Esab Fabricator 141i Welder Review

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In Brief: Esab Fabricator 141i Review

The ESAB Fabricator 141i welder packs three styles of welding techniques into one convenient, portable package. With the efficient design of the ESAB product line to back it up, this welder makes it easy to work with mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and weld metal in many sizes.

The ESAB company cares about its customers, its products, and the environment. It strives to find new and innovative ways to provide high-quality welding equipment and accessories that meet or exceed the expectations of its customers.

As part of its promise, the ESAB company strictly follows an Environmental, Health & Safety Policy and cuts back on the use of water and energy. It also reduces the use of toxic substances in its production.

It is important to note that ESAB rebranded its Fabricator 141i product line several years ago.

For this reason, some individual welders still feature the original product name “Tweco” while others feature the updated ESAB logo. These products remain the same otherwise.

The ESAB Fabricator 141i offers sophisticated and precise controls while allowing welders of any skill level to enjoy a variety of welding styles and techniques.

Key Specifications of the ESAB Fabricator 141i

Tweco W1003141 Fabricator with 141I 3-in-1 MIG/Stick/TIG Welding System

The ESAB Fabricator 141i provides a combination of MIG, TIG, and stick welding options in one convenient welder.

It includes an overload protection feature to prevent the machine from overheating and an intelligent fan design for a cleaner, safer use.

Check out the ESAB Fabricator 141i in action here –


Read a long list of ESAB Fabricator 141i specs here:

MIG, TIG, stick
Current Range
Wire Feed Speed
2.3-9.9 m/min
Duty Cycle
15% @ 19VDC MIG
35% @ 23.2VDC stick
20% @ 14VDC TIG
17.7in. h x 16.2in. l x 8.3in. w
WarrantyCheck Manual
MIG gun
Stick welder
Welding rods
Sample spool of flux core wire
FeaturesInfinite voltage control
Adjustable arc force control
Lift start for TIG

Unique Features

The ESAB Fabricator 141i welder incorporates its beneficial features with a standard, user-friendly design to allow beginners and experts alike to enjoy the use of this welder.

Infinite Voltage Control

This welder includes infinite voltage control, which allows the user to adjust settings to the precise requirements for any type of metal or wire.

For arc welding, it includes arc stability and reduces the risk of splatter.

Overload Protection

If the ESAB Fabricator 141i overheats, it turns off the power source and prevents the components from becoming damaged.

This feature also increases the safety of you and your home or workspace.

Metal Feed Plate

The welder includes a metal feed plate that works with an included two-roll reversible drive. The drive makes it easy to set the right tension for any wire you need to work with.

Spool Gun Capable

Although this welder does not come with a spool gun, it includes spool gun capability. Right out of the box, you can attach and use a spool gun with this product.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

The ESAB Fabricator 141i includes several beneficial features for beginners and professionals to enjoy.

Combined with its performance and portability, these features create a solid welder that remains a popular choice among customers.


Most customers report that the MIG and stick functions perform well with this welder. Although the TIG function operates on DC power only, it still holds up sufficiently, lays beads nicely, and creates clean welds.

Some customers incorporate this welder into their professional operations or use it as part of their professional auto repair shops.

It keeps up with the amount of usage required at these busy locations.

Its solid performance and durable design allow the ESAB Fabricator 141i to efficiently complete projects of any size.

Ease of Transportation

As one of the lighter portable welders, the ESAB Fabricator 141i makes transportation easy. Even when used with its accessories, the welder remains light enough to take around the house or to and from job sites as needed.

For even more convenient transportation, use it with a small welder cart and bring it around your workspace with you.


Weld Quality and Available Options

The ESAB Fabricator 141i creates a quality weld. When adjusted to the correct setting for the project, it reaches the right level of penetration and rarely burns the metal.

The welder creates little splatter and TIGs beautifully as well.

This welder operates with mild steel, stainless steel, flux core, and aluminum wires. Each of these provides excellent, high-quality outputs.

The ESAB Fabricator 141i comes in just one option, but includes a few add-ons that customers purchase as upgrades:

  • TIG torch: You need a TIG torch if you want to try TIG welding with this product.
  • Spool gun: Most aluminum wires require a spool gun, so customers add on this item to the kit often.
  • Power adapter: Use a power adapter to convert power sources if necessary within your home or workspace.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

ESAB offers quality customer service and assists customers who need troubleshooting tips.

Although the company web site sells some replacement parts, these parts often show up as out of stock or unavailable.

Customers in need of repairs usually contact a technician to service their ESAB Fabricator 141i welders. However, even beginner customers learn quickly how to change consumable parts, such as tips, connectors, and wire.

Regular maintenance and upkeep extend the life of the welder. To service your welder, turn off the power and leave it off for at least 30 minutes.

Check the welding cables for signs of damage and replace them every few months if necessary.

Clean the inside of the welder with compressed air. Be careful when doing this to avoid electric shock. The ESAB Fabricator 141i welder includes ESAB’s Tweco/Thermal Arc warranty.

This warranty covers parts and labor for up to three years, as long as the product has not been tampered with or altered beyond the manufacturer’s suggestions.

Customer service offers warranty help and information at 1-800-ESAB-123 or Check out the User Manual.


Can you use your home’s power source for the ESAB Fabricator 141i?

Yes. The welder includes an adapter to make this even easier.

Can the ESAB Fabricator 141i weld aluminum?

Yes, if you use the spool gun attachment. This attachment comes at an additional cost.

Does the ESAB Fabricator 141i come with a foot pedal?

No. You can purchase a TIG pedal for use with this welder at an additional cost.

Does the ESAB Fabricator 141i come with a TIG torch?

No. The TIG torch from the Tweco line can be purchased as an additional upgrade.

Price of the ESAB Fabricator 141i

The ESAB Fabricator 141i comes in at slightly above the price of many other portable home welders. Despite its higher price point, it offers lower power than some of the comparable models on the market.

Customers usually find that the TIG, MIG, and stick capabilities of the ESAB Fabricator 141i outweigh the additional cost. These functions create a precise weld regardless of the type of metal or wire used.


Who Should Buy the ESAB Fabricator 141i?

The ESAB Fabricator 141i offers welding benefits to all skill levels.

Beginners enjoy using it because they receive the opportunity to try several techniques. Experts prefer using it for its precision controls and processes.

Customers looking for variety in their welder benefit from bringing the ESAB Fabricator 141i into their homes and workshops.

It tackles projects both big and small with enough power to get the job done and plenty of settings to help.

With a portable and durable design to complete the package, this welder remains ideal for almost any hobbyist or professional.

Our Recommendation

The ESAB Fabricator 141i creates quality welds using several techniques. It makes switching between welding styles easy and provides safety features for its users as well.

We recommend this welder for customers who want to weld most types of metal with several welding styles.

It functions well as a welder for artists, auto repair technicians, professional welders, and home hobbyists too.


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