Black+Decker BEMW482ES Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Black+Decker BEMW482ES Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review

Black+Decker electric lawn mower offers all the basic features you require in a lawnmower. It is very easy to use and requires no maintenance. It provides enough height adjustments that you should have no trouble mowing your lawn. Since there is no fuel in the machine, you can store it inside your house. The handle folds down, making it easy to store anywhere.

Black+Decker was started back in 1910 by two entrepreneurs S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker, with just 1200 dollars.

The company built a powerhead that was used during NASA’s Apollo 15 mission. Today, the company is well-known for their electrical products.

The Black+Decker BEMW482ES is a corded lawnmower, that is designed to handle difficult mowing tasks.

It can work efficiently on uneven surfaces without any problem. It comes with various height adjustments so you can cut grass precisely.

Key Specifications Of Black+Decker BEMW482ES Corded Electric Lawn Mower

BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower, 12-Amp, 17-Inch, Corded (BEMW482ES)

Black+Decker BEMW482ES is an environmentally friendly machine that comes in the traditional Black & Decker orange and black color combination.

The machine features a 17-inch cutting path with a variety of height adjustments. You can adjust the cutting height with a lever.

The lawnmower comes with a collection bag. It is equipped with a winged blade that ensures better clipping collection. It weighs about 46 pounds, which allows anyone to use it without any trouble.

The unique handle of this lawnmower is something extraordinary and hard to find in other mowers.

The pivot control handle makes you feel like you are driving a plane. It gives you more control in tight spaces and increases your comfort level.

Here are key specs at one place – >

Cutting Width
Power Type
Cutting Style
Collection Bag
46 lbs.
Height Adjuster
Single Lever
2-Year Limited

Unique Features

Black+Decker has designed the lawnmower brilliantly. They didn’t add any advanced features to keep the price as low as possible. Yet, there are a few features we would like to discuss in detail to highlight their importance.

Pivot Control Handle

The handle of this lawnmower is really unique. You wouldn’t see a similar handle in other lawnmowers.

The BEMW482ES is extremely easy to drive because of its pivot control handle. It gives you a feeling like you are driving a fighter jet.

Talking about comfort, you will feel like you are putting zero effort into handling the mower. While using a conventional handle, you feel tired after completing the mowing process.

However, you would like to mow again and again with this handle. It looks like a toy, but it is really fun to drive it.

Single-Lever Height Adjuster

Most of the lawnmowers allow you to adjust the cutting height. It improves your comfort level while mowing a dry lawn. Furthermore, it gives you a choice to maintain the height of lawn grass.

There are some lawn mowers that come with complicated methods to change the heights. Thanks to Black+Decker for making this really easy by adding a single lever height adjuster. You can set the height within seconds.

There are six height adjustments ranging between one to three inches.


Power, Design, and Durability


The corded electric lawn mower has enough power to handle a difficult job easily. Its winged blade allows you to cut on uneven surfaces easily.

If you are mowing the lawn after returning from a vacation, you may need to cut three inches. Later, you can cut on the desired height. Regardless of the work, you wouldn’t be disappointed with power.


When it comes to the design of the BEMW482ES, it feels like a toy. The pivot control handle gives it a unique look. However, it doesn’t only make it look good but also increases work efficiency.

It is designed with 17 inches cutting path, which is a respectable width for an electric corded lawn mower.


Black+Decker is a well-known company for its product durability. They always ensure that their products stay in service for a good time.

The BEMW482ES is no exception, and you would be able to use it for years. There are no parts you would require to replace anytime soon.

Cut Quality and Available Options

Most of the people who prefer this machine are usually impressed by its pivot control candle. The grip on the handle is an exception, which is hard to find in other mowers.

It gives you easy to move the mower while enhancing the cut quality.

The winged blades cut the grass at a 30 percent higher rate as compared to other machines. While cutting the grass, you can smell the fresh-cut grass.

Thanks to the collection box, you don’t need to handle the debris after mowing the lawn. It is collected in the bag, and you can easily dump it away.

The machine offers precise cutting with little to no noise. Unlike gas mowers, it produces minimal noise during the mowing process.

It can easily cut the overgrown weeds. While using it on an uneven surface, you don’t have to push with your whole weight. A simple push with your hands will do the job.

Performance and Ease Of Use

Most of the lawnmowers take quite an effort to start them. You may need to push the lever again and again before it finally starts.

Thanks to Black+Decker that is not the case with this machine. You only need to push one button, and it will start immediately.

Once it is started, there is a single lever that allows you to adjust the cutting height, and you can choose as per your convenience.

An important thing you can’t neglect about the mower is that its wheels have an exceptional grip on the surface.

To move the machine to left or right, there are two buttons on the handle. You can push the button to move it in the desired direction.

It is a corded machine, and you may have trouble if you haven’t used one before. You may need to practice with it before working on the lawn.

It is better to start from the nearest point to the cord and then move in the far direction. While making a turn, you must be aware of the wire to avoid any tangling.

Many people don’t like corded machines as there is always a risk of mowing over the cord. Furthermore, it limits the area you can cover as you can only work after the cord is plugged in.


Ease Of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

The lawnmower is constructed with high-quality materials. Unlike gas or other fuel mowers, it requires no oiling to maintain the machine. All you have to do is to plug it in, and it will start working immediately.

The machine requires almost no repairs anytime soon. However, the cord length is limited, and you need to buy an extension to meet your demands. Once you buy the extension, you don’t have to spend on this machine again.

The blades are made up of stainless steel. The collection bag is made up of hard plastic and will not tear for a long period.

However, you need to be careful that you don’t mow over the cord. Otherwise, you don’t have to spend on the machine after buying it.


When it comes to Black+Decker products, you rarely have to claim its warranty.

All of their products are tested before sending them to the market. Just to give you peace of mind, the company offers you a two years limited warranty.

When you purchase the product, you need to register it on their official website. Once you register it, you can claim the warranty if you have any trouble with the product.

To register or to claim your product warranty, you need to visit this link:

Price Of Black+Decker BEMW482ES Corded Electric Lawn Mower

The corded electric lawn mower comes with a respectable price tag. When you compare the product with other machines, you may think that it offers fewer features. However, it is cost-effective and durable.


Who Should Buy It?

The BEMW482ES lawnmower is designed for everyone who has a small to medium lawn. The machine has enough power to handle a large lawn, but the cord length will be a problem.

If you are concerned about gas machines because they release harmful fumes, this is the ideal solution. It is environment friendly and does the job well.

Why We Like It

The most intriguing highlight of this machine is its pivot control handle. It makes the job really easy.

The lawnmower offers a variety of height adjustments with a single level. Furthermore, you only need to push one button to start the machine.

As we all know the negative aspects of fuel consumption, eco-friendly machines are creating a difference. They are a chance to improve our environment.


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