Craftsman T135 Briggs & Stratton Gas Riding Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Lawn Mower Review

The Craftsman company is recognized for making high-end lawnmowers. Craftsman T135, precisely, comes already assembled and 99% ready to use. All that’s left for you is installing the steering wheel in place, tightening the bolts, and filling its 1.3-gallon tank, then get going.

Craftsman has spent years building a reputation for making quality power tools and equipment, and this includes tractor lawnmowers. To guarantee you of product durability, all their products come backed by a 2-year warranty.

T135’s engine is a powerful 18.5HP Briggs & Stratton motor with ‘Ready Start’ technology. This is to give it a reliable starting with the first turn of the key.

You don’t have to prime or engage any engine choke. With this engine, the Craftsman T135 handles large lawns and yards easily.

With a built-in deck-washing system, you can connect it to your home hose pipe to easily wash off grass and debris trapped on the internal parts and under the deck.

This way, you save time spent cleaning your machine manually. It also extends deck life.

Key Features of Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Lawn Mower

Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Tractor Lawn Mower features a 46” cutting deck that completes the mowing job in just a single pass.

This tractor lawnmower has an impressive 18” turning radius and a reverse mowing feature for easier navigation around tight spaces and sharp bends.

It is also possible to raise and lower the blades to the desired cutting height using a lift lever located on the left-hand side of the operator.

Front wheels measure 15” and the rear 20,” giving better traction and more ground clearance in uneven terrains and over bumps.

A CVT transmission controls the 18.5 horsepower engine enabling it to reach a top speed of 5mph on flat ground. Even at full speed, you can feel the comfort from the mid-back seat and an ergonomic spring suspension system even on rugged terrains.

Using a ready start technology, starting this machine is easy-peasy. The motor features an auto choke and priming function.

Key Specifications –

Cutting Width
46 Inches
Transmission Type
Automatic CVT
Power Type
Engine Power
Front Wheels Size (in.)
Rear Wheels Size(in.)
Cutting Style
Double Blade
510 9lbs
Cutting Height Options
Start Type
Key Ignition
Max Cutting Height
Fuel Tank
1.3 Gal
Turning Radius

Unique Features

The machine comes with several features that make it stand out from the rest of the mowers:


The Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Tractor Lawnmower comes with an automatic CVT pedal-controlled transmission that allows the mower to move up to 5mph. It as well allows reverse motion with which you can cut the grass too.

You will find how well this feature comes in handy if there are many obstacles in your landscape, such as trees and boulders. More time is saved that would have been used to turn your mower around for a change in direction.

Deck Wash System

It comes with an in-built deck wash port that allows easy washing of the interior components. If you have a home water outlet hose, you simply need to connect it to the deck wash port and wait until the interior and deck are clean.

With this one too, a lot of time for manually cleaning the machine is saved.

Ready Start Technology

This lawnmower is at number one with technology and innovation. Its engine comes with an efficient ready start technology that allows fast starting. Only flex the ignition key once, and the engine is up and running.

Its engine also doesn’t require choking or priming, as is with many gas-powered tractor lawnmowers.


Power, Design, and Durability

With an 18.5HP engine, this lawnmower is efficiently powered through any type of terrain with the rider on. Its pedal-controlled transmission is equally compelling.

The machine can cruise at a speed of 5mph on the most rugged terrains and still deliver awesome cuts.

Using this machine, the 1.3-gallon fuel tank was enough to keep me mowing through my large tract, measuring an acre and half without an additional refill.

Its 46-inch deck is made from stamped steel for extra durability and more precise cuts. The transmission is pedal controlled and is automatic, designed for smooth speed changes.

Operators will find comfort in the mid-back seat conveniently placed for easier access and control of its ergonomic steering wheel.

Its wheels are large-sized, with the rear being 5 inches higher. This ensures traction is superior, and you have more ground clearance.

Cut Quality and Available Options

The cutting deck for Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Tractor Lawnmower is steel made and reinforced for more durability.

Highly durable materials also mean that the twin-blades remain sharp for longer, relieving you of constant sharpening.

My Craftsman T135 Riding Lawn Mower didn’t come with the bagging option available, so they focused on perfecting the cut quality for better results.

I would not recommend this model if you are especially interested in mulching and bagging your clippings every time.

With an 18-inch turn radius, easily navigate through tight spaces and over most obstacles enabled by its remarkably high wheels. Its cutting deck is adjustable to 5-positions for versatility with different types and sizes of grass.

Performance and Ease of Use

Unlike other competitors in its class, whose mowers tend to bog down with the ‘Mow in Reverse’ feature, Craftsman T135 runs smoothly thanks to its powerful engine and transmission.

The Briggs & Stratton engine doesn’t require choking or priming every time you power it up. The machine has proven efficient for use even in harsh weather conditions such as winter and during storms.

It comes with a high-back seat to increase comfort while the operator is in the steering position.

The in-built suspension system significantly contributes to a luxurious ride every time, and the steel deck has five height adjustments for cutting versatility.

Let’s also not forget about the CVT transmission system whose control pedal is only a step away. It effectively controls the mower speed for better and faster cuts.


Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

The Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Tractor Lawnmower, just like all tractor lawnmowers, requires essential maintenance if it is to stay in great shape.

You need to replace the engine oil, at least after each season. For people living in areas without severe winter, the plan should be to change the engine oil at least twice a year.

You should add oil stabilizers if you are to store away your machine for long periods during the winter period.

All pulleys and levers need to be greased adequately after storage to ensure they are working in the right order. Check the blades to see if they are dulled and sharpen them before putting them to use again.

Like all Craftsman products, this lawnmower is backed by an impressive 2-year warranty. It covers all repairs and replacements needed while in the warranty period.

This warranty covers only accidental damages, and you can’t claim it if you are not the original owner of that product.

Website: Craftsman

Price of Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Lawn Mower

If you preserve a proper maintenance culture, your craftsman lawn mower will, in the long-term, definitely give returns for your investment.

I recommend spending some extra money on the bagging attachment will save you aeration costs brought about by thatch build-up by the grass.

This will be a win for you because you can mix your turf clippings in a compost pit and boost your garden with its manure.


Who Should Buy It

If we are looking at hilly yards, rugged yards, yards with harsh obstacles, and extensive landscapes, the Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Tractor Lawnmower is a perfect acquaintance.

Its fuel tank will last you long enough until you are done with your job.

It also comes with high wheels and an excellent suspension, both of which come in handy in uneven terrains and navigating obstacles.

The deck wash port is also worthy if you want to avoid the trouble of cleaning the mower yourself after every use.

Why We Like It

Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Tractor Lawnmower has a wide 46” cutting deck that gets the job done faster. It also comes with a deck wash port for easier cleaning of the lawnmower.

It can also accommodate an additional bagger for clippings. Seats are comfortable, and its Mow in Reverse prevents bogging when mowing on hills.


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