Dewalt DW317K vs DW317 vs Bosch JS260 Jig Saw : What to Buy?

In Brief: Dewalt DW317K vs DW317 vs Bosch JS260

Dewalt DW317, DW317K, and Bosch JS260 are impressive jig saws from Dewalt and Bosch manufacturers respectively. These products primarily serve the same purpose, with slight variations in their specifications and features. Dewalt DW317K, DW317, and Bosch JS260 weighs 6.2lbs, 7.0lbs, and 5.3lbs respectively and also have stroke lengths 1”, 1”, and ¾” respectively.

Dewalt and Bosch are two reputable tool manufacturing companies.

Bosch is a German multinational company that specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality power tools, including jigsaws.

Dewalt also has a standing reputation for offering some of the best products in the same category.

This comparative evaluation will examine the unique specifications and functionalities of Dewalt DW317, DW317K, and Bosch JS260.

Dewalt DW317 VS DW317K VS Bosch JS260 at a Glance

Dewalt DW317, DW317K, and Bosch JS260 performs similar functions, but there are slight differences in their specifications that influence their unique applications.

Parameters DW317DW317KJS260
Ideal ForDIY Enthusiasts/ Home owners/ ProfessionalsHobbyists/ Home owners/ Professionals
DIY Enthusiasts / Home owners/ Jobsite contractors
Weight 7.0lbs6.2lbs5.3lbs
Motor Current5.5amp5.5amp6.0amp
Stroke Rate3100SPM3100SPM500-3100SPM
Voltage Rating 120V120V120V
Stroke Length1''1''3/4”
Orbital Action4-Position4-Position4-Position
Bevel angle0-450-450-45
Overall Dimension9.75” x 14.06” x 2.88” 13.4” x 14.5” x 4.6”9.0” x 3.5” x 7.0”
Dust blowerNoNoNo
PriceAffordableMore Affordable Most Affordable
Warranty3-year limited warranty3-year limited warranty1-year limited warranty
Unique Features- All metal gear case
- 4positions orbital actions
- Keyless blade clamp
- Lever-action, keyless blade clamp
- Variable speed control
- Inclusion of kit
- Multidirectional blade clamp
- Always on dust blower
- Ambidextrous lock off button

Dewalt DW317 VS DW317K VS Bosch JS260 : Weight

The weight of a jigsaw is an essential factor to consider, especially for multiple jobsite contractors and homeowners.

The weight of Dewalt DW317, DW317K, and Bosch JS260 is considerably light, making the products easy to carry.

However, Dewalt DW317 has the highest weight of the three models, while Bosch JS260 has the least weight.

Weight of Dewalt DW317

Dewalt DW317 is considerably lightweight compared to most other products in this category. This product weighs 7lbs, which is considered lightweight for a jigsaw.

Weight of Dewalt DW317k

Dewalt DW317k is a portable jigsaw with a compact design. This model weighs 6.2lbs, which makes the product easy to use, maneuver, and move around.

Weight of Bosch JS260

Bosch JS260 is one of the lightest weight jigsaws you would find. This model weighs 5.3lbs, which is a desirable size for a portable jigsaw.

Dewalt DW317 VS DW317K VS Bosch JS260 : Stroke Rate

Dewalt DW317, dw317K, and Bosch JS260 have impressive stroke rates.

All three products have variable stroke range. However, Dewalt DW317 and DW317K have a wider stroke range than the Bosch JS260 even though they have the same maximum stroke rate.

Stroke Rate of Dewalt DW317

Dewalt DW317 has an impressive stroke rate.

This model is capable of completing a maximum stroke rate of 3100SPM at full operation.

However, it can work on a variable range between 0-3100SPM.

Stroke Rate of Dewalt DW317K

The stroke rate of Dewalt DW317K is closely related to that of Dewalt DW317. They both have the same speed range and maximum speed. Dewalt DW317K can deliver a stroke range of 0-3100SPM.

Stroke Rate of Bosch JS260

Bosch JS260 shares a similar maximum speed with Dewalt jigsaw models, but the range is quite different.

This jigsaw model has a maximum stroke rate of 3100SPM and works within a range of 500-3100SPM.

Dewalt DW317 VS DW317K VS Bosch JS260 : Stroke Length

The more the stroke length of a jigsaw, the faster it will be able to cut. This stroke length is the distance the blade travels to and fro while cutting.

Dewalt DW317, DW317K, and Bosch JS260 have remarkable stroke lengths. The two Dewalt models have a stroke length that is slightly more than that of Bosch JS260.

Stroke Length of Dewalt DW317

Dewalt DW317 has a stroke length of 1″ which allows it to make a fast and efficient cut on various materials. The stroke length complements its stroke rate for optimum cutting performance.

Stroke length of Dewalt DW317K

The stroke length of Dewalt DW317k is the same as Dewalt DW317.

This model also features a 1″ cut stroke for optimum performance.

Stroke length of Bosch JS260

Although the stroke length of Bosch JS260 is lesser than the Dewalt models, it does not undermine its cutting performance. This jigsaw features a ¾” stroke length for effective cut delivery.

Dewalt DW317 VS DW317K VS Bosch JS260 : Price

Price is a valuable consideration while deciding on the best product to choose from.

Considering the features and specifications of Dewalt DW317, DW317K, and Bosch JS260, these models are affordable for average budget buyers with Bosch JS260 being the most affordable.

Price of Dewalt DW317

Dewalt DW317 is a well-priced product. This model is not the cheapest and the most cost intensive jigsaw available and this makes it a valuable option for medium budget buyers.


Price of Dewalt DW317K

Dewalt DW317K offers a great cost value to its buyers. The overall features and specifications of this model makes it a good choice for average budget buyers.


Price of Bosch JS260

Bosch JS260 is an evidence that you can secure the service of an efficient jigsaw without spending too much.

This product is affordable for all categories of buyers and offers a high value for money.


Dewalt DW317 VS DW317K VS Bosch JS260 : Warranty

BOSCH JS260 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw,Blue,6.0 Amp

Individual manufacturers include warranty offers on their product to ensure reliability and boost users’ confidence.

BOSCH and Dewalt usually offer impressive warranties on their product, and these models are no exceptions to that.

Warranty of Dewalt DW317

A 3-year limited warranty covers Dewalt DW317 on any factory defect in crafts and materials. This offer includes one-year free repair and service offers.

It also includes a 90-day money-back guarantee for an unsatisfied purchaser.

Warranty of Dewalt DW317K

Dewalt DW317k has the same warranty as DW317 because it belongs to the same product category from the same manufacturer.

The warranty offers to feature a 1-year limited warranty on materials and craft, 1-year free service support, and 90-days money-back guarantee.

Warranty of Bosch JS260

Bosch JS260 is covered by a 1-year limited warranty on factory defects in materials and craft and also a 30-days money-back guarantee .

Standout Features

Unique Features of Dewalt DW317

 All-metal gear case: This model includes an all-metal gear case that improves its durability and adapts it for various jobsite rigors.

 4-positions orbital actions: This feature enhances the product’s cutting rate and aggressiveness on various materials, including hardwoods and composite materials.

 Keyless blade clamp: Dewalt DW317 has a keyless blade clamp that permits users to make quick blade change without a reciprocating shaft or touching the blade.


Unique Features of Dewalt DW317K

Lever-action and keyless blade clamp: This feature allows the users of this model to make fast blade changes to avoid any operational delay.

 Variable speed control: This product’s variable speed control feature allows operators to regulate the device to suit specific operations.

Inclusion of kit: One of this model’s standout features is the inclusion of a kit that allows compact mobility and portable storage of the product.


Unique Features of Bosch JS260

 Multidirectional blade clamp: Bosch JS260 features a multidirectional blade clamp that ensures that it maintains a firm grip of T-shank blades.

Always-on dust blower: This model also features a dust blower that is usually active during operational processes to ensure the cleanliness of the device and operational safety.

 Ambidextrous lock-off button: Bosch JS260 features an ambidextrous lock-off button that permits steady long cuts, user comfort, and enhances full operational control.


Which Jigsaw Is Better ? Dewalt DW317 or DW317K or Bosch JS260 ?

Use Dewallt DW317 if :

You should use Dewalt DW317 if you want a jigsaw that is suitable for professional applications.

The product is also ideal for making varieties of cuts on different materials, including hardwoods.

It is easy to use, making it suitable for beginners and amateurs.


Use Dewalt DW317K if :

If you are a professional woodworker or multiple jobsites contractor that needs a jigsaw that is handy, affordable, portable, compact, and easy to use, then Dewalt DW317K should be on your priority list.

It is also suitable for hobbyists because it is effective for making smooth cuts on different materials.


Use Bosch JS260 if :

If you need high power, affordable, and lightweight jigsaw for making fast and smooth cuts on materials of various sizes and thickness, this model is appropriate for you.

Bosch JS260 is suitable for beginners, homeowners, professionals, and DIY enthusiasts because of its effective performance and application ease.


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