Bosch MRP23EVS Plunge Router Review

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In Brief: Bosch MRP23EVS Router Review

Bosch MRP23EVS is an electronic plunge base router with trigger-control system and afterlock depth adjustment feature. It has a 2.3HP power setup that delivers a variable speed between 10,000 to 25,000RPM. The 12.6lbs router is useful in various routing operations. It is suitable for DIY enthusiasts and woodwork professionals.

Bosch is a German company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of power tools, including routers. Their products are famous for their outstanding quality, performance, and durability.

Bosch MRP23EVS is one of the core products of this manufacturer. It is an electronic plunge base router that delivers outstanding output.

Key Specifications of Bosch MRP23EVS

BOSCH MRP23EVS 120-Volt 2.3 HP Electronic Plunge Base Router

Bosch MRP23EVS has a 2.3HP, 120V, 15amp motor with adjustable speed settings between 10,000 to 25,000RPM.

This model has a base diameter of 6-11/16” and a base opening of 3-5/16” for improved stability. It delivers a 3” plunge depth. It has a dual collet capacity of ½” and ¼” for flexibility and versatile applications.

Bosch MRP23EVS has a moderate weight of 12.6lbs with a dimension of 6.75” x 12.6” x 12”. It has a cord length of 10ft.

Here is a video showing Bosch MRP23EVS router in use :


Read the long list of Bosch MRP23EVS specs here :

Model NoMRP23EVS
Powered ByCorded
Speed (RPM)10,000-25,000
Power (HP)2.3
Base Dimension (inches)
Weight (lbs)12.6
Base Type
Plunge Depth (inches)3''
Collet Capacity (inches)1/2” & 1/4''
Unique FeaturesTrigger-control System
Always-on LED Lightning
Afterlock Depth Adjustment

Top Features to Look For

Bosch 120-Volt 2.3 HP Electronic Plunge Base Router MRP23EVS

Bosch MRP23EVS has unique features that make it standout among this category of routers.

Trigger-control System

This router model has a power switch in its plunge base handle that delivers great control during usage. It also, has a variable speed dial that allows easy speed adjustments for specific tasks.

Always-on LED lighting

The always-on LED lighting feature improves cut line visibility during operation. This feature also permits work and enhances visibility in bit areas.

Afterlock Depth Adjustment

Bosch MRP23EVS has an afterlock micro-fine bit-depth adjustment feature for precise and accurate bit-depth adjustment at any plunge setting.


Power and Performance

Bosch 120-Volt 2.3 HP Electronic Plunge Base Router MRP23EVS

Bosch MRP23EVS comes with an impressive power setup, motor, and in turn, a remarkable performance.

Bosch MRP23EVS corded router has a 120V AC rating,15amp, and 2.3HP power motor that delivers a variable speed of 10,000 to 25,000RPM.

This router can effectively cut through various types of materials, including hardwoods and composite materials with its variable speed dial feature.

The power setup and motor of this power tool allow soft start-up and reduce start-up torque while preparing for the operation. This model allows plunge depth up to 3” for operational efficiency.

The performance of this model is also enhanced with the inclusion of a constant response circuitry that maintains constant speed under load, and it offers overload protection.

Its large 6” base dimension and its 3-5/16” base opening enhance operational performance.

Ease of Usage

Bosch MRP23EVS has several features that make it easy to use. This model features a trigger power switch that is located on the handle to enhance easy control.

The router also includes an always-on LED light that enhances visibility in the bit area. There is also a two-stage clamp system that ensures fast tool-free conversion.

The router features contoured soft-grip handles that provide comfortable and maximum control of the router. It has a cord swivel that enables mobility with little or no disturbance.

It has precision-centering design that makes it easy to keep bit on outline. Its depth adjustment features enhance bit setting accuracy. It has an adjustable turret stop that allows easy accumulation depth setting.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential step to take in ensuring the constant delivery and extended usage of your router. Some of the maintenance procedures for this model include;

  • Inspect the router regularly.
  • Ensure you keep the router away from dust and clean it regularly.
  • Keep the electronic component of the router from water.
  • Store your router properly when not in use.


It is very easy to repair this Bosch router model because Bosch has made provisions for the repair of their registered power tools. You have to visit a Bosch authorized service center to enjoy this service benefits.


The warranty offers for Bosch MRP23EVS are :

  • A year service protection plan.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • A year limited warranty.

This warranty offer excludes products bought outside Canada, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and America.

It also excludes product with no registration details under Bosch and products with defect as a result of the user’s mismanagement.

Visit Bosch warranty or contact 1-877-Bosch 99 (1-877-267-2499) to get more warranty information. You can also register your router at

Price of Bosch MRP23EVS

Bosch MRP23EVS is a reliable plunge router with high performance and efficiency.

This router model is suitable for high budget buyers in need of an efficient plunge base router.

Buyers in search of low or average cost plunge base router won’t find this model favorable.

Also, some router models are available in combo kits at this price but Bosch MRP23EVS offers high quality for its cost.


Pros and cons of Bosch MRP23EVS


  • Easy to use and control.
  • LED light feature.
  • Precision-centering design.
  • Variable speed motor.
  • Two-stage quick clamp system


  • It is not easy to move the plunge mechanism.
  • The screw can lose due to vibration.
  • Absence of dust collection feature.


Who Should Buy Bosch MRP23EVS ?

Bosch MRP23EVS has features that make it suitable for different routing operations. The router is a good choice for a wide range of users especially those with high budgets.

The power tool is suitable for professional woodworkers and construction workers that need an impressive plunge base router with high plunge depth capacity.

It is also suitable for Jobsite contractors and technical workers with different scales of woodwork tasks.

DIY enthusiasts and homeowners can also go for this router model for their personal usage.

Our Recommendation

Bosch MRP23EVS is a highly recommendable plunge base router with impressive features.

The router delivers a high motor power making it suitable for intensive routing applications.

This model should be a viable option for you if you have a high budget for a plunge base router.



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