive consumable rods that are also easier to find.

Which brand makes the best stick welder?

Even though Forney made the number-one pick on our list, there’s not really one brand that dominates the stick welding work. As you can see from our list, different manufacturers put their own unique twists on their machines. Each machine has something different to offer, so the “best” brand is the one that covers your needs the most.

Can I stick weld aluminum?

Yes, you can, but it’s a lot harder than it is compared to TIG or MIG welding aluminum. The electrode rod can reach high temperatures, which may actually end up melting aluminum rather than joining them with a straight, seamless bead. If you have a lot of aluminum welding to do around the farm, we highly recommend getting a MIG and stick combo tool with an aluminum spool gun (typically sold separately).


In this guide, we’ve explained and why we think the Forney 298 is the number-one best stick welder for farm use.

However, if you want more oomph in your machine, such as the ability to plasma cut or MIG weld non-ferrous materials, you can take a look at the alternatives we’ve come up with.

After researching over 20 models, we’re certain you’ll find the best stick welder for your farm on our list.

We’ll let you take over by leaving your thoughts and feedback in the comment section.

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