Dewalt DHS790AT2 Corded/Cordless Miter Saw Review

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In Brief:  Dewalt DHS790AT2 Review

Dewalt DHS790AT2 is a table saw with a compact design. Its 15A motor can deliver a no-load speed of 3800RPM. The lightweight product has dual lithium-ion batteries and dual fast port charger to aid its cordless function. It is a great choice for jobsite contractors and woodworkers. It is suitable for making high power and wide-cut on various lumbers.

The breakthrough of Dewalt in the manufacturing industry is a significant result of their consistency in the production of quality and reliable tools, including table saws.

Dewalt DHS790AT2 is a sliding cordless miter saw that offers great quality and effective performance.

This product can cut any material; therefore, it is useful in the sawing process of all lumbers, including hardwoods and composite wood materials.

Key Specifications of the Dewalt DHS790AT2

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 120V MAX* Miter Saw Kit, 12-Inch, Double Bevel, Compound, Sliding (DHS790AT2) Dewalt DHS790AT2 offers an amazing cutting capacity.

It is capable of making up to 8″ Miter cut at 45⁰ and a cross-cut of 16″ at 90⁰. The 15A motor powers the 12″ blade to deliver a no-load speed of 3800RPM.

The product is considerably portable with its dimensions. Dewalt DHS790AT2 only weighs about 56lbs. It has a height of 23″ and a length of 32”.

It comes with other accessories like a dust bag, blade wrench, and DHS790 miter saw.

Below is a video that shows a quick overview of how to use Dewalt DHS790AT2:

Take a look at the Dewalt DHS790AT2 tablesaw long list of specs here:

Speed/Power rating (RPM)
Motor rating (amp)
Arbor Size (Inches) 1''
Blade (inches)
Power Tool TypeCordless
Bevel range (degrees)0-45
Cross cut at 900 max. width (inches)16''
Miter cut at 450 max. width (inches)
Weight (lbs)56

Unique Features

Almost everything about Dewalt DHS790AT2 appears to be unique. These features are responsible for the high ratings of the product.

Cordless Operations

Dewalt DHS790AT2 is one of the few table saws that are not corded.

The product has two FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX* lithium-ion batteries that power the product.

The cordless feature is enhanced with the inclusion of dual port fast charger and a 120V adaptor.

Despite being a cordless tool, Dewalt DHS790AT2 can deliver as much quality performance as corded tools. It has run time up to 289 cross cuts in 3-1/4″ base molding.

Great Cutting Capacity

Dewalt DHS790AT2 offers an amazing cutting capacity that you won’t easily find in other products. The product is capable of making a Miter cut of 8” at 45⁰ and a cross-cut of 16″ at 90⁰.

The precision and accuracy of the cuts are enhanced by integrating highly visible bevel and miter scales. DEWALT DHS790AT2 is also capable of cutting through any type of material.

Compact Design

One major point of attraction for Dewalt DHS790AT2 is its compact design. T

he product is portable, weighing just about 56lbs. With a height of 23″ and length of 32″, the product will fit into an average-sized workshop and almost all jobsites.


Design, Cutting, and Safety

If you are out in the market to get a quality table saw, the three principal considerations that should be on your mind are the designs, cutting capacity, and safety features.


The first thing to note about the design of Dewalt DHS790AT2 is its portability. The design makes the vibration of the product tolerable.

The product’s design also accommodates great measuring components, blade wrench, dust bag, and DHS790 miter saw.


Dewalt products are amazing for their cutting capacity, and Dewalt DHS790AT2 is not an exception. The product has features that allow it to deliver high quality and precise cuts.

The 12″ blade is capable of making a Miter cut of 8” at 45⁰ and a cross-cut of 16″ at 90⁰.

The inclusion of a highly visible bevel and Miter scales increase the precision of the tool.


Dewalt DHS790AT2 offers you safety with a partially transparent blade guard that allows you to see through.

It also has a LED light that offers illumination in an environment with dim light.

All sharp and moving parts of the products have proper coverings to prevent accidental contacts.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of maintenance

The design and compactness of Dewalt DHS790AT2 allow easy maintenance. The maintenance procedures for Dewalt DHS790AT2 include ;

  • Regularly lubricate the moving parts of the product.
  • Clean the blade and other parts of the product immediately after use.
  • Inspect the blade and other vital parts regularly for wear and tear.


Allowing nonprofessionals to handle your repair will do more harm than good.

Therefore, Dewalt service centers provide repair and replacement offers for their products. This regulation is to ensure proper and safe repair.


The warranty offers for Dewalt DHS790AT2 include ;

  • 3-years limited warranty for craft and materials.
  • One-year free service offer.
  • 90-days money-back guarantee.

You can obtain more information on the warranty offers for this product on the company’s official website at or call 1-800-4-Dewalt (1-800-433-9258) for repair information.

Price of Dewalt DHS790AT2

The pricing of Dewalt DHS790AT2 might not be suitable for low and medium budget buyers, but it offers high quality performance in terms of usage. Despite the high cost of the product, it still offers good value for money.


Who Should Buy Dewalt DHS790AT2?

Dewalt DHS790AT2 is suitable for making high quality, precise, and accurate cuts on almost any type of lumber.

Therefore, the product is a good bargain for contractors, woodworkers, and other professionals that are particular about making high-quality cuts.

Also, Dewalt DHS790AT2 is portable and cordless. Therefore, it is suitable for individuals with multiple jobsites, including one without a power supply. It is also sizable for individuals with a small workspace.

Why We Like It

If you need a portable, cordless, and high-performance table saw, then Dewalt DHS790AT2 is indeed a good bargain for you especially if you are a professional woodworker or a jobsite contractor.

It is useful for making deep and precise cuts. Likewise, it is portable enough for easy mobility.


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