Dewalt DW618PKB Fixed / Plunge Base Router Kit Review

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In Brief: Dewalt DW618PKB Kit Router Kit Review

Dewalt DW618PKB is a Combo Kit Router that offers adjustability and accuracy enabling features. It includes a 12amp motor current that powers the router to deliver a variable no-load speed of 8,000 to 24,000RPM. It weighs 10.1lbs and has a base dimension of 6”. This router is suitable for woodworkers who carry out diverse routing operations.

Dewalt manufacturing company provides high-quality and efficient power tools. This manufacturing company is reputable for their consistency in the production of affordable and well-designed power tools.

DW618PKB is a plunge combo kit router with amazing features. This router is offers effective performance with its high-power motor feature.

Key Specifications of the Dewalt DW618PKB

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This corded router can route through hardwoods because of its 12amp motor current and its 2-1/4HP motor power. This power tool has a relatively handy weight of 10.1lbs.

The DW618PKB has a Lexan sub-base that adds to the base durability, bit visibility, and accepts the bushing template. It comes with two different collect sizes of 1/2” and 1/4”.

It has an electronic variable speed that ranges from 8,000 to 24,000RPM. This variable speed, in conjunction with a soft start feature, increases control by reducing the start-up torque.

The corded router is mid-size with a 6” base dimension that ensures its balance and sturdiness.

Here is a video showing how to setup and use the DW618PKB router :


Read the long list of Dewalt DW618PK specs here :

Model noDW618PKB
Powered byCorded
Speed (rpm)8,000-24,000RPM
Brushless motorNo
Power (hp)2-1/4
Base dimension (inches)6''
Weight (lbs)10.1
Base typeFixed
Plunge stroke (inches)
Collect Size (inches)1/2” & 1/4”
Unique FeaturesAccuracy enabling features
Adjustable features
High-quality component parts

Top Features to Look For

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The excellence of the DW618PKB model is due to its unique features that makes it standout.

Accuracy enabling features

This power tool has a high-quality case-hardened steel guide and precision-machined brass bushings that ensure accuracy of plunge strokes.

Adjustable Features

DW618PKB has adjustable features that ensure its efficiency. It has an adjustable steel motor that makes quick depth adjustment and base changes. It has a micro-fine depth adjustment feature on its base for precise routing.

This model has precise depth adjustment feature aided by the micro-fine depth adjustment ring. A five-position adjustable turret stop helps in repeated and stepped plunge cuts.

High-quality component parts

DW618PKB router is made from high-quality materials that makes it efficient and last longer.

It has a nickel-plated motor housing that gives a long-lasting depth adjustment. It has a die-cast aluminum base for lightweight and standard efficiency.


Power and Performance

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The power and performance of a router are authentications of its efficiency and DW618PKB has a high-power motor setup that ensures its top-notch efficiency.

The corded router cuts through hardwoods with its 12amp variable speed motor current. Its variable speed ranges from 8,000 to 24,000RPM and features a soft start that reduces start-up torque.

The mid-size corded router has a power setup that consists of 2-1/4 peak horsepower and 2-1/2” plunge stroke that amounts to efficiency and performance.

Its dust collector is 95% efficient. It accumulates operational dust and improves visibility. The dust collector also makes the router last longer by preventing dust from reaching crucial parts of the tool.

Ease of Usage

DW618PKB router has a lot of features that make it easy to use and control. This router has adjustable five positions turret stop for easy repetition of plunge cuts.

It delivers superior control through its easily accessible switch and plunge lever.

It has a plunge base with a dimension of 6” that provides firm and sturdy balance. The rubber molded handle allows firm grip, comfort, and control.

The spindle lock also allows the user to handle and control the spindle easily.

The router features a micro-fine depth adjustment ring that ensures precise depth adjustment. It also has a flat top feature for easy depth and bit changes.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance is vital to ensure long-lasting efficiency of your power tool. DW618PKB is very easy to maintain. Here are some maintenance procedures :

  • Keep dirt and dust from the tool by cleaning it regularly.
  • Lubricate all frictional parts of the product.
  • Ensure to keep the router from moisture.


Dewalt provides repair services for all of their registered products, including DW618PKB. Do not hesitate to report any problem and securely get it solved at authorized service centers.


Dewalt offers warranty services that include :

  • A 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • A 3-year limited warranty.
  • A 1-year free service.

The warranty offer is only applicable to Dewalt registered products and products that do not include any user defect.

For more warranty products, you can contact 1-800-433-9258 or visit the warranty page at You can also visit to register for the products.

Price of the Dewalt DW618PKB

This router model comes with other accessories such as motor pack, fixed base, and plunge base. These accessories accounts for its high cost.

DW618PKB is affordable for high budget buyers. It is also a good choice for buyers with a medium budget in need of a router combo kit.

It is one of the most affordable router combo kit models you will find in this product category.


Pros and cons of the Dewalt DW618PKB


  • Powerful motor efficiency for routing operations
  • Well-equipped adjustable features
  • Easy usage and control
  • Operational safety features


  • Absence of LED light feature
  • Weak plunge tightening ability


Who Should Buy Dewalt DW618PKB ?

DW618PKB router is suitable for a wide range of users due to its outstanding features.

Its soft bag accessory feature makes it a great choice for jobsite contractor that need a portable package to transport the power tool and its other accessory parts such as its fixed base and plunge base.

This model’s rubber over-molded handles make it a suitable option for homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and amateur woodworkers.

Its high motor power makes it suitable for commercial, residential, and industrial routing operations.

Our Recommendation

If you require an affordable, highly efficient, and powerful router combo kit, DW618PKB should be at the top of your priority list.

Its various applications and fields of use make it suitable for various levels of users. It is also very easy to use and handle especially with its accuracy enabling and adjustable features.


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