Dewalt DWS779 vs Ryobi TSS120L Mites Saw – Which is Better?

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In Brief: Dewalt DWS779 vs Ryobi TSS120L

Dewalt DWS779 and Ryobi TSS120L are sliding compound Miter Saws from reputable manufacturers. These models are quite similar in their outlook but have variations in their specifications. DWS779 weighs 56lbs while TSS120L weighs 53lbs. The no-load speeds of DWS779 and TSS120L are 3800RPM and 4000RPM respectively. DWS799 has a larger dust port size compared to the TSS120L model.

Miter saws are power tools that are most notable for their ability to make precise cuts at various angles. These angle cuts are often essential for various woodworking crafts.

Considering the enormous need for miter saws, Dewalt and Ryobi offer two of the best models.

In this review, we will make a comparative evaluation of DWS779 and TSS120L, which are impressive models from these manufacturers.

Dewalt DWS779 vs Ryobi TSS120L at a Glance

This comparative review is based on evaluating the specifications, individual features, and the applications of each miter saw model.

Dewalt DWS779Ryobi TSS120L
Ideal forDIY enthusiasts/ Professionals/ HomeownersDIY enthusiasts/ Professionals/ Jobsite contractors
Blade Length12”12”
No-load Speed3800RPM4000RPM
Max. Cross cut Capacity13-3/4”13-1/4”
Size of Dust Port2-1/2”1-1/4”
Motor Rating15amp15amp
Overall Dimension2.0” x 23.0” x 18.5”36.8” x 23.4” x 20.3”
Miter cut capacity at 90⁰2” x 14”2” x 14”
Miter cut capacity at 45⁰2” x 12”2” x 10”
Arbor Size5/8”1''
PriceRelatively affordableModerately priced
Warranty3-year limited warranty3-year limited warranty
Unique Features-Super-efficient dust collection system
-Sliding miter saw with dual bevel
-Exclusive back fence design
-Electric brake
-Two adjustable stands
-Adjustable EXACTLINETM laser

Dewalt DWS779 vs Ryobi TSS120L : Weight

DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779)

The weight of a miter saw is usually the aggregation of the integrated features and build-up the product’s material. DWS779 and TSS120L are considerably lightweight, compact, and portable.

The Dewalt model has a weight that is relatively higher than that of the Ryobi model.

Weight of DWS779

DWS779 features a compact design. This miter saw model weighs 56lbs, which is typical for products in this category. Its weight makes it a target model for various types of buyers, particularly professional woodworkers.

Weight of TSS120L

TSS120L weighs 53lbs, which is one of the lightest weights for a product in this category. This weight optimizes the power tool to ensure ease of operation and practical handling.

Dewalt DWS779 vs Ryobi TSS120L : Size of Dust Port

Any professional woodworker would recognize the immense benefit of having a dust collection port in a miter saw.

Both models have dust ports in their features, but the Dewalt model features a bigger port size than the Ryobi model.

Dust Port Size of DWS779

DWS779 features a sizable dust collection port that aids the easy removal of dust and chips from the product. It features a 2-1/2″ dust collection port for the easy disposal of waste.

The dust collection system is active and super-efficient.

Dust Port Size of TSS120L

The dust port size of TSS1120L is equally impressive but not as large as the DWS779 model. It has a 1-1/4″ dust collection port for optimal elimination of waste.

Dewalt DWS779 vs Ryobi TSS120L : Blade Speed

The no-load speed of a miter saw is otherwise known as the blade speed. It is measured by the number of revolutions that the blade of a miter saw can make in a minute.

TSS120L delivers a slightly higher no-load speed compared to the DWS779 model.

Blade Speed of DWS779

DWS779 has a no-load speed of 3800RPM which is impressive for a portable miter saw. At this speed, this model can cut through different materials of varying thickness.

Blade Speed of TSS120L

TSS120L has an impressive no-load speed of 4000RPM. This blade speed facilitates smooth and efficient cuts through varieties of materials, including hardwoods and composite materials.

Dewalt DWS779 vs Ryobi TSS120L : Cutting Capacity

Miter saws are particularly useful for making angular cuts; therefore, cutting capacity is an essential rating factor for an efficient miter saw.

Both DW779 and TSS120L models both have impressive cutting abilities, with only slight variations.

Cutting Capacity of DWS779

Dewalt complements the compact design of the DWS779 model with an impressive cutting ability. This model has a 13-3/4″ cross-cut capacity.

Likewise, it has a 2″ x 12″ miter cut capacity at 45 degrees and a 2” x 14” miter cut capacity at 90⁰.

Cutting Capacity of TSS120L

This model features a desirable cutting ability overall. TSS120L has a 2″ x 10” miter cut capacity at 90 degrees and a 2″ x 10″ miter cut capacity at 45 degrees.

It has a maximum cross cut capacity of 13-1/4”.

Dewalt DWS779 vs Ryobi TSS120L : Warranty

RYOBI TSS120L 12' 15 Amp Sliding Miter Saw with Laser

The manufacturers of these models of miter saws certify their products for assured quality by giving warranty offers that boosts users’ confidence; enhances the product’s reliability and durability.

The manufacturers of DWS779 and TSS120L give similar warranty offer on these miter saw models.

Warranty of DWS779

DWS779 comes with a three-year limited warranty that covers all defects in materials and craft. The manufacturer also provides 1-year free service support for this model, including maintenance and replacement offers.

Warranty of TSS120L

TSS120L is covered with a 3-year warranty that includes craft and materials.

They also have service centers in different locations to handle the replacement and repair services of this model.

Standout Features

Unique Features of DWS779

Super-efficient dust collection system : This model features a super-efficient dust collection port that extracts over 75% of dust. This feature ensures cleanliness and eases the product’s maintenance.

Sliding miter saw with dual bevel : DWS779 has a double bevel option that aids flexibility and easy adjustment. The feature gives users full operational control and easy handling.

Exclusive back fence design : This model’s complete back fence design allows it to make dimensional cuts on materials at various angles.


Unique Features of TSS120L

 Electric brake : This model includes an electric brake that halts its blade’s rotation within a few seconds. This feature improves the operational safety of the power tool.

Two adjustable stands : TSS120L has two flexible frames that confer rigidity on this model and makes it adaptable for various jobsite rigors.

Adjustable Exactlinet laser : The adjustable Exactlinet laser of this model provides guide lines during cutting. This feature improves the precision and accuracy of cuts.


Which Miter Saw Is Better ? Dewalt DWS779 or Ryobi TSS120L

Use Dewalt DWS779 if :

DWS779 is an efficient miter saw useful in various woodworking applications.

You should use DWS779 if you need an affordable, compact, and effective sliding compound miter saw with a dual bevel feature.

This model is easy to handle which makes it suitable for beginners and amateurs.


Use Ryobi TSS120L if :

You should use TSS120L if you need an efficient and compact sliding compound miter with a built-in laser guide feature.

This miter saw is ideal for professional woodworkers, amateurs, and DIY enthusiasts who need a power tool for their woodworking tasks.


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