Commercial Snow Blower vs Residential Snow Blowers : Key Differences!

In Brief: Commercial snow blower vs Residential snow blowers

The key difference between commercial and residential-grade snow blowers is in the number of passes needed to clear snow. Commercial models are expected to do it in a single pass, whereas residential models, which come with tinier engines, may need repeated passes to achieve similar results. Essentially, commercial snow blowers are quicker and more dependable in the snowiest cities.

As you might expect, commercial snow blowers are beefier than their residential-grade counterparts.

This allows them to move tons more snow within the same timeframe as a homeowner snow blower.

However, before you decide which model is best for you and your family, we first need to consider the pros and cons of each snow blower type.

Commercial snow blowers are more powerful, come with a wide range of convenience-adding features, and are built to last.

Such features include LED headlamps, heated handlebars, and remote chute control. Some models even come with self-propelling systems and power steering to improve maneuverability on slippery surfaces.

The downside of commercial snow blowers is its cost.

Most of them are two-stage models that can cost double or even triple that of single-stage models.

However, there are also cheaper commercial-line single-stage snow blowers, but they don’t deliver the same level of performance or convenience as two-stagers.
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As for residential snow blowers, since productivity isn’t a factor, they come with tinier engines or motors to move smaller amounts of snow per pass.

Their intakes are smaller, which allow them to move and turn easily, even without high-tech features like power steering or reverse gear.

On the flip side, residential snow blowers are unreliable in cities where snowfall is measured in feet and not inches.

Since most residential-grade snow blowers are single-stage models, their augers aren’t designed to crush copious amounts of snow in a single pass.

Higher snow mounds can require multiple passes, and wet snow can even clog the chute.

Although there are exceptions, a general rule for choosing a residential or commercial snowblower is by looking at how many stages the machine offers.

Single-stage models are most likely made for residential purposes, whereas two- and three-stage snow blowers can be used by professional snow removal services.

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