Best Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Reviews

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Troy-Bilt builds and supplies the highest quality products for garden and yard care.

It was founded in 1937, and it was among the first companies in the world to introduce the garden mower in 1949.

It is also known for launching the Think First campaign in 2005, as well as for partnering with Keep America Beautiful in 1999.

Troy-Bilt was the first company in America to market a garden rototiller.

This was in the early 1930s, and since then, the brand has developed lawn mowers, log splitters, rope haircuts, and many other garden and yard tools.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

Troy-Bilt offers a wide range of products that help with gardening, lawn care, and snow removal.

When we talk about self-propelled Troy-Bilt mowers, you need to know that they are compatible with any shape or size of the site, thanks to the innovative cutting system called TriAction.

When we say any site, we are even referring to sloping planes, hills, or even obstacles.

This concentrated power is effective exactly where it is needed.

The engine design has maximum torque for some of the Troy-Bilt products, whether we are talking about leaf blowers, mowers, or string trimmers.

Plus, the variety of products for outdoor work does not stop there. The Troy-Bilt company also offers garden cutters, chipper shredders, three-stage snow throwers, and garden cultivators.

In addition to working hard to have happy customers, Troy-Bilt strives to protect Earth’s resources.

It has collaborated for many years with “Keep America Beautiful” and has helped over 32,000 communities across the United States through facilitated opportunities.

The company works on greening offices and factories where the company operates.

As for the mowers provided, Troy-Bilt uses SHIFT-on-the-GO technology, and the mowers come with many transmission options.

Troy-Bilt created a core product line that comes with an innovative design and has the role of replacing heavy coils of motors used in the past with a new generation of printed circuit boards. These are made to work with magnetic rotors.

Lawn Mowers Product Line

Troy-Bilt offers a wide variety of lawn mowers in their product line.

Types of Lawn Mowers Available

Its riding mowers start at only $999 and are suitable for larger yards. These lawn and garden tractors feature high-back seats for enhanced comfort and cast-iron front axles that boost performance.

Another type is the walk-behind mower that also comes with affordable prices and quality designs. This product line is suitable for any lawn up to a maximum of a half-acre in size.

These mowers come with great features, such as the TriAction system.

Key Differentiation Factors


An interesting feature of Troy-Bilt products is the very high durability and they are recognized for their reliability. Some of the products, if properly cared for, look like new even after a few years of use.

Best Value for the Money

When a product is advertised as the best in its category from several sources, it is at least worth taking a look at out of curiosity. Specifically, we’re talking about the Mustang 42 XP.

Its features are truly amazing (cutting the grass very evenly, easy to push and handle), and when you hear that it is also reasonably priced, this should definitely make it one of the favorites on your list.

There are many interesting features, but the most important of them is the fact that it has adjustable bars.

The accessories it comes with are easy to use, and it can reach a speed of 7km/h. Also, it has elements for your safety, and the cutting height can reach up to 10”.

Not to mention, it comes at a very good price. However, if you want to cut the grass in the opposite direction, you need to slow down.

Another example is the TB2246. The TB2246 is an interesting mix between a tractor and a mower and can be driven with pleasure. It is compact and easy to handle.

The most important strengths are that the price is affordable, you can wash the deck with the system provided, and it has a comfortable seat. Its compact shape and excellent price make it a great choice.

Who Should Buy Lawn Mowers from Troy-Bilt?

People in the United States value local producers, and this is one of the reasons why Troy-Bilt is a top choice for many homeowners.

For years, this company has provided quality products and helped increase the value and importance of products made in the US.

Troy-Bilt has positive reviews and presents a solid option in choosing quality equipment.


Troy-Bilt deserves its place on the charts and is an excellent solution for those who want a beautiful yard.

The company’s product lines offer long-lasting performance, a comfortable experience, and great value for money!

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