Delta 36-L352 Unisaw Review

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In Brief: Delta 36-L352 Review

Delta 36-L352 is a Unisaw with a unique Biesemeyer fence system and easy adjustment features. It has the capacity of delivering a no-load speed of 4300RPM and making 3-1/8″ deep cuts at 90 degrees . It is useful for both basic and advanced woodworking. Therefore, it is a suitable product for professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts.

Millions of professionals and advanced woodworkers trust Delta machinery because of the reliable quality of their products.

They design and manufacture a variety of high-quality woodworking tools, including table saws.

Delta 36-L352 is one of the most amazing products from this manufacturer. It is an amazing product for large and medium scale woodworking processes.

Key Specifications of the Delta 36-L352

5-Hp Unisaw with 52' Biesemeyer Fence

Delta 36-L352 has a 3HP motor power and a 230V voltage rating that can deliver a no-load speed of 4300RPM on its 10″ blade.

The product is suitable for working on extensive materials because it supports up to 52″ rip capacity to the right of the blade and 13-1/2″ to the left.

Delta 36-L352 It is capable of making repeatable 3-1/8″ deep cuts at 90 degrees , and 2-1/8″ cuts at 45 degrees . It also has a 31″ x 40″ cast-iron tabletop (with wings only) to provide enough and suitable working space for varieties of tasks.

Here is a video showing how to adjust your table saw blade:


Take a look at Delta 36-L352 Unisaw long list of specs here :

Speed/Power rating (RPM)4300
Voltage (Volts) 230
Motor Power (HP)3
Arbor size (inches)
Blade (inches)10"
Max. rip to the right of blade (inches)
Max. rip to the left of blade (inches)13-1/2”
Max. Cutting Capacity at 45° (inches) 
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90° (inches)3-1/8"
Weight (Ibs)

Unique Features

Delta 36-L352 has some features that make it a highly sort after product. These features enhance its functionality.

Easy Adjustment features

Delta 36-L352 has features that enables you to adjust the product for easy applications. It has two front cranks that allow you to easily adjust the blade and blade height to enhance easy and accurate cuts.

Biesemeyer Fence System

Delta 36-L352 has a unique Biesemeyer fence system that offers hairline pointers and an in-built tape.

This feature permits you to make repeated precision setup after each cut. This fence system has 9-ply fence faces that improve tolerance.


Design, Cutting, and Safety

The major difference between Delta 36-L352 and other cabinet saw brands comes from its unique design, remarkable cutting capacity, topped with functional safety features.


Delta 36-L352 has a cabinet construction made up of a large cast-iron base to ensure solid footing and improved stability.

It also has a cast-iron tabletop to provide a surface for smooth operation.

Delta 36-L352 has a bi-level 4″ and 5″ chip exhaust opening to easily get rid of waste.

It also includes a tool-free split guard design that uses a lever inside the throat plate or in front of the saw to permit true rise and fall of the riving knife.


The cutting capacity of Delta 36-L352 is suitable for various small to large scale woodworking processes. It has large rip capacity [up to 52″] that allows it to work efficiently on extensive materials.

Delta 36-L352 can make 3-1/8″ deep cuts at 90 degrees and 2-1/8″ at 45 degrees .

The precision, accuracy, and repeatability of cuts are possible and easy with the inclusion of bevel dial and Single-Cast Trunnion System.


Delta 36-L352 includes features that mitigate the possibility of experiencing operational hazards. It has a large on/off switch that permits easy access. Likewise, it has a tool-free split guard system that prevents accidental contacts with the blade.

It also includes anti-kickback pawls for improved safety.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance of Delta 36-L352 is hassle-free due to its simple technical design. This routine maintenance is essential to enhance the functionality of the product and keep it at a top-performing level for a long time.

The maintenance procedures of Delta 36-L352 include :

  • Ensure the cleanliness of your product at all times. Eliminate dirt and chip from its air passage using clean compressed air.
  • Regularly inspect the blade for wear and tears.
  • Lubricate all the moving and frictional parts of the product using suitable lubricants.


The repair and replacement of Delta 36-L352 are very sensitive because it can affect its safety and reliability.

Therefore, it is best to contact the manufacturer’s service centers to carry out the repair and replacement procedures on your product.


The warranty offers for Delta 36-L352 includes :

  • Five-year limited warranty on the product.
  • 180-days limited warranty on refurbished.
  • Repair and replacement service offers.

You can get the repair and replacement service details of Delta 36-L352 on and more details on the warranty service at .

You can call (800) 223-7278 for more information on the technical support services.

Price of Delta 36-L352

Delta 36-L352 is a top-class table saw, and this also reflects in its cost. The price is significantly higher than most other products with similar specifications.

However, Delta 36-L352 offers high value for money with its efficient delivery and durability.


Who Should Buy Delta 36-L352 ?

First off, it is essential to note that Delta 36-L352 is suitable for varieties of professional applications.

Thus, Delta 36-L352 is an ideal tool for professional woodworkers, jobsite contractors, and other DIY enthusiasts that are interested in carrying out basic and advanced woodworking.

Likewise, Delta 36-L352 is durable and easy to use, thereby, making it a good consideration for amateurs and beginners.

It also offers high durability that allows you to effectively use the product over a reasonable period.

Why We Like It

If you are a professional woodworker that needs a durable and efficient tool to satisfy your woodworking desire, you should consider adding Delta 36-L352 to your priority list.

It is efficient for small to large scale woodworking with its easy adjustment features and Biesemeyer fence system.

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