Delta 36 L336 Unisaw Review

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In Brief: Delta 36 L336 Review

Delta36 L336 is a 3HP Unisaw with dual a front crank feature and an unmatched vibration control. It has a no-load speed of 4300RPM and a 36” maximum rip capacity. DELTA 36 L336 is suitable for all categories of woodworkers, including professionals and beginners. It is useful for various woodworking processes like boat and cabinet making.

Delta machinery is one of the revered brands in the production of woodworking tools today. After about one century in the woodworking business, they are making an indisputable legacy of superior quality, reliability, and precision.

Delta 36 L336 is a product that is radically different from others. All its design from top to finish is loaded for convenience, durability, efficient delivery, as well as operational safety.

Key Specification of the Delta 36 L336

DELTA 36-L336 3 HP Unisaw with 36-Inch Biesemeyer Fence System

The specifications of Delta 36 L336 are precisely designed to enhance reliable and efficient delivery.

Its 3HP motor delivers a no-load speed of 4300RPM on its 10″ blade. It can efficiently make a 3-1/8″ deep cut at 90 degrees and 2-1/8″ at 45 degrees.

Delta 36 L336 will let you work on extensive materials because it can support a rip capacity of 36″ to the right of blade and 13-1/2″ to the left of the blade.

Its 31″ x 40″ cast iron tabletop also supports easy operation and durability.

This video here shows how to use DELTA 36 L336 :


Take a look at Delta 36 L336 Unisaw long list of specs :

Speed/Power rating (RPM)4300
Voltage (Volts) 230
Motor Power (HP)3
Arbor size (inches)5/8”
Blade (inches)10"
Max. Width of Dado (inches)1-1/8”
Max. Cutting Capacity at 45° (inches) 
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90 °(inches)
Rip Capacity to the right (inches)36”
Rip Capacity to the left (inches)
Weight (Ibs)624

Unique Features

Delta 36 L336 differs from other table saw brands not only in its physical appearance, but also in its component features.

Dual Front Crank Feature

Delta 36 L336 has dual front cranks that allow you to make an easy, smooth, and repeatable adjustment to blade height and blade angle.

Bi-level Dust Extraction Feature

It also has Bi-level dust extraction that results in higher efficiency of dust collection. It uses one collection hose for both levels, and it has a sloping bottom cabinet for easy navigation of dust.

Unmatched Vibration Control

Delta 36 L336 has a Trunnion system with a single cast that ensures the controlled vibration of the product.

This feature also enhances smooth operation, precision, and accuracy.


Design, Cutting, and Safety

Design of Delta 36 L336 is sturdy and encompasses a lot of amazing features that improve cutting capacity and operational safety of the user.


The cabinet construction system of Delta 36 L336 is made from a big cast iron base that ensures stability.

Likewise, blade turning and blade changes are easy with Delta 36 L336 because of its large opening. The product dimension is 71” x 37” x 35”.


Delta 36 L336 has an outstanding Biesemeyer fence system that ensures precision cuts even on small sized materials.

It has the capacity to make 3-1/8″ deep cuts at 900 and 2-1/8″ at 450.

Similarly, Delta 36 L336 has enough rip capacity to work on extensive materials. It supports a rip capacity up to 36″ to the right of the blade and 13-1/2″ to the left.


Delta 36 L336 has a large ON/OFF switch that is easy to access from any angle.

It allows you to use a lever inside the throat blade or on the front of the saw to easily control the rise and fall of the riving knife.

This process is easy as a result of its unique Tool-Free Split Guard System.

It has an easy and quick blade changing system due to its push button arbor lock. The inclusion of anti-kickback paws also improves its operational safety.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance of Delta 36 L336 is relatively easy due to its simple technical design. The maintenance procedures of Delta 36 L336 include :

  • Keep the device clean at all times and ensure the regular removal of dirt and dust from air passage using dry compressed air.
  • Use rust protection wax on every necessary part of the product.
  • Use suitable lubricants on the necessary frictional parts of the product.


It is best to use only manufacturer authorized parts for the replacement service of your product.

Consequently, you should contact the manufacturer’s service centers to ensure safe and reliable repair of your product.


The warranty offers for Delta 36 L336 include :

  • Five-year limited warranty on the product.
  • 180-days limited warranted on refurbished.
  • Repair and replacement service offers.

You can get more information about the repair and replacement service of the product on and more details on the warranty service at

You can also visit or call (888) 848-5175 for more information on the technical support services.

Price of Delta 36 L336

The cost of acquiring Delta 36 L336 is fairly high, considering the price of other similar products. However, the features, versatility, and efficiency of the product offer enough justification for its cost.

It is also durable thus, allowing you to get enough value for money.


Who Should Buy Delta 36 L336?

Delta 36 L336 is suitable for every professional application because it is versatile and offers smooth, accurate, and precise wood cuts.

Therefore, it is suitable for professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts that work on a large scale.

It is also durable and easy to use.

Therefore, it is a good bargain for hobbyists and homeowners that seek a product that can serve them for a long time.

Why We Like It

Delta 36 L336 might be the right product for you especially if you are a full-time woodworker who seeks a table saw with assured durability and long-term usage.

It has dual features that makes it easy to use and efficient.


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