Best Toro Brand Lawn Mower Reviews

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Toro is a company based in the United States, and it focuses on gardening tools (including lawn mowers and snow blowers).

The business was established in 1914, as the successor of the Wheel Horse firm.

At the moment of this article, Richard Olson is the CEO of the company, backed up by Michael J. Hoffman, as the Chairman of the Board.

At first, the so-called “Toro Motor Company” designed tractor engines for “The Bull Tractor Company.” With the acquisition of the Whirlwind Corporation, Toro emerged in the industry of lawn mowers.

In the 1970s, the Chairman and President of the time decided to turn Toro into a company dedicated to gardening tools, including lawn mowers, leaf and snow blowers.

That brings us to nowadays when Toro is a business that specializes its focus on gardening machinery.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

You may be residing in a suburban area, in the city, on a farm, or even somewhere in the desert. That’s nothing to Toro.

The company will most likely have a product to attract you. From lawn mowers to snowblowers, Toro has everything. Also, you may be an Australian.

No problem, because the firm has been available to Australia for about 90 years.

MCG, Suncorp Stadium, and Adelaide Oval are just some quick examples of the arenas mowed with the Toro lawn mowers.

Also, Toro manufactures products dedicated to both commercial or professional use and domestic usage.

Toro Product Line

These days, Toro manufactures push gas-powered and battery-powered lawn mowers. Besides, some ride-on mowers are also available in the firm’s portfolio. Push mowers cost from $900 up, while ride-on models are, evidently, costly.

The Personal Pace Recycler line from Toro is a 22-inch deck cutter.

It sports a 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine, totaling to 7.25 ft-lbs of torque. It’s ideal for small- and medium-sized fields.

Also, the 4×4 propelling system ensures that users won’t put up much effort to clip the grass. The considerable deck helps reduce the number of passes.

Toro’s ReadyStart, as the name suggests, is one of the so-called guarantee-to-start lawn mowers. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton EXi 163cc motor, the machine is guaranteed to start within two pulls.

The WD model comes with the trade-marked Personal Pace from Toro. This function brings you three operating opportunities. You can either opt for fully-automatic, manual, or traction-assist handles.

The fully-automatic option, however, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. You must get used to it before you actually control the device.

Key Differentiation Factors

Suitable for Any Budget

The Personal Pace models from Toro are also the cheapest ones. They start from $900 up, but the four models available on the market will most likely cover you for a lifetime.

However, note that for electric versions of the products, you will have to pay $50 more.

Here are some of the functions of these basic models:

  1. Three of the products sport a 159cc air-cooled engine, with a torque of 7.4 ft-lb.
  2. All the models bring cutting widths ranging from 48cm to 52cm.
  3. The 4×4 drive system comes with a 163cc Briggs & Stratton motor.

Ideal For Homeowners and Professionals

Some of the Toro lawn mowers come with a grass bag for the clippings, but others sport recyclers. The all-wheel-drive system might sound ideal for homeowners with hilly spaces to mow.

However, the feature is also beneficial for professional users. Toro promotes its basic models as excellent for people who own a field of up to 0.5 acres.

Although they might be perfect for small suburban lawns, they are not quite effective for broader fields.

The company comes with a solution for vaster fields — Toro Timemaster.

This model is designed for larger spaces, and it comes with some specific features, but without the gimmicks of the other products. It costs $1,600 and, in case you prefer an electric start, prepare to pay an extra of $200.

The Timemaster models come with a huge 76-cm cutting width and a 190-cc Briggs & Stratton motor. They are powerful machines, mostly dedicated to commercial use or large properties.

Who Should Buy the Toro Lawn Mowers

The Toro lawn mowers are premium products in the industry.

Thus, they might seem costly in comparison with other similar manufactures. Toro comes up with a wide array of mowers for every person out there, be it a homeowner or a company owner.

In accordance, Toro sells products for anybody — private or commercial users.


In short, Toro is an established company with a lot of experience in the field of engine and lawn mower production.

The Toro lawn mowers are great products, and they are dedicated to all needs out there, including homeowners and business owners or government employees.

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