Everlast PowerTIG 200DV TIG Welder Review

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In Brief: Everlast PowerTIG 200DV Review

With precision control and plenty of startup features to keep projects running smoothly and effortlessly, the PowerTIG 200DV welder provides users of any skill level with plenty of welding power. This machine creates beautiful results on a variety of metals, including steel, aluminum, titanium, and more.

The Everlast company began in 2004 and continues to provide welding customers with quality products and impressive customer service.

This company stands by the products it creates and works to ensure that its customers are always satisfied with the results.

The PowerTIG 200DV welder fits in nicely as part of the Everlast company’s line of products. This machine brings the power and stability of an Everlast welder into a portable and easy-to-use design.

Key Specifications of the PowerTIG 200DV

New Everlast PowerTIG 200DV 110/220 Dual Voltage 200amp Pulse ACDC Welder

With several user-friendly features and an accessible design, the Everlast PowerTIG 200DV makes dialing in specifications easier than ever before.

This welder incorporates both TIG and stick welding options to create a robust, powerful machine in a portable size.

Take a look at the PowerTIG 200DV in action here –


Check out the long list of specs for the PowerTIG 200DV below:

TIG, stick
Max Rated TIG Amps
120V: 125amps
240V: 200amps
Max Rated Stick Amps120V: 100amps
240V: 160amps
TIG Output Range120V: 6A-126A/10/2V-16V DC
240V: 6A-200A/10.8V-18V DC
120V: 20A-126A/10.8V-16V AC
240V: 20A-200A/10.8V-18V AC
Stick Output Range120V: 6A-100A/20.2V-24V DC
240V: 6A-160A/20.2V-26.4V DC
VoltageDual Voltage 12/240 1-phase
Dimensions9in. l x 24in. w x 17in. h
FeaturesDual Voltage Input
Lift Start
AC Range of 30%-70%
Color-Coded Controls
AccessoriesTIG torch with 12ft. cable
Stick electrode holder
Foot pedal
Pigtail adapter

Unique Features

The PowerTIG 200DV comes standard with top-of-the line features to help beginners and experienced users both find exciting ways to enjoy its capabilities.

Digital and Color-Coded Panel

The machine features a panel with color-coded dials and buttons as well as a digital display for easy use. Take the guesswork out of adjustments and settings with this convenient design.

Dual Voltage

The dual voltage feature of the PowerTIG 200DV makes it easy to operate the machine at either 120V or 240V, depending on which works best for you and your project.

Wide AC Frequency Range

Use the wide AC frequency range to make controlling the arc easier. This feature also allows users to improve the focus of the arc at the same time.

Lift Start and Hot Start Features

If you cannot use HF for your project, opt for Lift Start instead. When stick welding, the Hot Start function cuts back on sticking and automatically adapts as needed to the project at hand.

Quick Gas Connect

When using a TIG torch, this function allows the connection to occur quickly and easily. This keeps you welding more smoothly and efficiently.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

Offering both TIG and stick functionality, the Everlast PowerTIG 200DV performs well and regularly completes beautiful, smooth welding jobs.

It transports easily thanks to its lightweight design and provides users with a high-quality combination of features.


Both AC and DC settings provide high-quality arc control and focus, making this welder stand out for TIG welding projects.

When it comes to stick, the welder functions beautifully as well and provides an easy, accessible method of welding perfect for beginners.

The machine sets up quickly and adjusts easily. Light to moderate projects look great when completed with this machine, and the product allows welders to learn as they go.

The welder comes with durable plastic outer panels that reduce impact and prevent the inner components from becoming damaged easily with regular use.

Ease of Transportation

At just 62 pounds, the PowerTIG 200DV offers a light and portable design perfect for jobs on the go. When used with the accompanying torch, foot pedal, and other add-ons, the machine remains easy to lift and carry.

The welder comes with a handle built into the top of the design to allow users to transport it efficiently.

Its convenient, portable style earns this welder plenty of recommendations from customers looking for a machine to handle on-site jobs.


Weld Quality and Available Options

Customers regularly report good results when using this machine for a variety of welding materials.

Even beginners can create excellent results with this product, and thanks to its simple color-coded dials, projects look great even through several setting adjustments.

This welder works well for customers in need of a household or garage welder. Even experienced and professional users enjoy working with it because of its quality results.

The PowerTIG 200DV creates nice welds with mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, chrome-moly, and more.

This welder comes in only one option. However, customers choose to add on the following items:

  • Foot pedal upgrade: Although the setup includes a foot pedal, come customers prefer to upgrade it to a better design.
  • Water cooler: This machine works with an optional 300amp water cooler. The Everlast brand water cooler designed for use with the welder includes torch quick connects.
  • Power cart: Improve the portability of this welder with a cart that includes space for the optional water cooler as well.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Customers looking to make repairs or replace parts on their own may purchase some replacement items from the Everlast company web site.

The web site sometimes excludes certain parts that are best left for professional technicians to replace.

Customers should handle general, routine maintenance of this machine on their own. Before working on the welder, unplug the power supply and let it stand for at least 30 minutes.

Every month use compressed air to clean out any dirt or dust in the vents and inner workings.

Every three months check the connectors, cables, and consumable parts to see which require replacements or repairs. Regularly replace consumables when they wear out.

The PowerTIG 200DV welder includes a five-year limited warranty for parts and labor.

Its torch, stick electrode, and other accessories carry a six-month limited warranty for parts and labor. All Everlast items include a 30-day return policy for damages on arrival.

Contact the Everlast company’s warranty support at 877-755-9353 for more information.


Does the PowerTIG 200DV welder include an adjustable pulse for TIG welding?

Yes. The machine has a completely adjustable pulse setting on both low and high.

What size torch comes with the PowerTIG 200DV welder?

This welder includes a #26 size TIG welding torch.

Can the PowerTIG 200DV welder work with a generator?

Yes. This welder requires a clean power generator of at least 9000 watts of continuous output in order to function correctly and safely.

Does the fan run continually or stop and start on the PowerTIG 200DV welder?

The fan runs continually to ensure the machine stays cool and safe for use.

Price of the PowerTIG 200DV

The Everlast PowerTIG 200DV welder comes at a higher price than many other dual-purpose welders on the market. However, in comparison to high-end models, it remains competitive in its price range.

Because of its useful settings and top-of-the-line digital display, this welder’s price remains reasonable in terms of its value.


Who Should Buy the PowerTIG 200DV?

The PowerTIG 200DV welder works especially well for customers who have at least some prior welding experience.

Its precision control settings encourage experienced welders to make adjustments as needed to get the perfect outputs every time.

However, the accessible design and easy-to-read display allows beginners to try their hand at TIG and stick welding, too.

This machine may pose a slight learning curve for beginners, but still allows welders to learn and grow while using it.

This product works especially well as a garage or home welding machine but secures its place as a portable option for a professional shop, too.

Our Recommendation

The PowerTIG 200DV welder combines beginner-friendly controls with professional-grade results. Its durable design and portable features make it a solid TIG/stick dual-option welder for any setup.

We recommend the PowerTIG 200DV welder for intermediate to advance welders looking to bring TIG and stick projects into their home hobby.

We also recommend it for beginners willing to put in the effort it takes to learn this machine.


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