Delta 18-900L Laser Drill Press Review

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In Brief: Delta 18-900L Review

Delta 18-900L is a heavy-duty drill press with auto-tensioning belt drive system and adjustable TWIN LASER feature. It has a 3/4HP motor that delivers 16-speed operations (170-3000RPM). It has an extensive 20″ x 14″ work table. It is an ideal drill press for various heavy-duty and industrial drilling operations. It is recommendable for professionals in various crafts, especially woodworkers.

Delta Power Equipment corporation has consistently maintained expertise in manufacturing power and hand tools for over a century.

They have become one of the most revered brands due to their products’ quality, versatility, and innovative buildup.

Delta 18-900L is an efficient drill press that is built with woodworkers needs in mind. It is useful for making good drills on different types of materials, including hardwoods.

Key Specifications of Delta 18-900L

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

This drill press uses an impressive motor of 3/4HP, which delivers powerful torques for effective drills.

Delta 18-900L is one of the most versatile drill press models you will come across because it allows 16-speed operations within the range of 170-3000RPM.

This speed range ensures that you can effectively use suitable speed for both high and low-speed operations.

It has a chuck capacity of 5/8″ and overall weight of 240lbs that ensures stability. It uses a quill stroke of 6″ and it has a swing capacity of 18”.

The video below shows how to assemble and use Delta 18-900L:


Key Specifications of the Product are:

Model No / Name
Delta 18-900L
Motor Details
Power (hp)
Speed (range) RPM
Chuck capacity (in)
Drilling capacity (in)
Work Table Dimension (in)
20” x 14”
Table Tilt
900 left and right
Swing and Stroke (in)18” & 6”
Height (in)
Weight (lbs)
Digital Speed Reading
Work Light
5 years
Other FeaturesAuto-tensioning belt drive system
Fully adjustable TWIN LASER
Independent depth scale
Micro adjustable depth stops

Top Features

Source: Delta

Delta 18-900L has several features that place it a step ahead of other drill press models. These features enhance its performance and efficiency.

Auto-Tensioning Belt Drive System

The auto-tensioning belt drive system of the Delta 18-900L is time-saving because it allows you to make fast and easy speed changes.

This feature also maximizes transmission efficiency with consistent belt tension and motor alignment.

Fully Adjustable TWIN LASER

It is not uncommon for a drill press to have lasers, but the laser feature in Delta 18-900L is unique.

It has a fully adjustable TWIN LASER that projects a bright red crosshair on the workpiece at the point of contact with the bit.

Easy Adjustability

Delta 18-900L includes both micro-adjustable depth stop and an independent depth scale that allow you to set the scale for repetitive and accurate drills. It also allows quick and easy adjustment.


Power and Performance

Source: Delta


Delta 18-900L has industrial-scale capacities not just with its heavy buildup but also because of its robust power that enhances its performance.

It uses a 3/4HP motor that supports a 16-speed operation with a minimum speed of 170RPM and a maximum speed of 3000RPM; thus, making it suitable for both high and low-speed operations.

It uses a Morse #2 spindle taper, Jacob #3 chuck taper that complements its motor setup for efficient delivery. It has an impressive drill capacity of 2″ and a chuck capacity of 5/8″ for bit attachments.

This drill press model has a swing capacity of 18” and a quill stoke of 6” for effective drilling performance.

Ease of Usage

Delta 18-900L is quite easy to use with the inclusion of several flexible features. It includes an auto-tensioning belt drive system that allows for fast and easy speed changes during drilling operations.

This drill press model has micro-adjustable depth stops, and an independent depth scale that allow you to set a definite scale for making quick, easy, and repetitive drills.

Unlike other drill press models with a single laser, Delta 18-900L has a fully adjustable TWIN LASER that propels bright red crosshair on the work surface to help you mark the point of contact with the bit to promote accuracy and precision.

Another easy-to-use feature of Delta 18-900L is its flexible work light that enhance visibility during operation.

This drill press also features T-slots for easy clamping and through-table drilling. Its 20″ x 14″ work table size allows easy usage on extensive materials.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

Some of the maintenance procedures for Delta 18-900L include;

  • Use household floor paste wax for lubrication and rust protection of suitable surfaces.
  • Regularly inspect the belt for possible repair and replacement.
  • Blow out all air passages with clean and compressed air.
  • Repair

Delta 18-900L might call for a repair over time, particularly after extensive and repeated usage.

When this need arises, it is best to let professionals and manufacturer authorized service centers handle your tool’s repair to ensure safety and reliability.


The warranty offers for Delta 18-900L include;

  • 5-year limited warranty on crafts and materials
  • Various service and repair offer

This offer doesn’t cover used, products purchased in damaged condition, or any product damage due to misuse, abuse, or attempted repair. This offer only covers products purchased in the United States and Canada.

For the location of your nearest DELTA® Authorized Service Center, call the Company’s Customer Care Center at (800) 223-7278. You can also visit for more details on the repair and replacement of 18 900l.

Price of Delta 18-900L

Delta 18-900L is one of the most expensive drill presses with industrial capabilities. It is neither affordable for low nor mid-budget buyers.

Nevertheless, this drill press has a sturdy buildup and impressive features that offer a high value for money. It is best purchased by users with industrial and commercial scale drilling projects.


Pros and Cons of Delta 18-900L

Source: Delta



  • Heavy duty motor
  • Large work table
  • Adjustable twin laser
  • Work light feature
  • Easy adjustability features


  • Cost intensive
  • Heavyweight


Who Should Buy Delta 18-900L?

Delta 18-900L is one of the drill press models that offer a solution to all levels of the drilling operation.

It is an ideal product for extensive, industrial, and heavy-duty tasks because of its construction and features.

It is also suitable for professionals and DIY enthusiasts with high budgets for personal and commercial drilling tasks.

Our Recommendation

Delta 18-900L is recommended for various industrial scale and heavy-duty drilling applications through various materials. With a high budget, you can secure the services of this drill press model.

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