Dewalt DWS709 vs. DWS780 Miter Saws – Which is Better?

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In Brief: Dewalt DWS709 vs. DWS780

Dewalt DWS709 and DWS780 are impressive compound sliding Miter Saws from Dewalt. They have peculiar specifications that highlight their differences. DEWALT dws709 weighs 51lbs while dws780 weighs 56lbs. The number of blade teeth of Dewalt DWS709 and DWS780 are 32T and 60T respectively. Dewalt DWS780 features a Cutline blade positioning system which isn’t present in Dewalt DWS709.

Dewalt tool company is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality power tools, hand tools, and other accessories that are useful in the construction and woodworking industries.

Dewalt DWS709 and DWS780 are two woodworking power tools from this manufacturer.

The impressive performance of these compound sliding miter saws often makes it difficult for buyers to choose.

However, in this review, we will evaluate each product’s unique features, strengths, and specific applications. 

DWS709 vs. DWS780 at a Glance

Dewalt DWS709 and DWS780 are two relatable compound miter saws. Understanding each model’s differences and specific features is essential in choosing the best product for you.

Ideal for Homeowners/ Professionals/ jobsite contractorsProfessionals/DIY enthusiasts/ jobsite contractors
No load speed 3800RPM3800RPM
Blade diameter12''12''
Blade Teeth32T60T
Current Rating15amp
45 degrees miter cut capacity (width)
45 degrees miter cut (height)
90 degrees cross cut (width)9.5”14” (16” with special set up)
45 degrees Bevel cut (Dimensional lumber)2”x10”2”x14” (2”x16” with back fence)
Horizontal Capacity8''16''
Nested crown capacity
Arbor Size5/8” or 1”5/8” or 1”
Number of positive stops1310
PriceModerately priced Cost intensive
Warranty 3-year limited warranty 3-year limited warranty
Unique features • Adjustable miter dent plates
• Oversized bevel scale
• Dual horizontal steel rails
• Camlock miter handle
• Innovative gear box and drive belt
• Integrated CUTLINETM blade positioning system

DWS709 vs. DWS780 : Weight

Weight and portability are essential considerations to make when selection miter saws.

The difference in the weight of Dewalt DWS709 and DWS780 is largely due to their designs. Dewalt DWS709 has a weight that is lower than DWS780. 

Weight of DWS709

Dewalt DWS709 is relatively lightweight compared to other products in the same category.

This model weighs 51lbs due to its compact design. With this weight, you can easily move the device around without much hassle.

Weight of DWS780

Dewalt DWS780 is an average weight miter saw. This miter saw weighs 56lbs largely because of its solid build. However, with this weight, the mobility of DWS780 is not difficult.

DWS709 vs. DWS780 : Cutting Capacity

The rating of a miter saw is largely dependent on its ability to make precise and accurate cuts.

Dewalt DWS709 and DWS780 have an impressive cutting capacity with many added features to facilitate their cuts’ precision.

The major disparity between the two miter saws is their cutting capacity at various angles. 

Cutting Capacity of DWS709

Dewalt DWS709 has an impressive cutting ability. This miter saw has a 6.8″ (width) and 4.5″ (height) miter cutting capacity at 45 degrees .

Likewise, this miter saw has a 9.5″ cross-cut capacity at 90 degrees . On dimensional lumbers, the product can make a 2″x10″ bevel cut at 45 degrees . 

Cutting Capacity of DWS780

The cutting capacity of this model is slightly different from that of DWS780 miter saw. This miter saw can make a 4″x8″ bevel cut at 45⁰ and 90⁰.

Likewise, it supports a 14″ cross cut capacity at 90 degrees which can be increased to 16″ with a special setup. Its dimensional bevel capacity at 45⁰ is 2’x14”.

DWS709 vs.DWS780 : Blade Size

The blade size of a miter saw is a major determinant of its cutting capacity, efficiency, and accuracy.

Dewalt DWS709 and DWS780 have the same blade size but different blade teeth number. Dewalt DWS780 has higher blade teeth number compared to DWS709.

Blade Size of DWS709

Dewalt DWS709 has an impressive blade size optimal for making smooth cuts on materials with varying thickness and sizes. This model features a 12″ blade with 32T that ensures its cut reliability.

Blade Size of DWS780

Dewalt DWS780 has the same blade size and diameter as DWS709. This model has a 60T 12″ blade that supports its impressive cutting ability.

DWS709 vs. DWS780 : Price

Nothing offers more customer satisfaction than gaining a high value for money on any purchase.

Dewalt DWS709 and DWS780 are both moderately priced and are affordable for mid-budget buyers. However, the cost of DWS780 is higher than DWS709.

Price of DWS709

If you would be making a miter saw purchases solely on cost, then Dewalt DWS709 would be an ideal offer. This model is suitable for medium budget buyers and offers high value for money.


Price of DWS780

Although this model’s price is higher than Dewalt DWS780 but looking at its specifications, it is not overpriced.

This model is a good buy for high and mid-budget buyers and it offers a high value for money.


DWS709 vs. DWS780 : Warranty

DEWALT Double Bevel Sliding Miter Saw, 12-inch, Compound (DWS780R)

Manufacturers offer a warranty on their products to give their customers a reliable back-up.

Dewalt DWS709 and DWS780 belong to the same product category and are from the same manufacturer therefore, they have the same warranty offer.

Warranty on DWS709

A 3-year limited warranty backs Dewalt DWS709 for any defect in craft and materials.

The offer also features 1-year free service support and 90-days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

Warranty on DWS780

Dewalt DWS780 warranty offer includes a 3-year limited warranty of defects in craft and materials, 1-year limited service and repair support, and a 90-days money-back guarantee. 

Standout Features

Unique Features of DWS709

Adjustable miter dent plates: This model features an adjustable stainless-steel miter dent plate with 13 positive stops to enhance productivity and accuracy of cuts.

Oversized bevel scale: The oversized bevel scale of Dewalt DWS709 enhance the accuracy and ease of making bevel angle adjustments.

Dual horizontal steel rails: Dewalt DWS709 features a dual horizontal steel rail with linear ball bearings that enhance the product to deliver fast, accurate, and precise cuts.


Unique Features of DWS780

Camlock miter handle: Dewalt DWS780 has a Camlock miter handle that includes a dent override to deliver fast and accurate miter angles.

Innovative gearbox and a drive belt: This feature enhance the miter saw’s vertical cutting capacity.

Integrated CUTLINETM blade positioning system: The Integrated CUTLINETM blade positioning system of this model offers a tool-less cutline indicator for improved accuracy and cut precision.


Which Miter Saw is Better ? DWS709 or DWS780 ?

Use DWS709 if :

You should pick Dewalt DWS709 if you have a significant consideration for cost. This model is affordable and offers a high value for money.

This miter saw is ideal for professional and beginner woodworkers, homeowners, and DIY enthusiasts.

Likewise, you should go for this miter saw if you desire a lightweight product with a compact design for your woodworking applications.


Use DWS780 if :

If you desire a portable miter saw with high-quality, versatility, and efficiency for professional woodworking applications, then you should add Dewalt DWS780 to your priority list.

This model offers a high value for money, and it is suitable for mid-budget buyers.

Its exclusive cutting features make it easy to use; thus, it is an ideal model for amateurs and beginners.


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