Best Swardman Reel Mower Brand Reviews

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Swardman is a Czech Republic-based manufacturer founded in 2013.

The company’s primary focus is on gardening equipment for homeowners, including lawn mowers.

The company is happy to announce that their quality control is at the highest standards in the world.

That makes it one of the best manufacturers of lawn mowers in the world.

People love Swardman products because they are robust, durable, and powerful.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

Swardman is based out of Prague, in the Czech Republic, an EU country known for other companies, including Skoda, a popular car manufacturer in Europe.

But the company in question decided to come up with reel lawn mowers and compete with the Swedish-based Husqvarna, a renowned producer of gardening equipment and more.

Although it is based in the Czech Republic, the company sells its products in the United States, some European Union countries, and even Australia.

Swardman designed their lawn mowers with a cartridge system with a 4-in-1 feature.

The users can easily remove the cutting head and put a brush, verticutter, or a scarifier in place. If you sum up the options, it will result in four possibilities designed for one single machine.

With the perfectly-designed wheels, the Swardman lawn mowers eliminate lawn scalping and other issues that might appear when using other companies’ products.

Swardman Product Line

The best part at Swardman is that users can customize their lawn mowers.

Accordingly, they can ask for leather-covered handlebars, one of the 200 available colors, LED lights, cowling made of carbon fiber, and much more.

First, we have the Swardman Edwin 2.0 45-reel mower that sports a powerful 4-stroke engine made by Kawasaki, the Japanese company renowned for its motorcycles.

With a cutting head of 18 inches, Edwin 2.0 45 is the perfect lawn mower for spaces up to 720 square yards.

This model is straightforward to operate and comes with a 5-blade reel. It is also perfectly designed and looks great in the anthracite color.

The superior model is the Edwin 2.0 55. It equips a 22-inch cutting width and a considerable grass collector. This one is useful for a large lawn, up to about 2,400 square yards.

But Swardman Electra is the newest model introduced by the company. As the name suggests, a battery-powered machine that works with a couple of motors generates up to 70 decibels.

With five control keys, adjustable speed, and a reverse feature, the Electra model is gorgeous.

Key Differentiation Factors

Precise engine

Both the gas-powered and the battery-powered models made by Swardman work with the most powerful motors available in the world.

Edwin 2.0, for instance, functions with a powerful Kawasaki motor of 1.9 kW output. With a low CO2 emission, the model is also environmentally friendly.

Electra sports a couple of engines with a 200 W output. It is even more friendly with the environment, but it’s also powerful.

All-metal design

Swardman promised that all its models will use the minimum amount of plastic. All that for durability! In short, all the products of the manufacturer come with an all-metal design.

That’s excellent for a longer resistance and long-time usage of the machinery.

Besides, customers can choose their preferred color from a palette that sums up to more than 200 color schemes.

Easy upkeep

With the Swardman lawn mowers, you will forget about those tricky cleaning processes that you need to do after each grass-cutting session.

You can simply use a leaf blower or a brush to get rid of those grass clippings that remain on the machine’s blades.

Exchangeable cartridges

Remember that almost all the Swardman models are 4-in-1.

That means you can quickly change the cartridges from a cutter to a sand brush, verticutter, and scarifier within a couple of minutes. That’s an excellent feature that other lawn mowers do not possess.

Who Should Buy Swardman Lawn Mowers?

From homeowners to professionals, any person who needs to come up with a clean lawn must buy Swardman lawn mowers. There are models for everybody!


With a variety of powerful models, the Swardman lawn mowers are dedicated to both private and commercial use.

The models are silent and environment-friendly, even though they come with either Kawasaki-powered motors or electrical ones. In conclusion, these lawn mowers are great.

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