Cub Cadet SC500Z Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Cub Cadet SC500Z Lawn mower Review

This is the lawnmower to go to when you need a very reliable and strong machine to maintain the lush lawn at home. It is also very suitable for those people that spend lots of time in the garden and have lots of fancy turns and corners. It is well-designed and reliable and comes with many great features to make your lawnmowing work easy.

Cub Cadet started out in the early 1960s as a farming machine company, but they have grown with their customers into an ultra-modern manufacturer.

The Cub Cadet SC500Z Self-propelled lawnmower is one of the newest of their line of very reliable gardening care machines.

This walk-behind lawnmower comes with great features attached to it that will make your lawnmowing work easy and fun.

It comes with a strong engine and makes it suitable for different lawnmowing applications.

Key Specifications Cub Cadet SC500Z Lawnmower

CUB CADET SC500Z (21') 159cc Self-Propelled Lawn Mower w/Swivel Wheels

This lawnmower is equipped with a sturdy 159cc overhead valve engine that is strong enough to cut even the hardiest lawn easily. This engine is also strong enough to provide more than enough power to the self-propelled drive system.

You will get easy maneuverability with locked caster wheels at the front that will give you zero-turn while mowing the lawn.

The rear-wheel-drive system will do the lawnmower pushing for you, so you do not need to worry about the weight.

With an all-steel deck, you have a strong, sturdy, built lawnmower that comes with exceptional longevity and reliability.

You also have a variety of deck heights to choose from so you can adapt the lawnmower to the perfect cutting length of your lawn.

See this video for the great features that are included with this lawnmower:


Here are the key specifications of this lawn mower – >

Cutting Width
21 inch
Power Type
Engine Size (cc)
Front Wheels (in)
7 inch Ball bearings
Rear Wheels (in)
8 inch
Cutting Style
Rear-Bag, Side-Discharge, and Mulching
95 pounds
Height Adjuster
Three-point adjustment
Drive System
Rear-Wheel Drive
Washout Port
SmartJet High pressure
3 Years Limited Residential

Unique Features

This lawnmower from Comes with many great features included with the mower to make your lawnmowing much easier and quicker.

The MySpeed Drive Control System

With this feature included with the lawnmower, you have smooth engine engagement and great power at your disposal while mowing the lawn.

You also get an easy speed adjustment function of three different speed settings so the lawnmower can adapt to your walking speed.

This is great for older adults who are still mowing the lawn themselves and for smaller people.

Auto-Walk Rear-Wheel Drive System

This great feature goes hand in hand with drive control to make it easier for you to walk behind the lawnmower. You will not need to push this lawnmower ever; even when you encounter steep slopes, it will do the pushing for you.

Single-Lever Height Adjuster

You get a single lever adjustment to select the height of the cutting deck to get the desired cutting length. You will have to adjust the front wheels separately to get the desired cutting height for your lawn by changing the pins.


Power, Design, and Durability


With the strong engine supplied with this lawnmower, it is perfect for medium to heavy-duty lawnmowing applications.

You also have variable speed selections to improve the speed of your lawnmower for a quick pass over, or you can take it slow.

The engine is strong enough to support different cutting modes to discharge the clippings quickly and easily. This is great for when you want to use the clippings for composting and make it as small as possible.


The front wheels come with sealed ball bearings, including making the drive and maneuverability as smooth as possible. With the very ergonomic design of the handle, it can adapt to different lengths to fit all people’s sizes.

The handle grip is smooth and easy, so you do not tire too quickly while mowing the lawn. All the controls are located close at hand so you can quickly access it without overreaching.


This lawnmower comes with a strong and very sturdy construction that will allow it to provide long hours of great service.

The deck is made from high-quality steel to give the lawnmower a well-balanced weight to support all the components.

The deck is also powder-coated to make it more rust-resistant as well as weatherproof to last much longer. The wheels of this lawnmower are made from strong and durable materials for effortless guiding.

Cut Quality and Available Options

With this lawnmower from Cub Cadet, you will only need to do one pass for the desired length of your lawn.

You have the option to get the clippings mulched into a very fine cutting and side-discharged for natural fertilization of the lawn.

Or you can use the rear bag method to catch all the clippings for your easy composting sizes. With the rear-bag method, you will have an immaculate and neat looking lawn every time you mow the lawn.

The easy one-lever adjustment of the lawnmower provides you with many different cutting lengths that may vary from a very short to quite long.

These lengths may vary from 1.25 inches to a quite long 3.75 inches length of the lawn.

With this lawnmower, you can quickly get that matted finish for your lawn with all types of grass.

  • Side-discharge
  • Mulching with strong mulching blade included
  • Rear-bag

Performance and Ease Of Use

This lawnmower is very easy to use with all the great features that are included with this piece of garden care equipment. It comes fully assembled, and only minor adjustments need to be done to have it ready for use.

As mentioned before, the walk-behind no pushing feature makes it easy to mow everyone’s lawn.

It also comes with an easy to adjust handle with three different settings, so you do not need to bend while walking behind it.

All you need to do is to guide the lawnmower in a straight line to get the lawnmowing job done in no time.


Ease Of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

This lawnmower does not need anything more than your basic maintenance and cleaning before and after use. The SmartJet high-pressure cleaning port provides a great way to keep your lawnmower in top condition.

To replace the blades when it gets too blunt is quite an easy job, and you do not need to be very tech-savvy to do it. You also get great instructions from the easy to follow user manual that is included.


You get quite an extended warranty of up to 3 years, providing you only use this lawnmower for residential lawn mowing. This warranty is supplied by the approved reseller of this lawnmower and needs to be submitted there.

See this page for the conditions of the warranty and to register your equipment with the manufacturer, go here.

Price Of Cub Cadet SC500Z

Even if you do pay a bit more for this lawnmower than for similar products, it is made up for in the great features included.

This lawnmower is an excellent investment for your money, and it will provide you with value for your money and great service.


Who Should Buy It?

This lawnmower is suitable for the many homeowners who need to keep their lawn in good condition.

The warranty implies that you may only use this lawnmower for residential use, but any institution may find suitable use out of it as well.

For the many schools and churches out there that need a reliable and robust lawnmower, this is the ideal garden care machine. It is ideal for keeping those extensive lawns, lush, and in good condition without a lot of extra effort.

Garden services might be the norm today, but many people out there prefer to give that personal touch to their lawn.

This lawnmower is also ideal for the commercial sector, such as the gardening service business. It will easily compete with commercial lawnmowers.

The walk-behind gas-powered lawnmower from Cub Cadet is also overall great for all people that have a beautiful lawn they need to maintain.

Why We Like It

The strong engine provided with this lawnmower makes it quite a favorite among those with more extensive lawns.

You do not need to put in a lot of effort to get this lawnmower to do the job. This lawnmower is easy to use and can be used by many different people.


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