Bosch GHO12V-08N Cordless Planer Review

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In Brief: Bosch GHO12V-08N Planer Review

The Bosch 12V Max Planer (Bare Tool) GHO12V-08N provides simple, efficient cutting solutions. This benchtop planer comes in at just 3.3 pounds and includes features that allow users to operate it as a handheld machine. It runs on a 12V battery and includes a 2.2-inch bed size as well as lightweight, cordless operation.

The Bosch company began in 2003 and continues to provide high-quality residential products with customer needs in mind.

It features a power tool division but also creates a wide variety of other products for household use.

As part of the Bosch company’s lineup, the Bosch 12V Max Planer provides simple but effective cutting for customers of any skill level.

This small machine creates professional results without becoming too complicating or confusing for customers to enjoy working with.

Key Specifications of the Bosch 12V Max Planer

Bosch 12V Max Planer (Bare Tool) GHO12V-08N

The Bosch 12V Max Planer operates using a 12V battery. It provides benchtop planer capabilities in a size small enough to work as a hand planer if necessary.

This machine features a cutting depth of 0.04 inches.

Check out the Bosch 12V Max Planer in action here –


Read the long list of Bosch 12V Max Planer specs below:

Model No/Name
12V battery
Bed Size (in.)
Table Size (l x b)
Knife Adjustments
Cutting Depth (in.)
Dust Collection
Weight (lbs.)
1 year
Other FeaturesCordless operation
EC brushless motor
Long runtime
Carbide blades
Blade wrench
Shavings deflector and bag
Vacuum hose adapter


Unique Features

Bosch 12V Max Planer (Bare Tool) GHO12V-08N

This product includes an ergonomic design with a comfortable handle and a switchable shavings ejection design, both of which improve convenience and comfort while you work.

It also comes with reversible carbide blades for a longer-lasting design.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of this planer ensures you will not feel hand or arm fatigue nearly as quickly while operating it. It also includes an easy-grip handle that keeps the machine from slipping out of your grasp very easily.

Switchable Shavings Ejection

This machine allows you to change the shavings ejection location from the left side of the machine to the right side and back again.

This feature makes it easier for you to operate the machine as needed without shavings getting in the way.

Reversible Carbide Blades

This planer comes with reversible carbide blades that are designed to last up to 30% longer than other types of blades.

The carbide tips keep them from breaking or wearing as easily while the reversible design ensures you get maximum usage out of each one.


Power and Performance

Source: Bosch 

The Bosch 12 Max Planer provides exceptional power for a small, handheld device. With the help of a 12-volt battery, it tackles woodworking jobs with smooth cuts and professional results.

This machine packs a lot of power even though it remains in a lighter power class than others.

The machine also performs admirably. When compared to other, similar products, its results remain high on the list.

It can run for up to 33 feet of woodworking, making it an excellent long-running machine in the small-scale category.

Ease of Usage

The comfortable grip and ergonomic design of this machine make it easy to use. Additionally, since it comes in at just over three pounds, it remains easy to hold, handle, and operate for beginners and advanced users alike.

Additionally, this machine features constant speed circuitry that allows it to maintain its speed while cutting.

This creates smoother and more finished results while making it easier for you to operate the planer at the same time.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Bosch company web site provides a quick and easy parts lookup option online.

Customers can find most replacement parts and expendables required for this machine through the company web site but can also contact customer service for more assistance.

Customers should take this machine to a licensed repair technician to handle internal component repairs.

Customers should replace the battery pack on this machine as soon as it begins to run low and should always keep the ventilation ducts and switches clean.

To clean this machine or to replace its battery pack, make sure to turn it off and remove the battery before continuing. Never use tetrachloride or ammonia-based cleaning products on this machine or any of its components.

The Bosch company provides a one-year limited warranty on this machine. The warranty covers repair and replacement as needed for manufacturing errors but does not cover damage caused by user error or incorrect installation.

It also does not cover expendable parts.

For more warranty information, contact the Bosch company’s customer service line at 1-877-267-2499.

Price of the Bosch 12V Max Planer

Compared to other handheld planers, this machine comes in at an average price point. However, compared to other benchtop planers, it comes in at a much lower price because of its smaller size and reduced capabilities.

Even though this machine cannot do as much as some of the larger benchtop planers on the market, it provides plenty of cutting functionality for residential use.

Most residential customers feel it provides an exceptional value for its price.


Pros and Cons of the Bosch 12V Max Planer

Source: Bosch 


  • Cordless design for portability
  • Capable of finishing a door frame easily
  • Finishes nicely on a single pass in many cases
  • Dust collector works on either side


  • Base tool kit does not include battery or charger
  • Kickstand may get in the way for some customers


Who Should Buy the Bosch 12V Max Planer?

The Bosch 12V Max Planer works best for household use. This product does not offer enough power to tackle heavy-duty jobs and cannot run every day.

However, it still packs a punch and works beautifully in many residential applications.

Customers who need a low-cost, entry-level planer for DIY jobs and home repair tasks enjoy using this machine. Additionally, it provides a good solution for beginners who want to learn with something easy but reliable.

Our Recommendation

The Bosch 12V Max Planer offers quality cutting and woodworking solutions in a compact size.

This machine holds up well against bigger and more powerful competitors by providing good finishes and handling a variety of types of wood.

We recommend this machine for any household customer who does not perform a lot of woodworking but does enjoy projects now and then.

We also recommend it for users looking for a portable planer that works as well as any benchtop machine.



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