Black & Decker CM2040 Electric Mower Review

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In Brief: Black & Decker Cm2040 Electric Mower Review

Black & Decker CM2040 is quite affordable and delivers more than enough torque to cover small to medium lawns’ needs. However, I might not recommend it to owners with very large lawns due to its 40 V battery that is lighter than the usual gas-powered mower. On the bad side, the battery lasts only for 30 minutes of cutting, but this is offset by the fact that it comes with two batteries.

Black & Decker is a famous company that offers kitchen and home appliances, lawn and garden tools, electric, cleaning, and lighting products, and such. They have worldwide coverage and offer some great products across all areas.

The CM2040 ticks all the boxes, so I consider it worthy of consideration over many other gas-powered models. It is easy to maneuver, and packs in abundant features that makes it perform flawlessly.

Key Specifications Of Black & Decker Cm2040 20 Cordless Electric Mower

BLACK+DECKER CM2040 40V Lithium 3-in-1 Cordless Mower, 20'

The CM2040 has a beautiful orange housing with a black cutting deck of 20 inches. It has a sharp look, weighing 43.5 pounds. This makes it approximately 50 pounds lighter than almost any other gas-powered lawn mower.

What I like best about this mower is the variable speed electric motor. It uses AutoSense technology that automatically changes speeds according to the thickness of the grass.

The lithium battery of 40 V has 2.5Ah, with a weight of 1.6 lbs can also be used with any other Black & Decker tools.

Another great feature I like is the button on the top of the battery: once you press it, it shows the battery percentage left. The package also includes a charger, a second battery, and 2 years warranty.

If you want to see a short demonstration of the mower, you can check out this video:

Check out the key specifications of CM2040 in the table below – >
Charge Time at 60%
2 hrs
Cutting Heights
1 1/2- 4 in
Cutting Path
20 in
Height Adjustment
Ideal Property Size1/4
Mulching Capability
Power Source
47 lbs

Unique Features

As mentioned above, the CM2040 is no standard mower. It comes with a few unique features that make it a delight and puts it right on top of my list of preferred mowers. Here are some of them.

AutoSense Technology

This Black & Decker integrates AutoSense technology in its engine. This means that it automatically detects the thickness of the grass and accordingly adjusts the power to help you have a quick, smooth cut of the lawn.

As a result, if the grass is thicker, it uses more power. On the other hand, if the grass is more sparse, it reduces the power, resulting in an extended runtime and longer battery life.

40V MAX Lithium-Ion Batteries

Another great feature of this product is that, unlike other products, it comes with two batteries.

If you do not need the second battery, you can use it with other Black & Deckker products or simply store it in the special compartment on the mower.

This is great if your lawn is more extensive, and you need a quick backup to finish the job.


Power, Design, And Durability


You will find that the CM2040 has no problems handling any yard of small to medium sizes. For instance, you can easily use it on thick, taller grass with relative ease. The batteries can last for approximately 30 minutes each.

One of the main issues I found with this mower is the battery charge time that takes about 2 hours.


The aspect that I love about the design is the EDGEMAX. This means that you can take the mower right on the edge of flower beds or other landscape features, without the need for weed whacking.

This makes the experience very convenient, and it also makes a clear line between mulch areas and grass, delimiting driveways, or paths.

Thus, if your yard has lots of landscaping you need to work around, this design is right what you might need.


As I would expect from Black & Decker, this lawnmower has an extremely durable, sturdy construction. It is convenient, easy to use, and it surely outlives many other products in its category.

Cut Quality And Available Options

When it comes to small to medium lawns, this Black & Decker passes the test with flying colors. It is suitable for moderate grass of around 3 inches tall since this is approximately the wheelhouse threshold.

Unsurprisingly, it leaves behind a smoothly trimmed lawn without any imperfections, mostly because of the AutoSense technology that kicks in to provide the best lawn mowing quality possible.

Furthermore, another aspect I like about this product is the single lever that can be used with ease.

It allows you to adjust to six settings that cover a range between 1.5 inches and 4 inches. This means that you can adapt to tall grass or uneven terrain with ease.

When it comes to disposing of your clippings, you can choose to eject them through the discharge chute or use the bag’s capacity of 15 gallons to collect them.

Performance And Ease Of Use

The Black & Decker CM2040 comes with enough muscle to provide a perfectly manicured medium lawn.

It is quiet, but it only offers up to 30 minutes of cutting per battery. Then, you either need to replace the battery or end your grass-cutting day.

I might add that this performance is quite subpar, considering that other competing products get charged in approximately 45 minutes, while one battery used by CM2040 takes 2 hours.

However, Black & Decker tried to offset this drawback by offering 2 batteries in the package.

Another aspect I like about this Black & Decker is its user-friendliness. With a weight of only 43.5 pounds, even younger adults will find it easy to use and push it around conveniently.

Most of the other electric or gas-powered mowers come with much heavier builds.

If that’s not enough, the Black & Decker can also be easily stored. It features four quick-release levers that allow you to fold it quickly and store it conveniently until the next use.

All you need to do to get it started is to insert the charged battery in its dedicated compartment, press the button to start it while you are holding down the bailing level, and you can get to work.


Ease Of Maintenance, Repairs, And Warranty

There is not much worth noting about its maintenance. All you need to do is ensure that the batteries are full every time you want to mow the lawn and sharpen the blades a few times when needed.

These are usual maintenance duties for all lawnmowers.

Lastly, if you want to avoid repairs, make sure you do not overexert it against stubborn greenery.


Black & Decker offers 2 years of warranty for their products in case of any manufacturing issues. The products that meet the criteria will be swiftly repaired or replaced without incurring any further costs to the owner.

For more information, check out this page:

Price Of Black & Decker Cm2040 20 Cordless Electric Mower

The price of the Black & Decker is surely competitive, given its features discussed above. It also comes with some cost efficiency that your budget could surely benefit from.

Unless you have a huge lawn and extremely oversized, thick grass, this product might be worth every cent and even more.

As a bonus, you also get two batteries in the pack, which are also compatible with other Black & Decker products in their line.


Who Should Buy It?

If you want an electric, convenient lawn mower without the cord’s inconveniences, the Black & Deckker CM2040 might be exactly what you need. It is lightweight, easy to use, and extremely quiet.

This mower has enough torque to trim most small to medium-sized lawns, but you should avoid thick, coarse grass.

It comes with two batteries with 20 minutes’ worth of usage each, so you should be patient enough for them to charge for 2 hours each.

Why We Like It

Given this plethora of features, it is impossible not to like the highly advanced Black & Decker CM2040. It is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the convenience of an electric mower, without the corded mechanism’s hurdles.

It is easy to use, very lightweight compared to other products in its line and has a sturdy, durable conclusion. Thus, we highly recommend it if your lawn suits the recommended size and type of grass.


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