Everlast Power I-MIG 140E Welder Review

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In Brief: Elerlast Power I-MIG 140E Review

With a user-friendly interface and a budget-friendly price point, the Power I-MIG 140E provides accessible welding solutions for beginners. This machine provides enough power to keep more advanced users satisfied while completing tasks efficiently. Backed by the Everlast company’s commitment to quality products, this welder makes customers take notice.

The Everlast company manufactures quality welding equipment designed with home hobbyists and residential consumers in mind.

Even so, many of their products perform at professional levels and provide reliable, durable solutions for shops as well as home use.

As one of the Everlast company’s high-quality portable welding solutions, the Power I-MIG 140E brings the power of this company’s product line to residential users.

This welder provides MIG functions out of the box and flux core options with upgrades.

Key Specifications of the Power I-MIG 140E

The Power I-MIG 140E combines efficient functionality with a portable design.

The result makes MIG and flux core welding convenient and accessible for beginners while providing precise adjustments for advanced users.

Check out the Power I-MIG 140E in action here –


Read the long list of Power I-MIG 140E specs below:

MIG, flux core
Max Rate MIG Amps
MIG Amps/Volts @ Rated Duty Cycle
140A/21V @ 25%
90A/18.4V @ 60%
70A/17.6V @ 100%
MIG Output Range25A-140A/15.3V-21V
Max Rated Input Amps19.5A
Dimensions18 in. x 9 in. x 13 in.
WarrantyCheck Manual
Stable arc
Dual wire spool function
Accessories10ft. MIG gun
Work clamp with cable
Gas regulator
Contact tip replacement

Unique Features

With a sturdy drive roll and an inverter-based system, the Power I-MIG 140E gives users of any skill level the ability to create smooth welds and finish projects efficiently.


The Power I-MIG 140E welder offers an inverter-based design that improves the performance of the arc as well as the duty cycle. ‘

This system also improves the overall energy efficiency of the product.

Stable Arc

The welder creates a stable arc that remains smooth and easy to work with.

120V Input

With a convenient 120V input, this welder plugs into most household currents and works in a variety of locations with no need for complicated setup.

Long-Lasting Drive Mechanism

The included drive mechanism holds up well to long-term use and provides reliable results.

Dual Wire Spool Function

This machine incorporates a dual wire spool function, so it runs easily when used with 4-inch and 8-inch wire spools.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

With a combination of lightweight design and surprising performance, this machine lives up to the Everlast name and helps customers get the results they want.


Despite its small size and simple functions, the Power I-MIG 140E welder provides optimum performance for light to moderate welding jobs.

This machine packs a punch and tackles household welding and some auto repair with ease.

Customers enjoy the quick, easy setup and accurate controls on this device. Many customers feel the machine meets or exceeds expectations and competes well with some of the bigger brand names on the market, too.

Some customers have issues with the included ground clamp and feel its quality falls short of the rest of the included parts.

Despite the ground clamp issue, this product features durable construction and reliable inner working components. It holds up well to regular use.

Ease of Transportation

At just 25 pounds, this welder remains easy to transport to any job site.

Whether you use it as part of a professional shop setup and carry it to work locations as needed or just move it around your home or garage, the welder offers impressive portability.

This convenient welder features a built-in handle on top of the product and a slim profile to make it even easier to transport. Since it connects to household currents, it plugs in almost anywhere with no trouble.


Weld Quality and Available Options

The Power I-MIG 140E creates solid welds that hold.

This machine runs hot enough to tackle mild steel, stainless steel, and chrome-moly right out of the box. With a spool gun, it welds thin aluminum nicely, too.

The welder creates smooth results and welds clean. It offers a smooth start with minimal spatter and makes it easy for users of any skill level to create impressive results.

The Power I-MIG 140E welder comes in just one option. Customers may choose to add the following:

  • Spool gun: With a spool gun attachment, aluminum welding becomes possible.
  • Knurled roller: This type of roller allows users to work with flux core wire on this machine as well as the solid wire.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Everlast company web site offers some replacement parts for purchase. These include accessories, consumables, and easily replaceable parts.

Customer service may provide other replacements depending on the product, issue, and warranty in question.

The company does not recommend customers perform maintenance or repairs on internal components. Always contact a technician to handle this type of repair.

Perform regular maintenance on this machine. Before any type of maintenance, unplug the machine and leave it off for 30 minutes to prevent the risk of electric shock.

Check cables, cords, and terminals every six months. Replace damaged items and tighten weld terminals.

Check consumables, accessories, liners, and labels every three months. Replace any damaged items. Clean weld terminals with a brush.

Every three months remove the cover on this machine and clean the interior with compressed air.

Do not clean any parts you cannot see. Clean the vents with compressed air as well. Repeat this maintenance more frequently if needed.

The Everlast company provides a warranty to cover the Power I-MIG 140E. This warranty covers five years of parts and labor on the unit itself and six months of replacement parts for the included accessories.

The warranty excludes consumables. However, the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on all items.

Contact the Everlast company for more warranty information at 877-755-9353.


Which type of gas is best for use with the Power I-MIG 140E?

This welding machine works with several gas options. Use pure argon for aluminum and pure CO2 for mild steel. Use a combination of gases for most other types of welding.

Can the Power I-MIG 140E handle aluminum?

Yes, with some changes. The machine requires a spool gun (not included) to handle aluminum, and it can only weld thin aluminum. It also requires a specific type of shielding gas.

Can the Power I-MIG 140E work without gas?

Yes, in flux core mode. This mode requires a different roller which the company sells separately.

Can you replace the ground clamp on the Power I-MIG 140E?

Yes. The machine takes other varieties of clamps other than the included option.

Price of the Power I-MIG 140E

The Power I-MIG 140E comes in at a reasonable price point for its included features.

It is neither expensive nor low-cost but remains budget-friendly for most customers. Its price stays competitive when compared with other similar products on the market.

Because this machine offers dual welding capabilities and packs plenty of power, most customers feel the price reflects the value.

However, since it excludes some required components for use out of the box, the final setup may cost a bit more.


Who Should Buy the Power I-MIG 140E?

With a portable design built to last, the Power I-MIG 140E finds its place among other, bigger-name household welding machines.

This machine provides MIG and flux core welding capabilities to home hobbyists, DIYers, and auto restoration hobbyists as well.

The welder makes welding on the go convenient and simple. It works best for beginners looking to learn how to MIG weld and upgrade later to flux core welding.

However, it also functions well enough to serve as a portable solution for professionals.

Welders of any skill level enjoy working with the Power I-MIG 140E thanks to its simple controls and efficient setup.

Our Recommendation

The Power I-MIG 140E comes with plenty of features to make welding accessible to beginners.

Its user-friendly setup and simple dial controls ensure any user creates the perfect results with the right outputs every time.

We recommend this welder for beginners learning how to weld or any home hobbyist who performs household repairs.

We also recommend it for professional shop welders looking for a portable way to manage light to moderate on-site jobs.


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