Dewalt DW745 VS Ridgid R45171 Table Saws – Which is Better?

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In Brief: Dewalt DW745 VS Ridgid R45171

Dewalt and Ridgid are top manufacturers of gold standard woodworking power tools. DW745 and R45171 are Table Saws from these manufacturers. DW745 has a weight of 45lbs while R45171 weight is 75lbs. The no-load speeds of DW745 and R45171 are 3850RPM and 5000RPM respectively. Ridgid R45171 comes with a stand while Dewalt DW745 doesn’t.

Dewalt and Ridgid are certified manufacturers of several woodworking power tools, including table saws. Both manufacturers have maintained consistency in the production of high-quality and reliable power tools.

DW745 and R45171 are compact jobsite table saws with impressive specifications and unique applications.

This review is a relative evaluation of these two models, including the consideration of individual specifications, applications, and unique features.

Dewalt DW745 VS Ridgid R45171 at a Glance

The slight differences in these two models’ features and specifications account for the variation in their applications.

ParameterDewalt DW745Ridgid R45171
Ideal for
DIY enthusiasts/ Professionals/ HomeownersDIY enthusiasts/ Professionals/ Jobsite contractors
Blade Length10”10”
No-load Speed3850RPM5000RPM
Rip Capacity to the right20''26''
Rip Capacity to the left
Depth of Cut at 45 degrees2-1/4”2-1/2”
Depth of Cut at 90 degrees3-1/8”3-3/8”
PriceRelatively affordableModerately priced
Warranty3-year limited warranty3-year limited warranty
Unique Features -Lightweight and compact
-Rack and Pinion rail system
-Onboard storage system
-Cast aluminum table
-Integrated Dust Chute
-Soft Start technology
-Steel roll cage

Dewalt DW745 VS Ridgid R45171 : Weight

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw, 20-Inch Rip Capacity

Weight is one of the primary considerations of most users, particularly homeowners and jobsites contractors. Both DW745 and R45171 are considered lightweight. However, DW745 is more portable than R45171 and weighs less.

Weight of DW745

This model weighs 45lbs, one of the lightest weights you will find in any product in this category. This feature makes DW745 easy to move, handle, and store.

Weight of R45171

This model weighs 75lbs, which is moderate for a product in this category. The higher weight of this model is can be linked to its foldable stand inclusion.

Dewalt DW745 VS Ridgid R45171 : Blade Speed

The blade speed of a table saw affects its cut capacity through various materials. The rate is primarily influenced by the motor setup of these models.

The blade speed of R45171 is relatively more impressive compared to DW745.

Blade Speed of DW745

DW745 has a standard blade speed that is common in most products in this category. This model has a no-load speed of 3850RPM, which allows it to cut through varieties of materials, including hardwoods.

Blade Speed of R45171

R45171 is suitable for most professional applications because it has an impressive blade speed. It features a no-load speed of 5000RPM, which is undoubtedly one of the best you would find with a portable table saw.

Dewalt DW745 VS Ridgid R45171 : Rip Capacity

The rip capacity of a table saw its cutting strength when used on extensive materials. The rip capacity of table saws is usually measured on both sides of the blade.

DW745 has a lesser rip capacity to the right of the blade than R45171, but it features a better ability to the left.

Rip Capacity of DW745

DW745 offers impressive performance on extensive materials with its rip capacity in both directions. This model can make up to 20′” rip cut to the right of its blade and 12″ to the left.

Rip Capacity of R45171

This model features an extensive rip capacity to the right but minimal to the left. It can make a 26″ rip cut to the right of the blade and 8″ to the left.

Dewalt DW745 VS Ridgid R45171 : General Cutting Capacity

The consideration of a table saw cannot be complete without the notable mention of its cutting capacity. This feature is a subject couple of factors, including motor and blade size.

DW745 and R45171 both have impressive cutting abilities but R45171 offers a slightly higher capacity.

Cutting Capacity of DW745

DW745 has a 15amp motor and a 10″ that influences its cuts. This model is capable of making a 2-1/4″ cut at 45 degrees and 3-1/8″ cut at 90 degrees .

Cutting Capacity of R45171

This model also features an overall impressive cutting capacity. It can make a 2-1/2″ cut at 45 degrees and 3-3/8″ cut at 90 degrees .

Dewalt DW745 VS Ridgid R45171 : Price

Every buyer desire to enjoy a high value for their money; thus, cost is a crucial consideration especially for buyers working within a limited budget.

Both DW745 and R45171 are moderately priced, and they are suitable for mid-budget buyers.

Price of DW7745

Dewalt DW745 is one of the most affordable portable table saws available. It is ideal for medium to low budget buyers. It offers a good buying option considering its functionality, compactness, and applications.


Price of R45171

This model is affordable for buyers with an average budget. The slight difference in the two models’ price is primarily due to the additional feature of R45171 which is its sturdy stand.


Dewalt DW745 VS RidgidR45171 : Warranty

The requirement for the maintenance of both models is minimal. Manufacturers of DW475 and R45171 inspect the products for certified qualities before letting them out of the factory.

However, the warranty offers on both models are the same.

Warranty of DW745

Dewalt offers a 3-year limited warranty on Dewalt DW745 to cover any defect in material and craft. They also provide 1-year free service support for this model, which includes maintenance and replacement offers.

Warranty of R45171

A 3-year limited warranty backs this model. There is also a lifetime service agreement for original owners of this model which provides unlimited service and repair support for models purchased at the Home Depot.

All the purchaser needs to do is to register the product within 90 days after purchase.

Standout Features

Unique Features of DW745

 Telescoping fence System : The telescoping system of this model guides its cutting operations to enhance safety, precision, and accuracy. This fence is retractable to give a small and portable package.

 Onboard Storage System : This model includes a built-in storage system that enhances quick access to tools and other parts of the product when they are not in use. It is mainly designed to contain tools and features like the Site-Pro guarding components and push sticks when not in use.

 Rack and Pinion Rails : DW745 has Rack and Pinion Rails that allow easy, fast, and smooth adjustments. This feature enhances the secure operational safety of the product and facilitates fast, precise, and accurate cuts.


Unique Features of R45171

Cast aluminum table : The cast aluminum table of this model improves its durability, reliability, and ease of storage.

Integrated Dust Chute : R45171 features an integrated dust chute that facilitates the ease of cleaning infrequent jams. It also links with dry vacuums for improved dust collection.

Soft Start technology : The buildup technology and mode of operation of this model allow soft startups to enhance smooth and quiet operation.

Steel roll cage : Steel roll cage adds improved stability and durability to R45171, and it offers enough frame strength to adapt it for jobsite rigor.


Which Table Saw Is Better ? Dewalt DW745 or Ridgid R45171

Use DW745 if :

You should use Dewalt DW745 if you need a professional lightweight, compact, portable, and affordable table saw for your woodworking processes.

It is also an ideal consideration for a beginner or an amateur because it is easy and safe to operate.


Use R45171 if :

R45171 is an ideal product for most professional applications. Its sturdy stand gives it an edge on jobsites and improves stability.

If you need a compact, efficient, and reliable table saw that could adapt to various applications, this model is undoubtedly a good bargain.


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