Everlast 160STH TIG Stick Welder Review

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In Brief: Everlast 160sth Review

The Everlast 160sth welder offers excellent precision and setting adjustments without sacrificing a lightweight and portable design. As one of the most beloved products from the Everlast line, this welder helps both new and experienced hobbyists complete projects made of stainless steel, mild steel, or titanium.

The Everlast company came onto the scene in 2004 and continues to grow every year. This brand associates itself with high-quality products that last, and it provides customers with understandable and accessible equipment and accessories.

The Everlast company sets itself apart from many others by focusing on what the customer sees and experiences first. From there, the company custom tailors its products to suit the needs of its growing customer base.

Among the extensive product line from this company sits the Everlast 160sth welder. This product incorporates home welding settings with shop welding power to create the perfect blend of features for the price.

Key Specifications of the Everlast 160sth

PowerArc 160STH HF TIG Stick IGBT Inverter 160Amp Welder 110v/220v Dual Voltage

The Everlast 160sth welder provides plenty of capability in a small package. This little welder includes versatility and precision for more experienced customers but remains user-friendly for beginners to learn with.

Check out the Everlast 160sth welder in action here –


Read through the long list of Everlast 160sth specs here:

TIG, stick
Duty Cycle
Input Power
Rated Output
Minimum Amperage Output
5 Amp
Maximum Amperage Output
160 Amp
11 in. h x 7 in. w x 14 in. d
TIG kit
Carrying case
Easy Hot Start
Auto-regulated Arc Control
Foot pedal option

Unique Features

Customers in need of specialized features in a portable and lightweight welding machine enjoy working with the Everlast 160sth.

It includes a handful of benefits that set it apart from other low-cost and lower-weight solutions.

TIG and Stick Compatible

Whether you want to use this welder for TIG or stick welding projects, it is capable of handling almost anything you can throw at it. With these combined capabilities, it can weld any metal other than aluminum.

High-Frequency Start

The High-Frequency Start feature allows you to use the TIG function in conditions where you might not want to create an arc. The results produce professional-grade welds time after time.

Dual Voltage Feature

This feature makes it easy to use the welder at either 120 volts or 220 volts as needed for different projects. With this built-in function, you can plug into one power source and use it both ways.

Easy Hot Start

The welder incorporates an easy Hot Start feature to make your startup a breeze. Even beginners create quality welds with smooth arcs when using this convenient built-in feature.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

Although the Everlast 160sth remains on the small side of most portable home welders, it creates quality welds and lives up to the performance expectations of the Everlast company.


Beginner and intermediate welders report positive results most of the time when using the Everlast 160sth welder. They learn quickly with this product and have no trouble changing and adjusting the settings when necessary.

Experienced welders find this product somewhat lacking in power. Despite this, they often enjoy the durability and easy alterations provided by the Everlast 160sth. Output control rates high among users of all skill levels.

Ease of Transportation

On its own, the Everlast 160sth provides plenty of portability. It features a lighter weight than many competitors and combines this weight with a sleek, small profile.

However, when used with the optional foot pedal add-on, the product becomes heavier and bulkier.

Even so, travel remains relatively convenient and efficient, and this welder provides quick and easy movement from one place to the next.


Weld Quality and Available Options

Customers continually report excellent weld quality from the Everlast 160sth. Whether you’re welding mild steel, titanium, stainless steel, or any other metal aside from aluminum, this welder handles it with ease.

Above all of its other impressive features, the weld quality stands out due to the welder’s precision controls. Few lightweight welders provide as much control as the Everlast 160sth. The results prove its capabilities.

The Everlast 160sth comes in only one option. However, customers add on the following options:

  • Foot pedal: Customers enjoy more precision and control than ever before with the optional addition of a foot pedal.
  • Tungsten rods: TIG welding requires tungsten rods, but the kit only comes with a starter rod. Customers generally purchase additional rods when buying this welder.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Everlast company web site offers several replacement parts for purchase.

Since the Everlast 160sth remains such a popular and widely used product, many technicians also offer services in repairing and replacing parts of this welder.

Customer service provides information and troubleshooting for customers in need of assistance. Everlast advises inexperienced customers to avoid taking the welder apart to attempt to fix problems.

Regular maintenance provides a longer lifespan for this product. Keep the cooling fan and exhaust panels clean and free of dust and buildup. Use compressed air to clean out the machine once a month.

Unplug the machine for 30 minutes before performing maintenance.

The Everlast 160sth welder includes a standard Everlast 5-year warranty. The warranty covers damage and malfunction during regular, normal use.

When the welder requires a repair or replacement, the company covers the cost of parts and labor during this time.

Accessories fall under a six-month warranty instead of the five-year warranty. Everlast Warranty Support offers more information at 877-755-9353.


Does the Everlast 160sth come with everything required for TIG welding?

Yes; TIG welding capabilities are included and can be enjoyed right out of the box.

What size tungsten rods work with the Everlast 160sth?

This welder requires tungsten at 3/32” or less.

Can you use the Everlast 160sth welder with a generator?

You can, as long as the generator features clean power.

Can you use your own TIG torch instead of the one that comes with the Everlast 160sth?

You can, as long as the connectors match. Do not force the connectors to fit together.

Price of the Everlast 160sth

The Everlast 160sth welder comes in well under budget for many customers. It provides powerful welding capabilities backed by a company that cares, all at a low price.

Compared to other lightweight welders with similar functions, this product features a budget-friendly price point. Since it requires no additional add-ons at the time of purchase, it offers an affordable entry into home welding.


Who Should Buy the Everlast 160sth?

Almost any welder of any skill level finds something to enjoy about the Everlast 160sth. Across the board, the welder delights customers who need home welding or want a portable solution for their workshops.

Hobbyists who enjoy TIG welding complete projects with ease using the built-in functions that come with the Everlast 160sth. Those who prefer stick welding utilize the Hot Start and arc stability features instead.

Whether you are looking to get started learning welding skills or you need a convenient way to weld most metals with ease, the Everlast 160sth provides the right qualities for the job.

Our Recommendation

The Everlast 160sth combines a portable design with powerful TIG and stick welding functions.

Supported by the Everlast company and its commitment to customer satisfaction, this welder offers plenty of benefits in a compact package.

We recommend this welder for home hobbyists who enjoy welding frequently but do not make a living from it.

We also recommend the Everlast 160sth for welders of any skill level who want to explore convenient TIG welding options.


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