Everlast 211si TIG MIG Welder Review

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In Brief: Everlast 211si Review

The Everlast 211si welder comes from the Everlast company and lives up to its company legacy. This welder is built to last and designed to become an important part of any shop, garage, or home welding setup. With TIG, MIG, and stick options plus upgrade capabilities, the welder has a little something for everyone.

The Everlast company provides high-quality welders with a focus on creating machines that work for loyal customers.

The company began in 2004 and continues to strive for excellence in its products, customer service, and plans for future innovations.

The Everlast 211si welder combines the quality assurance of the Everlast company with impressive welding processes and capabilities.

With tons of features packed into a compact and portable welding device, this machine offers users multiple ways to weld.

Key Specifications of the Everlast 211si

Everlast THUNDER 215 MIG TIG Stick 200amp 110v/220v Multi Process Welder

The Everlast 211si offers users the ability to switch between MIG, TIG, and stick style welding at any time. It comes with all the basics needed to set it up for use with any of these methods and multiple types of metal, too.

Learn more about the Everlast 211si welder and its settings here –


Check out the long list of Everlast 211si specs here:

TIG, MIG, stick
Max Rated Amps
240V @ 210A; 120V @ 126A (MIG)
240V @ 210A; 120V @ 126 A (TIG)
240V @ 176A; 120V @ 100A (Stick)
Output Range
30A-200A/16.6-24V (MIG)
10A-200A/10.4V-18V (TIG)
10A-176A/16.6V-24V (Stick)
Duty Cycle
210A/24V @ 36% Duty Cycle (MIG)
210/18.4V @ 40% Duty Cycle (TIG)
176A/27V @ 26% Duty Cycle (Stick)
Max Rated Input Amps
120V: 21A
240V: 23A
Max Wire Feed Speed
24 in. l x 9 in. w x 17 in. d
Multiple welding methods
User-friendly setting panel
Arc force control
MIG wave form control
TIG up/downslope
Burn back control
MIG torch
Stick electrode holder with 10ft. cable
TIG torch with cable
Connectors for torches
Gas regulator

Unique Features

The Everlast 211si welder includes multiple features across a variety of welding methods. These features allow precise control and adjustments for TIG, MIG, and stick welding.

Arc Force Control

Users can precisely configure their arc when stick welding with the help of this feature. Simply dial in the right settings and create the perfect output.

TIG Up/Downslope

At the end of a welding pass, this feature allows the user to have more control over the TIG torch.

MIG Wave Form Control

Experienced welders can achieve precise outcomes by adjusting the inductance and slope of their arc when MIG welding.

Burn Back Control

This feature reduces the need to trim wire when restarting welding. After a pass is complete, the wire burns back slightly and stops at the right length for the next step in the welding process.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

Coming in at the top of many customers’ charts, the Everlast 211si welder surprises beginners and experienced hobbyists. This welder does what other welders try to do.


Although many multi-use welders often fall short in terms of performance, the Everlast 211si dominates the field.

It provides impressive control regardless of the welding method and features durable, well-made parts that hold up to extensive use.

The included accessories perform well but may not be as durable over time as the welder itself.

Regardless, out of the box, they offer everything a hobbyist needs to get started with all three welding styles included.

Ease of Transportation

Welders who need to carry their welding machine from one place to another enjoy using this lightweight and portable device.

The welder features a small profile and a comparable weight to most other portable welders on the market.

Despite its small size, the welder handles a variety of materials, wires, and thicknesses with ease. Its portable design does not detract from its benefits.


Weld Quality and Available Options

Experienced professionals praise the weld quality provided by the Everlast 211si welder.

Although it remains one of the smaller welders on the market, it lays beads and creates joints with exceptional outputs.

Beginning welders find it easy to create beautiful welds without much experience. The simple settings and easy-to-use panel on the Everlast 211si provide ample opportunities for novices to learn.

This welder comes in only one option. However, it can be purchased with add-ons including:

  • Spool gun: This add-on allows easier welding of thinner materials.
  • Flux core drive roll: Use this add-on to complete flux core welding with the same machine.
  • Foot pedal: Gain more precise welding with this optional foot pedal add-on.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Everlast company provides consumable parts for quick and easy ordering online. Replacement parts for damaged pieces of the welder must be requested by calling customer service.

To perform maintenance on this machine, unplug the power cord and leave it unplugged for at least thirty minutes.

Never open the machine to service parts inside. Leave this type of repair to the professionals.

Every few months check the welder for signs of dust and dirt buildup in the vents. Use compressed air to gently clean out the vents.

Check the cables and connectors for damage or loosening. Tighten loose connectors and replace damaged cables.

The Everlast 211si welder includes 5-year parts and labor warranty. Torches, foot pedals, guns, and other accessories include a six-month warranty for parts and labor.

The Everlast company covers returns due to shipping damage or malfunctioning parts up to 30 days after delivery as part of their 30-Day Satisfaction Policy.

Contact the Everlast company’s warranty department at 877-755-9353 for more information or visit https://www.everlastgenerators.com/standard-warranty


Are replacement liners and other gun parts easy to find for the Everlast 211si welder?

Yes. Many supply stores offer these parts for sale, and the Everlast company includes these parts on their web site as well.

Can the Everlast 211si welder work for flux core welding?

Yes. Customers interested in flux core welding must purchase the optional flux core drive roll for this welder.

Which types of metal can the Everlast 211si welder handle?

The welder works with mild steel, chrome-moly, stainless steel, copper, and titanium for TIG welding. It functions as a MIG welder for mild steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly, and aluminum. It provides stick welding capabilities with stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum.

Does the Everlast 211si welder use the same gas inlet for all types of welding?

Yes. Customers must change the gas connection depending on the type of welding performed. The welder includes required connectors and nozzles for gas welding.

Price of the Everlast 211si

The Everlast 211si costs more than other portable welders on the market. However, in comparison to other three-in-one or multi-use welders, it offers a competitive price point.

The welder includes the ability to use three welding techniques and upgrade to a fourth.

It also comes with easy settings and adjustments as well as everything needed to get started using it right out of the box.

Because it includes so much, most customers find the value well worth the higher cost and feel the welder offers a budget-friendly price in the long run.


Who Should Buy the Everlast 211si?

Beginning customers just getting started learning how to weld can expand their horizons when using the Everlast 211si.

Additionally, intermediate hobbyists looking to try new welding methods enjoy working with this machine as they learn.

Even experienced welders like the way this machine performs. Its simple design and portability make it a useful addition to professional shops, particularly for on-the-site welding jobs.

The Everlast 211si functions well for anyone looking to weld metals that cannot be handled by every welder, including copper, chrome-moly, and titanium.

Our Recommendation

The Everlast 211si offers quality performance and several output methods. Its digital push-button display and settings encourage welders to learn more precise adjustments as they improve their skills with the help of this machine.

We recommend the Everlast 211si for welders of any skill level who need a portable solution with multiple options to choose from.

We also recommend it for those looking for a welder that can handle more than just steel and aluminum.


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