EGO Power LM2000 Electric Push Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: EGO Power LM2000 Electric Push Lawn Mower Review

EGO Power LM2000 is the right choice for individuals on a tight budget, yet they need a quiet and lightweight mower. It is easy-to-use and requires minimal effort. This durable mower might be the kind of mower you have been longing to find.

EGO is an international manufacturing industry that has been in operation for the last 27 years. The company mainly stands on innovation towards cordless technologies.

EGO is one of the largest tool manufacturing companies in the world and produces more than 10 million units every year.

EGO Power LM2000 is an effective and affordable lawn mower, highlighted by a 20-inch cutting width and an exceptionally clean cutting, which makes mowing enjoyable for you.

Key Specification of EGO Power LM2000 Electric Push Lawn Mower

EGO Power+ LM2000-S 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Walk Behind Lawn Mower (Battery and Charger Not Included)

It’s quiet mowing operation is one of its major highlights. Honestly, I did enjoy this feature considering when I arrived in my rural home ahead of my family.

The grass in my yard was thick and high, and I would describe the view as unappealing. Thanks to Ego Power LM2000, I was able to mow over the night without disturbing my neighbors.

The machine features powerful headlights, which extends your working hours in case you get caught up with time. Because of its ergonomic and adjustable handle, you will not feel any exhaustion throughout the mowing session.

You are going to love the fact that its design is very unique. It features a weather resistance construction, which means, come spring come summer, this mower comes in handy.

It is compatible with any EGO lithium battery. If you have another spare battery, you can extend your mowing time for an extra hour.

Surprisingly, although it does pack such a powerful engine and a lot of muscle, this lawn mower doesn’t exceed 56.2 lbs.

It is the cut width of 20 inches that should help you get up to 1 acre of lawn done in a single session. The machine equipped with the select cut multi-blade system enables you to complete your work with lesser efforts.

If you want to learn more about how it operates, we suggest you check out this demonstration video:


Here is the long list of specifications of the model –

Cutting Width
Power Type
Engine Size (cc)
Front Wheels (in)
Rear Wheels (in)
Cutting Style
Mulch; Bag; Side-Discharge
56.2 lbs.
Washout Port
Drive System
Front-Wheel Drive
Battery duration
40-45 minutes

Unique Features

There are a couple of distinct features that make EGO Power LM2000 Self-Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower a worthy choice.

LED lights

This feature is one that is not familiar to many lawnmowers. I was impressed to find that I can use my lawnmower even when the night falls.

The quiet operation supplements this feature, and thus you need not worry about being a nuisance to your sleeping neighbors.

Are you worried that the battery might not serve you as much time when your lights are on? Then worry no more because it will last up to an hour, even when you are using the LED lights.

Fold Flat In Seconds

This lawnmower holds 37.40 x 21.65 x 16.14 inches dimensions. Like I first thought, people like me who own a small garage may think this mower will occupy some considerable space. Well, it looks like I was wrong.

You just need lesser efforts when storing and cleaning. The mower has a right lever situated at the bottom of the handle, which allows you to fold the mower with ease.

You can subsequently store this tool vertically or in a horizontal position. It takes lesser space, and its parts remain intact


Power, Design, and Durability


This is one of the main aspects of determining the overall control of a lawnmower is its performance. You get to influence the mower with a 600W battery, and a magnetic, high torque motor.

This mower is no less to what a gas mower can do.

The kind of power it provides is sufficient to cut a thick, high grass with ease and lesser push effort. However, I feel that if this machine had a self-propelled feature, it would be more hands-off.

Its 56 Volt rechargeable battery you can handle up to a three-quarter acre of the yard before recharging. It does offer such an excellent performance, easily, entirely, and just as per your preference.

Its 20-inch deck manages to cover a broader area in each trip hence lesser trips made.


The modern and lightweight design is among the main reasons I considered this product one of the best cordless mowers on the market. It weighs 56.2 lbs. of assembled weight and dimensions of 37.40 x 21.65 x 16.14 inches.

You will enjoy the smooth maneuverability under any terrain and an adjustable ergonomic handle for added comfort. The equipment is well-engineered, and it comprised a sturdy, thick plastic that is water-resistant.


While lightweight and offering excellent maneuverability, this lawn mower can withstand some heavy use. It does have a 20-inch steel deck as well as sharp cutting blades that could go through the thickest of grass.

Remember, it constitutes a rugged, weather-resistant construction that keeps your mower safe under any working condition.

Cut Quality and Available Options

This part will leave you loving this mower even more. It offers clean cutting leaving your lawn presentable and beautiful.

This model does come with five different height options as you can go for the one-inch close option, or the 3.5″ if you want to get some right height of your lush.

It has 3 available disposal options, mulch, bag, and side discharge. Once more, you need no expertise switching from one transition to another.

Performance and Ease of Usage

We already talked about the effective starting mechanism highlighting this product. The press’s availability to start a button next to your handle makes it easy for you to operate the machine.

The fact that you can easily adjust the front and rear levers to achieve the perfect blade angle makes this lawnmower user-friendly.

This lawnmower’s smooth performance might be the right choice for anyone interested in a durable yet sturdy mower.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

When it comes to EGO Power LM2000, you really won’t have a tough time on maintenance. Its all-weather design means its a durable machine.

The fact that the deck height is easily adjustable and large enough implies that any damage is close to none.

EGO power LM2000 is a family-friendly model, which means that anyone can start and operate it. Its handle easily collapses for better, vertical storage space-saving. I liked how easy to use, store, and manage this lawnmower is.


EGO Power LM2000 does care about its customers. They hold much confidence in their products. You get five years warranty on the entire equipment as well as three years limited warranty on the battery.

You can use this link: to find the nearest authorized store. Ensure you carry with you proof of purchase when visiting your authorized retailer.

Price of EGO Power LM2000 Electric Push Lawn Mower

Compared to other products of its kind, like Greenworks GLM801602 PRO 21-Inch Lawn Mower, this model’s price is incredibly affordable. It does bring more power and precision than most walk-behind mowers.

Generally, the overall technology and design make it a respectable choice even when compared to high-end products.


Who Should Buy It?

The cost-effectiveness of this mower is impressive; this makes it an outstanding choice for any lawn owner.

What we did like about it is that it is lightweight, modesty, easy to use and operate and lightweight and hold a compact and modern design.

Generally, this lawnmower comes fully equipped with all great features that a good mower should hold. Not forgetting you get five years limited warranty on the tool and three years on its battery.

Going for this lawnmower might be the best investment you make.

Why We Like It

To wrap this review, there are several reasons why we would recommend this mower to you. First, it’s cost-effective, lightweight, and easy to use, and finally, it holds enough power for a cordless lawnmower.


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