Delta DC 380 Planer Review

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In Brief: Delta DC 380 Planer Review

The Delta DC 380 Planer combines power and precision to create a commercial-grade product with great results. This machine features a 1/8-inch cutting depth and a 15-inch bed width. It weighs in at 600 pounds and comes with an open stand and an included mobile base to improve its mobility and efficiency.

The Delta company works to provide customers with durable products that meet a variety of needs. With a focus on commercial machinery, this company listens to customer needs and strives to make equipment that does its job well.

The Delta DC 380 Planer remains one of the most popular choices in woodworking machinery from the Delta company, despite staying off the market for several years now.

This machine offers high performance and quality results that last.

Key Specifications of the Delta DC 380 Planer

The Delta DC 380 Planer provides a 2HP motor and a 15-inch bed width. It packs enough power to tackle commercial-grade projects with ease.

With a cutting depth of up to 1/8-inch and a convenient open stand design, this machine fits in well with most professional shops.

Read the long list of Delta DC 380 Planer specs below:

Model No/Name
DC 380
Open stand
Power (HP)
Bed Size (in.)
Table Size (l x b)
58 x 15
Knife Adjustments
Cutting Depth (in.)
Dust Collection
Weight (lbs.)
2 years
Other FeaturesMobile base
Folding table extensions
Three-Phase Operation
Crank handle
Extra knives
Included open stand

Unique Features

The Delta DC 380 Planer comes with a built-in mobile base and folding table extensions to make it even more convenient than ever. This machine also features a three-phase operation and packs a lot of power.

Mobile Base

The built-in mobile base that comes as part of this machine makes it easy to move around. The machine weighs 600 pounds, so the included base with attached casters helps keep it as mobile as possible.

Folding Table Extensions

The machine comes with built-in folding table extensions. To use them, simply fold them out and lock them in place. Unlatch the locking mechanism and fold them down at the sides of the table again when not in use.

Three-Phase Operation

This machine features a three-phase operation design, which puts it squarely in the commercial-grade category.

The product cannot plug into the wall with a power cable and must instead remain hardwired into the building’s electrical system. As such, it provides extra power.


Power and Performance

This machine features a 2HP motor that gives it more than enough power to tackle most woodworking jobs.

Because of its three-phase operation design, the machine works best for commercial-grade projects and offers enough power to handle them easily.

The machine also performs well and exceeds woodworkers’ expectations regularly. It remains a top choice despite staying off the market for some time due to the company modernizing its machinery.

Its outdated design does not stop this machine from performing exceptionally.

Ease of Usage

This machine provides a learning curve for users and may not work well for beginners with no prior experience.

However, intermediate and advanced users have no trouble learning how to operate this machine thanks to its traditional design.

The product remains a heavy-duty, commercial-grade option and may require professional installation.

Despite this, it provides user-friendly controls with basic functions. Customers have no trouble finishing their projects easily with the help of this machine.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Delta company offers a separate Delta Machinery Parts web site for parts lookup.

Customers may input the model number or part number required and located replacement parts for a variety of Delta products through this site.

Use compressed air to clean out the air passages of this machine often. Use a damp, soft cloth to clean surfaces, but never use cleaning solvents.

Degrease and recoat the table often to protect the cast iron. Lubricate the gearbox yearly or more often if needed.

The Delta company provides a two-year limited warranty on this machine. The warranty applies only to the first owner of the machine and only to damages caused by manufacturing or shipping error.

User error, incorrect installation, or misuse remain exempt from the warranty coverage.

This machine also comes with a 180-day limited warranty if purchased refurbished. Therefore, even customers who did not originally own the machine may have some protection under the Delta company’s warranty policy.

For more warranty information, contact the Delta company here.

Price of the Delta DC 380 Planer

The Delta DC 380 Planer remains difficult to find. Since it comes from an old product catalog and the company does not produce it anymore, this machine may only exist in secondhand or refurbished condition.

Despite this, the machine may cost considerably more than other floor-standing open planers with similar functions.

This price increase comes from its scarcity. However, customers feel it provides exceptional value for the cost, even on the aftermarket.


Pros and Cons of the Delta DC 380 Planer


  • Lasts years and sometimes decades
  • Creates smooth, clean results
  • Offers quick and easy maintenance
  • Makes knife changes simple


  • Requires hardwiring into the building’s electrical source
  • Some customers find it too large for their purposes


Who Should Buy the Delta DC 380 Planer?

Customers in need of a high-quality, long-lasting machine and prefer to purchase something secondhand may enjoy using the Delta DC 380 Planer.

Its powerful design and sturdy style make it a great addition to almost any professional woodworking setup.

The machine also provides serious woodworkers with a refurbishment project.

Purchasing this product secondhand and getting it back into working condition remains a popular option among those who feel very interested in woodworking, both as a hobby and as a profession.

Our Recommendation

The Delta DC 380 Planer requires DC power and may prove very difficult to find. Despite these downsides, it keeps customers satisfied with its high-quality results and professional-grade finishes.

It tackles just about any woodworking job you throw at it.

We recommend this machine for serious hobbyists or professionals looking for a machine with some history behind it.

We also recommend it for anyone in need of a refurbishment job or simply looking for a popular planer of the past.


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