EVOMAG28 Magnetic Drill Press Review

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In Brief: EVOMAG28 Drill Press Review

EVOMAG28 is a portable magnetic drill press with high functional capacity and heavy-duty magnetic power. It has a cutting depth of 2″ and a maximum cutting diameter of 1-1/8″. The 31lbs drill press model has a no-load speed of 570RPM. It is suitable for heavy-duty metal drilling operations. It is useful for DIY enthusiasts and professionals in various fields.

The evolution power tool has spent over two decades in the tool manufacturing industry.

During this period, they have established themselves as a front runner in the manufacture of quality cutting and drilling tools using advanced TCT technology.

EVOMAG28 is a portable magnetic drill press that is suitable for varieties of drilling operations. It has a high-quality construction and offers drilling solutions to different categories of users.

Key Specifications of EVOMAG28

Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 1-1/8' Magnetic Drill

This compact drill press delivers an impressive ½” twist drill capacity and uses a cutter shank of ¾” for improved versatility and cut capacity. It has a minimum plate thickness of 3/8”.

EVOMAG28 has a maximum cutting depth of 2″ and a 7/16”-1-1/8” cutting diameter. This magnetic drill press model is suitable for industrial application with its 2860lbs magnetic adhesion.

EVOMAG28 has a 120V, 10A, 60Hz motor with a power rating of 1200W. This mechanical setup delivers a no-load speed of 570RPM, which is impressive for a product in this category.

The video below shows EVOMAG28 in use:



Model No
Motor Details
120V & 10A
Power (Watts)
Speed (RPM)
Cutter Shank (inches)¾”
Cutting Depth (inches)
Cutting Diameter (inches)
Height (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Digital Speed Reading
Work Light
3 years
Other FeaturesCyclone cutter sets
High functional capacity
Heavy-duty magnetic power

Top Features

EVOMAG28 has several impressive features that differentiate it from other magnetic drill press brands.

Cyclone Cutter Sets

EVOMAG28 includes a wide array of tools that can be used with this magnetic drill press model.

This tool offers different types of annular cutters, mini cutters, and step drills. You can also increase your cutter’s life span and get more value by using the evolution cutting fluid.

High Functional Capacity

EVOMAG28’s compactness does not limit the extent of the capacity of its application.

Instead, this magnetic drill press model is highly productive in various fabrications and other heavy-duty industrial applications.

Heavy-duty Magnetic Power

EVOMAG28 is useful for industrial applications because of its versatility, accuracy, and high magnetic adhesion power.

This drill press model has a magnetic adhesion of 2860lbs, making it suitable for various industrial and heavy-duty applications.


Power and Performance

EVOMAG28 qualifies as an industrial and heavy-duty magnetic drill press because of its buildup, power, and performance.

It has an impressive power set up of 1200W, 10A, 60Hz that delivers ample torque for power drills.

This power setup ensures the delivery of 570RPM, which is one of the best for products in this category. It also complements its other features to provide a cutting depth of 2″ and cutting diameter of 1/16″-1-1/8″.

Similarly, EVOMAG28 offers an impressive ½” twist drill capacity and has capacity to use cutters with a 3/4” shank size. It also can complete a 6″ stroke length for versatile applications.

EVOMAG28 has a magnetic holding power of 2860lbs that ensures it perfectly carries out commercial scale drilling operations.

This drill press model features an integrated coolant system for optimum drill performance and extensive tool life.

Ease of Usage

EVOMAG28 is not only compact, versatile, and efficient, it also has features that ensures its easy usage. It includes an integrated magnetic system that enhances its drilling operations.

It is easy to carry and move the power tool around with the inclusion of a supplied case and its lightweight. Similarly, the drill press’s compact size allows you to put it to use even in confined spaces.

It also includes a handle that makes it easy to carry.

EVOMAG28 includes several types of cutters with its cyclone annular cutter sets. This magnetic drill press model has various kinds of annular cutters, mini-cutters, and step drills.

The inclusion of evolution cutting fluid to the drill press extends the life of your tool and lets you enjoy more value.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance procedures of this magnetic drill press model include;

  • Only set the selector switch to reverse rotation.
  • Use a clean, slightly damp cloth to clean the plastic part of the tool.
  • Do not use organic solvents on the plastic part of the product.
  • Repair

EVOMAG28 is covered by a specific warranty that includes the repair and replacement of the tool.

It is best to let the authorized service centers of Evolution Power Tools handle the repair and replacement of your EVOMAG28 to ensure a safe and reliable repair.


The warranty offers of EVOMAG28 include;

  • 3-years limited warranty for crafts and materials
  • Repair and replacement offer for registered products.

You must register your product to enjoy these warranty offers. This offer doesn’t cover product that has undergone wear and tear, damages caused by the user, and operator misuse or carelessness.

You can register your product via https://evolutionpowertools.com/us/register/. The warranty period will start to count from the registration date.

You can contact https://www.evolutionpowertools.com/us/contact/ or visit https://evolutionpowertools.com/us/terms/ for more information on the warranty offers of this product.

Price of EVOMAG28

EVOMAG28 is moderately priced, and it is suitable for mid and high-budget buyers.

It has impressive features and specifications that delivers quality drilling outputs. This magnetic drill press model offers a high operational value at its price.


Pros and Cons of EVOMAG28


  • Lightweight, versatile, and easy to use
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Includes cyclone cutter sets
  • Comes with an evolution cutting fluid that makes cutting easier
  • High magnetic adhesion


  • Does not include a twist drill bit
  • Slightly tasking to set up


Who Should Buy EVOMAG28?

EVOMAG28 has an industrial buildup that makes it suitable for site use and heavy-duty industrial applications.

Professionals in various crafts can buy EVOMAG28 for their metal drilling operations.

It is ideal for multiple Jobsite contractors, DIY enthusiasts, and operators with limited workspace because of its lightweight, versatility, and usage for all scales of application.

Our Recommendation

EVOMAG28 is recommended for users that needs a moderately priced magnetic drill press that is easy to use, versatile, and efficient for industrial and heavy-duty applications.

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